Best Tips for Choosing Toys for Toddlers

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Best Tips for Choosing Toys for Toddlers

One of the most important decisions you will have to make as a parent is what toys your toddler should have. Although many people agree that it’s better to get a variety of toys so that kids keep themself busy. There are some things to consider when trying to decide what type of toy fits best for your child. Keep in mind that toddlers need something to occupy them while they are sleeping or waiting for the daycare or school bus. They also need something fun and interactive for playtime and downtime between activities.

This blog will offer you some of the best ideas for selecting the toy for your king or queen.

Practical Guidelines For Selecting The Toys For Kids

Practical Guidelines For Selecting The Toys For Kids

Kids are explorers, and they learn many things while playing. Your kids get a great opportunity to develop motor skills and absorb different skills with the right toy. The toys and other gaming tools your toddlers get are related to their development.

While it sounds easy to choose toys for toddlers, it is not so. If you have ever gone to any toy store to buy a toy, an overwhelming feeling is common. There will be diverse options to select from because a new toy gets introduced to the market every day. So how do you choose the best gift for your kid? How will you decide if it is durable or safe for the kid? No need to worry. Below, we have described some of the ideas that will help you select the toy that promotes overall development and delivers happiness and pleasure.

Go With Toys That Can Be Used For Different Purposes

The kids enjoy collecting, pulling out, putting back, and building up with their toys. The selected toys should be open-ended, which implies your kids can use the same toy for different purposes. Suppose you buy interlocking blocks, then toddlers will use them to create a bridge, house, or spaceship. This type of toy enhances the imagination and problem-solving ability of kids.

Examples: Super soft building blocks, Nesting Blocks, or Cups

Go With Toys That Propagate With Your Kid

We all must have viewed this scene where a child plays with a toy in excitement just for 2 to 3 days and, after that, never touches it. So you should choose that toy which can offer them fun at different levels of their development. It should give them the opportunity to explore and experiment.

ExamplesArt kids – 3in1 board on legs, Balance Board

Choose Toys That Promote Problem Solving Skills

Choose Toys That Promote Problem Solving Skills

While playing, kids get a chance to practice new things and learn new skills. Toys offer feasibility to the kids to figure out several things by themselves or with little guidance. Logical thinking and problem-solving skills will improve with such toys. Along with this, they will also learn about fine motor skills and spatial relations.

Examples: Baby Shark Chunky Wood Puzzle, Art Materials, Shape-Sorters

Search For The Toy That Increases Imagination Level Of Your Kid

With the growing age, the imagination power of kids also increases. Thus try to choose toys that can spark their imagination. They should be able to use that toy to create something unique. If you allow your kids to learn these things from an early stage, it will help them in achieving the desired skills easily. There should be a use of logic in sequencing or maintaining the correct order of the toy’s parts.

Examples: Magnetic Drawing Board With Stamps, Large Cardboard Box, Glass Paint

Give Them The Opportunity To Play With Real Stuff

Give Them The Opportunity To Play With Real Stuff

Your young ones will love to figure out what objects are available in the real world and how they would use them. Offer them something in which they are interested. They might be impressed with the beauty of nature or the chirping sounds of birds; thus, you can buy something natural to make them happy. You can buy some flower pots for them and ask them to offer that plant the best maintenance and care. Also, if your kid is interested in cooking, you can give them some stuff that can fulfill their desire.

Examples: Food Set, Musical Instruments, Xylophone, Natural Plant, Kids Telephone

Look For “Getting Ready For Future” Toys

Toy categories such as magnetic alphabets, books, and other art materials help your kids to develop writing and reading skills from an early age. It will be useful for future development. You can give them catalogs, magazines, and any reading material, and they will start to learn it by playing with them. They will become familiar with the text and prints they will see in their coming time.

Examples: Remote Controlled Crane, Alphabet Puzzles, Picture Book

Select Toys That Keep Your Kids Active

Select Toys That Keep Your Kids Active

Kids remain active every time. They easily take any physical task and finish with confidence. It will help if you offer something to your kid that excites them to do much physical work. Also, it would be best if you remained there in the playground to cheer them on and encourage them. The current physical strength should be utilized, and new ones should be developed.

Examples: Wheeled Scooters, Pirate Set, Bowling Set, Pistol 

Toys For Toddlers That Inspire Fun, Laughter & Learning

Children typically start discovering their interests at the age of 18 months. Some kids may be interested in cars, while others may want to play with dolls. It is important to find toys that encourage your child’s interests. For example, if you have a baby who loves cars, make sure to purchase wheels for them so they can ride on their toy car. One option would be to ride their mommy or daddy’s car around the house. Another option would be to buy a self-propelled toy that will drive your child through the room and allow them to be in control.

There are several toys that enhance the learning and growth of your kids. Keep the below-mentioned points in mind before buying your toddlers’ toys.

Choose Age Suitable Toys

Choose Age Suitable Toys

The first thing that you should consider before buying a toy is your child’s age. You should not give such toys to your child that are not meant for them. If you get settled with something boring, it will also not work. For this reason, you should explore toy stores that are appropriate to a child’s age. It will not be counted as the best gift you are buying any puzzle game for a 1-year kid. Thus you should try to check the mean age category mentioned on products.

Consider The Interest Of Your Kid

If you are buying toys for your child, you must buy them according to their interest. Toys that catch the attention of kids will become their favorite. However, if you come under such a category of parents keen on making their kids learn new things, then go with the same theme with kids’ interests.

For example, if your kid loves art and drawing, you can get toys from the same category, such as markers, colorful paper, etc. It will expand their creativity option.

Give Priority To Safety 

The toddler is the age when they keep each object in their mouth; thus, the safety becomes quite high when you have to buy toys for your toddler. The selected toy should be made of nontoxic material. You should check the product’s security level and ensure that each follows all safety standards.

There is a more probable chance that your young ones will put toys in their mouth, so it should be crafted with non-combustible materials. The battery-operated kid’s toys should be secured properly so that their parts do not get detached.

Toys That Spark The Different Senses

Toys That Spark The Different Senses

You can offer sensory toys to your toddler so that they get familiar with problem-solving and development skills. Such toys make your young ones happy and at the same time stimulate the nervous system of kids. The gift option can include rolling pegs, bumpy balls, etc., to increase the movement and strength of touch. You can teach motor skills, language, and cognitive skills to your lovable kids from an early age.

Don’t Stick To Gender-Specific Toys.

Some individuals give priority to gender rather than the interest of kids while buying kid toys. It should be remembered that a popular and demanding toy is not designed according to gender. If your princess loves watching cricket matches or any superhero cartoon, buy something from that category. The same with your prince, if he always helps in the kitchen or loves to do household work, you can buy something to encourage him the same.

Final Words

If you have a toddler, you know how difficult it can be to find the perfect toy that is just right for them. A lot of times, toys aren’t the answer. In order to avoid making a bad toy choice and spending more money than you need to, follow the above-detailed tips for shopping for your little one. For your convenience, Bare Lek is here. You will find a wide collection of toys that are made with standard quality material and nontoxic material. They aim to offer regular toys, games, and educational toys for absolutely all ages and at competitive prices.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Before buying a toy, one should consider the child’s interests, liking, and habits. Minutely considering all this will make the toy selection easy for you. But the most important factor that should be considered is the child’s age group. No matter how smart, intelligent, or mature a child is, he should never play with toys meant for older age groups. Every age group’s toys come with certain safety measures. Not using the right age group toys could cause injuries to your child.
Toys are the tools that help in a child’s development. Certain toys, such as crosswords, puzzles, etc., ensure cognitive development. The way children think, and their reasoning is improved comprehensively. Playing with toys also helps toddlers to develop socially and emotionally. The soft skills develop more accurately. Some games such as puzzles and block building also promote language development.
Various criteria make up a good toy. One of the most important criteria is that it should be safe to use. Toys that do not have smooth finishing often lead to minor cuts and bruises. These bruises, at times, take up the form of deadly infections too. Thus, a toy should be fun to use, have multi-dimensional applicability, be durable & long-lasting, and suitable for developmental needs and age.
Toys are gender-neutral. There are no such toys that are meant strictly for boys or girls. Both will benefit tremendously by playing with toys of their interests and liking. Boys will benefit a lot by playing with dolls. Their emotional and imaginative skills will improve a lot. Also, if boys play with dolls, the long-existing social prejudices would be done away with.
The indoor toys would concentrate more on developing cognitive skills, while the outdoor toys would focus more on developing a synchronisation between the small and large muscle groups. Playing with crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, and building blocks would help the logical and reasoning portions of the mind to develop. On the other hand, playing with a ball or a baby scooty would improve one’s physical health and hand-eye coordination.
One should avoid buying marbles, coins, and balls less than 1.75 inches in size. Children playing with such toys are at a high risk of swallowing them up. This can block their windpipe and can cause breathing difficulties. Also, children should not be given sharp-edged toys to play with as they can cause serious injuries. Rather they should be provided with quality toys and allowed to use them under the strict supervision of their parents or nannies.
Excess to everything is harmful. While toys serve as the building blocks of one’s creativity and hand-eye coordination, having many toys can backfire. Too many toys hinder a child’s development. If there are fewer toys for the child, the child is compelled to use his creativity. The same toy would be used in ten different ways by the child. Hence, too many toys do more harm than good. They put the child in the comfort zone, where the child’s development is hindered largely.
The thumb rule to get rid of the toys is when a child has grown older. For instance, a child of four to five years would hardly play with baby trucks or dolls. In contrast, the child would prefer a bat and ball or small-sized footballs to play with at this age. Many people also get rid of toys if they occupy too much space or are torn or worn out. They put the toy in the storeroom or sell or donate them to the more needy children in the orphanages.

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