12 Ideas to Save More Space in Your Kids’ Room

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Save More Space in Your Kids’ Room

It might be difficult to make your child’s room practical and organized, especially if there isn’t much room available. But you can save more room and maximize your available area with a little imagination and forethought. You can use a variety of creative strategies, such as sliding doors and folding furniture, to provide more space in your child’s room. There are many different methods by which you can make the most of the space in children’s bedrooms, including using OPPOLIA Cabinetry and other inventive ideas. This blog will explore twelve ideas to save more space in your kids’ room, including practical solutions like under-bed storage and open shelving, as well as stylish options like wall-mounted desks and bunk beds. By implementing these ideas, you can create a comfortable, spacious, and organized room that your child will love.

Invest in Vertical Storage

Invest in Vertical StorageIt’s a wonderful idea to invest in vertical storage to maximize space in your child’s bedroom. Utilizing the room’s height, vertical storage can free up extra floor space for use by other activities. Adding floating shelves to hold books and small toys is one method to achieve this. These shelves can be installed on the walls to make an attractive display and to make things simple to reach. Another choice is to keep accessories, toys, and other small items in over-the-door organizers. To save room and keep things hidden, these organizers can be hung on the back of the door. Another great option for maximizing vertical space is a loft or bunk beds. They provide two sleeping spaces in the same floor space as one bed and can also include storage cubbies, drawers, and other concealed storage areas.

Underbed Storage

Underbed StorageAn innovative and useful way to increase storage space in a child’s room is using under-bed storage. Although it is frequently disregarded, the area under the bed is a great place to store a variety of things, including clothing, toys, books, and more. You may quickly organize your child’s possessions and keep them out of the way by utilizing drawers, totes, or boxes made expressly for under-bed storage. Additionally, it may clear up areas in dressers and closets, making it simpler to maintain the room’s organization and cleanliness. In small bedrooms with little space, under-bed storage is especially helpful since it enables you to make the most of every square inch. Additionally, under-bed storage containers come in various sizes and styles, making it easy to find ones that fit your child’s needs and match their room’s decor.

Hang Clothes and Add Storage Bins

Hang Clothes and Add Storage BinsHanging up your child’s clothes rather than storing them in a dresser is a great way to clear up some room in their bedroom. By storing coats, shirts, pants, and other articles of clothes in a bedroom closet or on a rack affixed to the wall, you can free up more space in a child’s room for their bed and play area. Whether it be shoes, headbands and bows, socks, hats, gloves, or any combination of these, there are a lot of little children’s accessories that, if they are not arranged, may take up a lot of space in a closet or drawer. Ensure everything is excellent and organized by putting these things away in storage bins or plastic containers with labels.

Keep Toys in Order

Keep Toys in OrderToy organization is crucial to create a clean and functional space for kids. Without designated toy storage areas, a child’s bedroom may quickly become disorganized and challenging to navigate. You may teach your child to be responsible for cleaning up after themselves and keeping a clean and tidy living space by designating a specific location for each type of toy. Toys of a certain sort can be kept in designated places or containers, which is a useful strategy. Blocks, action figures, and other tiny toys, for instance, might be put in a chest or a set of baskets, while larger stuffed animals can be kept on the bed. It can be simpler to keep everything organized and stop clutter from spreading around the room by putting comparable toys together. Using shelves or other elevated storage alternatives to keep toys out of reach while they aren’t being played with is another smart move. When not in use, you can make sure that these goods are kept securely out of reach by putting them on a high shelf or in a lockable cabinet.

Set Up Hooks

Set Up HooksYou can use hooks to organize and decorate simultaneously. They also make it simpler for your kids to find whatever is hung. Hooks can be a helpful storage solution due to their small size. Due to their small size, they can be placed on a wall that would not usually be able to hold a piece of furniture. Hooks work well in awkward places, such as a bedroom corner or a bare section of a closet wall. Try hanging fabric storage bags or sacks from each hook to store gloves or smaller toys. You might want to look for hooks that complement a theme for your kids’ rooms. Today’s hooks come in various patterns, such as stars, trains, and safari animals. Assign each child an animal or a particular color of a star. As an alternative, naming the hooks is a great way to create a specific space for each child.

Open Shelving

Open ShelvingOpen shelving is a practical and visually appealing way to store and organize your child’s belongings. With open shelves, your child’s possessions are easily accessible and visible, making it easier for them to find what they need and put things away. This type of storage is particularly useful for items that are frequently used, such as shoes, textbooks, bags, clothes, and toys. By keeping these items on open shelves, your child can quickly grab what they need without having to dig through drawers or boxes. One of the benefits of open shelving is that it encourages organization and teaches your child the importance of returning items to their original locations. By emphasizing the importance of keeping their space tidy, your child will develop good habits that will serve them well in the future.

Foldable Furniture

Foldable FurnitureFor parents who want to maximize space in their child’s room, foldable furniture is an excellent option. It’s particularly helpful in spaces that have many uses, like playrooms and study spaces. Parents may easily switch the room from being a play area to a study environment and back again by employing foldable furniture. Desks, chairs, and storage units are a few examples of foldable furniture that works well in children’s rooms. These things can be simply folded and stored when not in use, saving up valuable floor space in a closet or under the bed. Additionally, folding furniture is useful, portable, and suitable for outdoor use.

Wall-mounted Desk

Wall-mounted DeskFor parents who want to give their child a study space without giving up too much floor space in their room, a wall-mounted desk is a great option. A wall-mounted desk doesn’t require any floor space because it is affixed to the wall, leaving more area for other activities. Kids of various ages can use it because it can be installed at any height. A wall-mounted desk can be used as a vanity or a small workplace for crafts or hobbies in addition to serving as a study area. It is an excellent investment for any child’s room because it is a multipurpose piece of furniture that can be utilized for many different activities.  Finally, a wall-mounted desk can be easily installed and removed, making it perfect for families who rent their homes or move frequently.

Bunk Beds

Bunk BedsWhen it comes to saving space in their children’s rooms, parents have always had the option of bunk beds. A bunk bed is the best option for families with many children or for kids who enjoy sleepovers because it provides two sleeping spots on the same floor as one bed. There are many different types of bunk beds, such as twin-over-twin, twin-over-full, and even triple bunk beds. To further maximize space in the room, some bunk beds even include built-in storage options like drawers or shelves. Additionally, bunk beds come in a variety of forms, from traditional wooden frames to contemporary metal ones, making it simple to pick one that complements the interior décor of your child’s room. Make sure you take safety elements like guardrails and robust construction into account when choosing a bunk bed. With the correct bunk bed, you can give your child a cozy and useful sleeping area while also making the most of the available floor space in their room.

Storage Baskets

Storage BasketsA practical and affordable approach to increasing the amount of storage in a limited space is storage baskets. Toys, books, clothes, and other little items that easily clog a child’s room can be stored in them. For keeping regularly used items organized and accessible, storage baskets are extremely helpful. To save space, they can be stacked on top of one another or put on shelves. Storage baskets are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and hues, making it simple to pick one that complements the design of your child’s room. While brightly colored plastic baskets can give a joyful flash of color, woven baskets add a natural, rustic touch. Even some storage baskets have lids to keep things dust-free and hidden. Storage baskets are a flexible and useful storage solution for any child’s room thanks to the wide range of choices available.

Sliding Doors

Sliding DoorsFor small spaces, including kids’ bedrooms, sliding doors are a practical and fashionable solution. They are perfect for maximizing space in a child’s room because they take up less floor area than conventional doors and may be used to divide a room or conceal a wardrobe. Depending on the interior design of the room, sliding doors can be installed as pocket doors or barn-style doors. Materials and designs range from frosted glass to mirrored doors. Sliding doors may give a child’s room a colorful and whimsical touch while also making it simple for kids to retrieve their possessions and tuck them away out of sight. Sliding doors are very simple to open and close, making them a practical option for kids who might find it difficult to open conventional doors. Sliding doors are a flexible and useful addition to any kid’s room, offering a practical and fashionable solution to save space.

Use a Pegboard

Use a PegboardA pegboard is a great option for saving space because it offers a flexible and effective way to store goods in your child’s room. These boards normally consist of metal or wood and have holes that are evenly spaced and can be used to hang a variety of objects. Pegboards may be hung on any wall in your child’s room and are simple to install. A pegboard’s adaptability is what gives it its beauty. By including hooks, baskets, and shelves, you can alter them to meet your child’s particular needs. These attachments are simple to reposition and modify to suit shifting storage requirements. Toys, balls, and painting supplies can be kept in baskets, while backpacks, jackets, and hats can be hung on hooks. A pegboard’s additional benefit is that it may be used to give your child’s room some style. To make the board more visually appealing, you can either paint it a color that matches the design of the room or attaches ornamental items to the back of the board, such as fabric or paper.


There are many original and inventive ways to maximize space in your children’s rooms. Some of the most useful and practical ideas include using foldable furniture, wall-mounted desks, bunk beds, storage baskets, sliding doors, under-bed storage, and open shelving. By putting these suggestions into practice, you can not only make the most of the space that is already there but also keep your child’s room tidy and clutter-free. 

Involving your child in the organization process and stressing the value of maintaining a tidy place can also help develop good habits and responsibility in kids from an early age. All things considered, you can design a practical, well-organized, and roomy space for your youngster to grow with a little imagination and astute planning.

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