15 Things Every Golfer Needs In Their Bag

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Must Have Golf Accessories

All golfers have golf clubs, a golf bag, and some golf balls, but golf accessories are how you stand out from the crowd. For the most part, they cost a small amount of money, but they can have a significant impact on your golf course experience.

You can put golf accessories into two different categories. Some products will help you shoot lower scores and win a few bucks off your golf buddies. Other products are designed to ensure you have a good time while you play. We recommend a combination of both. Have a good time and play well.

Many golf accessories are available, but we’re here to help you cut through the noise. Below we’ve outlined the 15 golf accessories every golfer needs. How many do you already own? Which one will you buy first? Let’s get started!

15 Golf Accessories You Should Get Today

Golf Gloves

Golf GlovesIt’s hard to hit solid golf shots if your hands slip off the club during your backswing. You can play the game without a golf glove, but we wouldn’t recommend doing so. Be careful when you shop. Unless you’re playing in poor weather, you only need one golf glove and it can be easy to buy the wrong one. A right-handed golfer should wear a glove on their left hand!

If you aren’t scared to play in bad weather, you may want to consider a pair of rain gloves or winter gloves. They’re sold in sets of two and you wear both. They can save you in cold and/or wet conditions.

Golf Bag Cooler


Let’s be honest – golf is more fun with a cold beverage, but the country club pricing can be expensive. We have the solution – a Golf Bag Cooler. Don’t worry if you enjoy walking the course, these coolers are designed to fit inside your walking bag.

They can comfortably hold six of your favorite drinks, so surprise your buddies on the back 9 with a “cold one.” Add this golf accessory to your collection and you’ll quickly become everyone’s favorite playing partner. You’ll always be the first person to get a text – “Hey, you want to play this weekend?”

Golf Rangefinder

Golf RangefinderA golf rangefinder is the most expensive golf accessory on our list, but it’ll truly change how you play the game. Unless you have a personal caddy (we doubt you do) you have to spend time prior to each shot figuring out the distance to the pin.

You have to find a yardage marker, walk off the distance between your ball and that marker, and do the math. Is this process always accurate? How were your math grades in high school?

A golf rangefinder does all of this work for you. You simply point, shoot, and immediately know the exact distance to the pin. Now you can select the correct club and hit it close!

Padded Shoulder Straps

Padded Shoulder Straps

Golf courses were designed to be walked. We love strolling down the fairway on a beautiful afternoon, but carrying your bag for 18 holes can cause back and shoulder pain.

The answer isn’t to rent a cart every time you play. Instead, get some padded shoulder straps to make the walk easier. They distribute the weight to give you back relief and the padding helps your shoulder muscles stay fresh throughout your day.

Make your next round pain-free with padded shoulder straps!

Putt Trainer

You drive for show, but you putt for dough. It doesn’t matter if you hit all of your drives 300+ yards if you can’t roll the rock into the hole. The ability to make putts is what separates “good” golfers from weekend warriors. A Putt Trainer is a golf accessory that’ll help you play better golf.

The best thing about a putting trainer is that you can use it at home. If bad weather cancels your round, spend some time working on your stroke.

Do you have 15 minutes between conference (Zoom) meetings? Use it to improve your putting. Golf is more fun when putts drop!

Golf Umbrella

If you aren’t prepared your round can be ruined by a back 9 shower. You get drenched and all of your clubs get wet. All of sudden your career round turns into a nightmare.

Don’t get stuck out in the rain, add a golf umbrella to your golf accessory collection. They’re designed to be lightweight and give you plenty of coverage.

Do you easily get sunburned? If so, you can use your golf umbrella for sun protection as well.

Golf Towel

A golf towel is a multi-purpose golf accessory that can help you solve several problems on the golf course. Keep your golf ball clean to avoid wild shots. Keep the grooves on your golf clubs clean to get your ball to spin and stop on the greens. Dry your hands off prior to each shot.

Sadly, you might even spill one of your cold beverages – a golf towel can help you in this situation as well. You should always have a golf towel attached to your bag.

Superspeed Golf Training Set

We could all use more distance off the tee. To add distance you need to increase your swing speed. You need to train your body to swing harder. The SuperSpeed Golf Training Set is designed to improve your distance.

It’s a simple process. You perform the training program 3 times a week (each session only takes 15 minutes) and before you know it, you’re outdriving your buddies. Nothing feels better than watching your tee shot fly past your playing partners.

Golf Valuables Pouch

Playing great golf requires 100% of your focus. You can’t expect to hit great shots if you’re worried about the location of your car keys or stressed about your phone & watch being scratched. You need a golf valuables pouch to keep your important possessions safe while you focus on trying to make birdies. Don’t be the guy who’s ripping their golf bag apart in the parking lot because they can’t find their keys. Use a golf valuables pouch and you’ll always know where your “important stuff” is stored.

Golf Ball Retriever

Do you have an unlimited golf budget? If so, you don’t need a golf ball retriever. You can lose 10 balls a round and not worry about buying a new dozen the next day.

On the other hand, if you’d prefer to save a little money and use it on a new club or greens fees you should invest in a golf ball retriever. It’s the only golf accessory that pays for itself.

Not only will you be able to reach your golf balls, but you can also scoop balls that other players left behind.

Sunday Golf Rope Hat

We have a simple mantra – look good, play good. When you’re confident in how you look, you’ll make more confident golf swings. We can help. Check out the Sunday Golf rope hat.

A super-cool, retro-style hat that’ll look great on the first tee and in the 19th hole. Let’s be honest, you can wear this golf accessory for a night out on the town!

Water Bottle

To play your best you need to stay hydrated on the golf course. Get yourself a water bottle that perfectly fits in your golf bag and keeps your H2O cold. Sure, you can drink from the golf course water coolers, but when did they last change that water? Is it going to be cold?

If you aren’t sure of the answers to these questions you might as well add a water bottle to your golf accessory collection.

Scorecard Holder

The Scorecard Holder is a relatively new golf accessory. They became popular over the last 5 years when PGA tour & LPGA tour professionals started using them and sticking them in their back pockets.

They protect your scorecard from being damaged in your pocket and they look cool. Do you really want to stand out?

Personalize your scorecard holder with your initials, nickname, or your favorite sports team.

Golf Tees

Most golf accessories are optional. They’re “nice to have”, but not “must haves.” That isn’t true of golf tees. You need them to properly enjoy the game.

Sure, you could always try to find one on every tee box, but isn’t it easier to simply throw some in your golf bag? It’s not like they’re expensive.


Tour Alignment Sticks

The final golf accessory on our list will do two things for you. First, tour alignment sticks will improve the quality of your practice at the driving range. They’re designed to lay on the ground and help you properly align your feet to your target.
They’re trusted by professional golfers around the world, so they probably help. Second, it’s become “cool” to carry them around in your bag – almost as a fashion accessory. Tour Alignment Sticks are the rare golf accessory that helps you get better and makes you look better!

Build Your Golf Accessory Collection

If you play golf, you probably already have some of these items, but what else should you add to your collection? You don’t have to rush out and buy all 15, instead collect them over time. Prioritize your purchases based on how you enjoy playing the game.

Is getting better important to you? Start with a Putting Training and the Superspeed Golf Training Set. If looking good and having fun is more important to you, we recommend a Golf Bag Cooler and a Sunday Golf Rope Hat.

The key is to improve your on-course experience. Have fun, play well, and good luck!

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