Why Are Studio Apartments So Expensive?

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Studio Apartments So Expensive

A studio apartment is the best choice for young ones, students, and visitors. You get everything under one roof in the studio room, such as the kitchen, dining area, bedroom, and living area. There is no partition for the walls except the bathroom. 

After all, they do not have much space, but they are so expensive; why? Here in this blog, you will see some of the reasons why these apartments are more expensive than other types of flats. Along with this, you will also learn in detail about studio apartments’ benefits, types, and exactly what it is.

What Is A Studio Apartment?

What Is A Studio Apartment

A studio apartment is an open floor space that comes with a common living room, bedroom, and eating place. This implies that there will be no wall or separations that will split one room from the other and can be formed as a living room, kitchen and bedroom. 

Only the bathroom will remain separated from the main area. Studio rooms are comfy and concise. Studio apartments are more affordable than one-bedroom apartments in good locations, but they become expensive compared to a dollar-per-square-foot basis.

Why Are Studio Apartments Termed Studios?

Why Are Studio Apartments Termed Studios

People are very interested to know why it got its name. There is some reason behind this. It is stated that such types of apartments were initially designed for musicians and artists. These individuals love to work from home and require a space where they can live and work also.

The open layout of studio apartments offers ease to individuals to use the same space for many purposes. It contradicts the traditional apartment that comes with a separate room. Some countries term this studio apartment as ‘bedsitters.’ Everything would be inside the same room, the kitchen, bathroom, and bed.

However, there are three types of studio apartments.

  • Studio Loft

This type of studio comes with high ceilings near about 14 feet. The reason is that it is constructed on the first level. Therefore, the space size of this studio apartment will be 500 square feet.

  • Economy Studio Apartment

The main area includes everything kitchen and living room. This studio apartment comes with only one countertop and a kitchenette with some appliances. Therefore, it can be considered as the smallest size studio apartment of 150 to 200 square feet.

  • Executive Studio Apartment

It comes under the largest size studio rooms. The space ranges from 600 square feet and more. Executive studio apartments are better than micro-apartments. At this, you can make more than microwave dinners. This apartment comes with more than one countertop and cabinets in the cooking area. But this studio costs more than other studio apartments.

Is It Worth To Have A Studio Apartment?

Is It Worth To Have A Studio Apartment

The price of studio apartments is mostly higher than other apartments. For example, the average price of a studio apartment in Melbourne, Australia, is between 999 AUD and 1,456 AUD, whereas the one-bedroom apartments cost you less than this. However, buying a studio apartment is not worthwhile if you are planning to save money and require only a small space so that cleaning would be minimal. If you chose to rent a studio unit, know that you’ll need to pay bonds. If you chose to rent a studio unit, know that you’ll need to pay bonds. Fortunately, some institutions offer bond loans in Queensland and other parts of Australia.

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However, if you are looking for such space that requires less maintenance and less effort to clean, studio apartments are best. It is perfect for those individuals who keep on traveling or working and do not have much time to maintain the yard and deal with noisy neighbors.

Location is the utmost thing that makes a studio apartment worth buying. If you are planning to live near the main city, then you can live in a studio apartment. However, plenty of studio apartments are available at lower rates, but they are located some distance from the main city.

Thus, in short, we can say that studio apartments are best for those who are looking for easy to maintain and clean apartments. We also agree that studio apartments are more expensive than normal apartments, even though their benefits outweigh the expenses. Before buying a studio apartment, you should do proper research that can match your personal needs and preferences.

Reasons Why Are Studio Apartments So Expensive?

Reasons Why Are Studio Apartments So Expensive

By now, you must have come to know what a studio room is. But there are several reasons that make a studio apartment expensive compared to other apartments.


The first and basic reason why studio apartments are expensive is the location. They are mostly situated in the prime areas of the city. If there is a studio apartment in popular neighborhoods, it would be costlier than other properties. It is because such locations come with a variety of amenities and services that areas do not offer. You should keep this point in mind that it would cost you more if you took a studio apartment closer to downtown.


The size of studio apartments is small and small places are hard to furnish. Moreover, the more the efforts, the more money it will demand. Thus, to enjoy a pocket-friendly studio apartment, you can share your apartment with another person.


Lots of amenities make a studio apartment worth buying and make a studio apartment highly priced. For example, most studio apartments come with a gym and pool club membership. If you are looking for a budget-friendly studio apartment, then you can search for apartments that do not come with extra amenities. However, it will reduce the monthly rent and make stunning studio rooms more affordable.

Stunning View

Studio apartments are located in prime locations and thus offer a splendid view. The view studio apartments offer is the major selling point, and that makes it more expensive. If you do not have any fantasy about the view, then you can buy a studio apartment with a normal view. It will save some money in terms of monthly rents.

Benefits Of Living In A Studio Apartment

Benefits Of Living In A Studio Apartment

There are a number of benefits that a studio apartment can offer besides other apartments. Yes, it is true they are expensive, but they have a reason for it. Check out some of the points that will help you in understanding the better features and benefits offered by studio apartments.

Easy To Maintain

They are small in size as compared to other types of apartments. Therefore it offers convenience to clean and maintain the space easily. Also, if there is not much furniture or other items in the room, it will take less time to retain its best look.

Less Clutter

There will be only one room thus the chance of clutter will be less than bigger and spacious houses. You can easily relate to this situation. Suppose there is a two to three-bedroom apartment, then the chance of clutter collection gets higher than a single room.


Living in a studio apartment is a more affordable alternative for individuals than other types of buildings. Their cost is considered on the basis of per square foot. As there is less space in the studio apartment thus, it will cost less also in terms of electricity and water usage. Also, it is the best and most economical option to live in a high-class area if you have a low budget.

Generous For Single People

It is a good choice for individuals who want to save money on rent and demand less space. The studio room offers the same comfort and at a fraction of the price.


Studio apartments are mostly located in prime areas of cities that offer a pleasant view. You can also search for studio apartments that do not have any panorama. It will save your monthly cost.

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One Bedroom Apartments vs. Studio Apartments

One Bedroom Apartments vs. Studio Apartments

People often get confused between one-bedroom apartments and studio apartments. But these two types of properties have some differences. The first major difference is related to the area. One-bedroom apartments are a little bigger than studio apartments. 1 BHK comes with one room, kitchen, bathroom, and hall space, all separately.

At the same time, there is nothing like in a studio room. The person who owns the studio room has to allot every space within the large room. There are different amenities available in the studio room, and it comes with a great view. If you are searching for an affordable and appropriate place to live, then there is nothing better than a studio room.

Things To Consider When Choosing One: Studio Apartment

Things To Consider When Choosing One: Studio Apartment

Doing proper research and keeping some points in mind is helpful in buying a suitable studio room.

Review Budget

The price of property varies with location, type of project, different amenities, and other such things. Thus you should consider your budget and search under your budget.

Livable Space

Studio apartments are properties with single rooms; thus, you should check the space of that room for a comfortable stay.

Availability Of Infrastructure

You should check that your studio room should have all the necessary amenities. Grocery shops, supermarkets, and medical stores should be nearby. Also, there should be nearby educational and workplace institutes.


Check the various amenities that studio apartments builders are offering. Studio apartments which are fully furnished are spacious and luxurious. Also, if it gets natural light, it will become an ideal choice.


Studio flats have become popular in recent times because of their competitiveness and comforts. However, they are smaller in size than other types of apartments. It is great for people who do not require much space and are willing to save money. 

On the other hand, studio apartments are difficult to furnish and thus expensive. Before taking any studio apartment, you should do complete research and sign the lease.

Frequently Asked Questions

One-bedroom apartments come with a properly partitioned drawing room, kitchen, dining hall, an attached bathroom, and bedroom. Here, partitioning is done between all the rooms. In comparison, a studio is a big room with a small partitioned bathroom.

The one-bedroom apartment appears more organised, with several rooms fully partitioned. The studio apartment offers a single large room that needs to be arranged according to an individual’s needs and requirements.

These one-room apartments with combined living and dining areas were perfect for artists and painters alike. They required a huge space to work. The whole room was used as a workshop or studio in the daytime. And at night, the artist cooked and ate his meal in the corner of the same room. The artist then worked till late at night and dozed off while working. Thus, such dwellings would have been visited by the clients of these famous artists. And such clients would have given these places the present name as a point of remembrance.
Generally, the one-bedroom flats are more costly than the studio apartments because of their proper partitioning and organisation. But at times these studios are more expensive than the bedroom flats. Several factors constitute this. The location, size, furnishing, and the additional facilities that come with it, determine its price. Thus, a studio apartment in the heart of the city with markets and corporate offices within walking distance is likely to cost more.
With the number of benefits, studio apartments are rapidly becoming a popular choice of accommodation. The cleaning and maintenance costs are saved with a single large room used for several purposes. And as a result, these are quite in demand in urban areas, where maintaining a normal house or apartment could be highly costly. And one would easily find buyers while selling studio apartments.

The average cost of building a 1 BHK unit can be approximately between $ 50,000- $ 70,000, and it may change according to the requirement. In comparison, the cost of building a studio apartment is even less. The cost of the studio apartments largely depends upon the location and size of such apartments. Building smaller studio apartments in the suburb areas may cost less, while comparatively larger studio apartments in the city’s heart may cost even more. Thus, the location and size are the essential determinants of building a studio apartment.

Studio apartments are best suited for one or two persons. As they have to settle their life in a single room, only the essentials are bought. And thus, one saves a lot of money. Also, it takes very less time to warm and cool the room in winters and summers, respectively. Thus, it helps one be energy efficient and avoid steep electricity bills. Living in a studio apartment will help one cut through the maintenance and cleaning costs.
Living in a studio apartment can be challenging. It is not easy to fit your entire life in a rectangular room. But if one settles things properly, living in studio apartments can be great fun. The most important thing is to prioritise your items of use. One cannot simply buy everything and move into a studio apartment. Things that are valuable and necessary should only be bought. Also, one should buy lightweight and built-in storage space furniture. The cleaning should be smart and time-bound. Things should be organised, settled, and properly placed in a studio room to make living easier.
It has been noticed that people are tricked into buying a studio apartment, and then their living in these studio apartments becomes miserable. They bring unwanted stuff into the house, which adds to their confusion and chaos. Thus, it is important to consider a few crucial prerequisites before buying a studio apartment. Your studio apartment should have plenty of vertical space, customised and multi-functional furniture and appliances, ample storage, proper ventilation, & natural light.

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