Colour For Home 2023? Guide To Right Wall Colors For Each Room of Your Home

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Wall Colors For Each Room

Most homes, particularly assuming you’ve purchased a well-constructed one, would have roofs and walls that are painted either white or gray. These colors are neutral, and most of the homeowners get settled with these colors. Also, you can say that to be on the safe side, designers and builders select these wall colors.

So how can you make your home more appealing and presentable? The most simple and obvious answer is repainting. As per your creativity level, you can change the whole look of your home. Obviously, you would like to create your homes according to your identity and your fashion taste. But it’s not easy to find the perfect paint color for your home.

Check out how you can choose the perfect paint for every room in this comprehensive guide.

Best Color For Bedroom

Best Wall Color For Bedroom

Most real estate agents in Woodend believe that the bedroom is the best corner of the home that offers you peace and relaxation. Thus you should choose a color that reflects peace and calm. You can give preference to the colors you love; however, you can consider choosing the bedroom wall colors according to psychology, such as blue, purple and green, as they hold relaxing qualities. Two color combinations for bedroom walls are also in trend. 

Colors You Can Try

Green :  It is one of the best choices for the bedroom as it is assumed to offer stress and is related to fertility.

Blue : Blue color calms down the blood pressure level and also controls the heart rate.

Purple : The lighter wall shades such as lavender and lilac deliver relaxing features to your bedroom.

Color You Should Avoid

Pastel Blue : If your bedroom receives less natural light, then you should avoid using this color as it can offer unpleasant chilly walls in your bedroom. 

Orange : It is the bright color that is the opposite of a relaxing and calming frame of mind

Best Color For Living Room

Best Wall Color For Living Room

Do the makeover of your living room with the best color scheme. The normal color psychology for living areas is those that easily justify the overall comfort, mood and affinity of your place. You should give preference to the colors that are happy and calming, such as green and blue.

Colors You Can Try

Red : This color enhances the ambiance with socialization and hostility. It also enhances the environment with charm. It will be a good choice if you want to provoke the atmosphere with excitement and joy peculiarly at night.

Blue : You should go with the softer shades of blue that encourage relaxation and calm in gathering places.

Green : The most peaceful and restful color is green. It offers relaxation to the eyes.

Color You Should Avoid

Orange : it is too energetic a color that is not suitable for living areas.

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Best Color For Bathroom

Best Wall Color For Bathroom

You can make use of any cooler shades of creamy white, blue or green to paint your restroom so that it can offer the desired relaxation and calm. You can also go with other options such as gray and pure white to be on the safe side. The psychology colors for your bathroom include yellow, purple and blue.

Colors You Can Try

Purple : Apply lighter shades of purple on the wall of the bathroom to experience serenity.

Blue : The blue color on the wall of the bathroom lightens and brightens the space.

Yellow : This color uplight the space and brings energy.

Color You Should Avoid

Orange : It is not suitable for a place that demands relaxing. It is an overstimulating color. 

Red : This brighter color is not suitable for bath places.

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Best Color For Kitchen

Best Wall Color For Kitchen

It is believed that warm colors boost up an appetite. The perfect color for your kitchen includes white, yellow, warm blue and green. These shadings will make your kitchen look splendid. Inside the kitchen space, family members get gathered, and creativity appears in the form of delicious dishes. For that reason, you need kitchen paint colors that advance imagination and bliss.

Colors You Can Try

Green : The green color on the wall of the kitchen makes it feel cozy.

Purple : purple is always a fashion statement and adds great enlightenment to the space.

Yellow : It gives an energetic vibe to the individuals who are in the kitchen.

Warm Blue : With lots of work, you will get a relaxed view with warm blue painted walls.

Color You Should Avoid

Brown : This color has no connection with the huger, and thus, it is not suitable for such a place. 

Black : for such a place, this too sharp color is not suitable.

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Best Color For Dining Room

Best Color For Dining Room

To make your dining place full of energy, you can go with the warmer shades such as yellow and red. The addition of brighter tones such as green and purple makes your dining place appear bigger. According to psychology, you should go with colors that enhance the desire to eat food.

Colors You Can Try

Red : Boost the bond among members and energize the conversion.

Yellow : Yellow on the dining room walls brings positive energy and vibes and makes you feel hungry.

Purple : It presents excitement among individuals.

Color You Should Avoid

Green : This color decreases the food in the capacity of the individuals as bright colors energize the atmosphere. 

Blue : This can make you feel sleepy, and you will not desire to consume food.

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Best Color Idea For The Exterior Of The Home

Along with selecting the perfect color for your inside home walls, you should also wisely choose the exterior wall colors. The outside wall of the house defines the overall vibe of the house. If your whole home theme is minimalism, then you should try to keep the exterior wall paints classical and simple. The glass panels alongside block tiles in various tones are a good option. Recently we have seen the trend of pop shades with a mix of dark blue or cream colors. The most classical choice is to go with white paint. But you have to offer it regular maintenance and whitewashing.

Along with the appearance of your home, you should also focus on ensuring that your building or structure remains free from water damage. The emulsion paints and fabric paint are best for this and keep fungi and other pests away. The damage-free walls contribute towards the prevention of leakage and peeling of paint.

Best Tips For Choosing The Color Combination For Your Home

You cannot select the color combination of your home wall just in a few seconds. The entire ambiance of your home depends on your color selection. A proper balance needs to be maintained to bring a positive and joyful environment inside the home. There is no particular theme that is necessary to be followed for your house wall colors, but the color combination should justify each other. Stunning painting of your house leaves a good impression on your guests.

Here we are providing some of the tips that can help you in choosing the perfect feature wall colors combination for your dream house.                                        

Go With Pastel Color Combination: This combination has been popular in recent times. The vibrant colors along with light shades offer a mesmerizing look to your home. Some of the common shades that give a wow look are –pastel pink + light gray or baby blue, pastel yellow + turquoise blue, pastel green shade + teal blue; all these add beauty to your home walls.

Combination Of White With Metallic Gray: To experience the modern and rich look for your home, you can try this combination. It offers an elegant view of your living room. It is not so vibrant and not too dull; also conveniently complements your interior.

Choice Of Complementary Colors: The color wheel holds different colors, and colors that are placed opposite to each other are called complementary colors. Namely, these colors are red and green, orange and blue, yellow and purple. You will get a perfect combination of contrasting shades. You can use them in different patterns. One shade can be painted on the main wall, and the other can be used on the rest of the interior walls. Depending upon your choice, you can use different combinations of complementary colors.


You might be knowing that the color of your wall holds more power than you can assume. The right paint color can make your room appear bigger and fundamentally impact your temperament and conduct. 

With the selection of the right combination of house wall colors, you can turn your home into a space that draws out the absolute best in you and your family. Above, we have described some of the combinations that you can try.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not compulsory to paint the same color in every room. It’s completely your choice. However, you can make the connection between every room of your house. Colors create a cohesive and harmonious look, and viewers’ eyes can smoothly move from one room to room. There are certain colors that are suitable for every room. Green, blue, purple are suitable for bedrooms; living rooms can be painted with red, blue and green colors. For the bathroom, you can go with lighter shades.
It’s an exemplary style decision that makes a shading range for a space. It expresses that 60% of the room ought to be a prevailing tone, 30% ought to be the auxiliary shade, and the last 10% ought to be simple.
The dominant color is the same one that dominates or works as the focal point in the frame. This color appears more intensely as compared to other ones and catches the attention of the viewer. Red, blue, green, cyan, magenta come under the list of dominant colors.
Colors that are similar to each other come under the analogous colors category. Some examples of analogous color schemes are: yellow, yellow-green, green: violet, red-violet, and red.
It depends upon the condition of the property. However, the normal house needs to be repainted after 7 to 10 years. It can decrease or increase with the material and region of the property. Suppose your house is made up of cement fiberboard siding, then it will demand repainting after 10 to 15 years, but if it is constructed with the traditional cladding, then you have to offer repair more often.
Well, the answer to this question depends on the size of your home. For an average-size home, the repainting will take three to four days with a team of three to four individuals. Here we are considering the average home as one to two stories and about four bedrooms. Six to seven days’ time will be needed for the complete repainting of a three-story or five-plus-bedroom house.
It depends on the type of paint you are applying to your home. The lifespan of paint on walls varies with the quality, type and brand.
Type of Paint Average Lifespan
Latex paint 2 – 10 years
Acrylic paint 2 – 15 years
Chalk paint 1 – 5 years
Milk paint, premixed in CAN 1 – 2 years
Milk paint, mixed from powder form 1 – 7 days
The good rule of thumb for repainting any wall or ceiling is to apply a minimum of two coats of paint. You will see a seamless finish with an application of two coats of paint. However, people also go with three coatings if they have to paint any rough surface, the quality of paint is not up to the mark, or they are not using primer.

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