Things About Glass Railings You Should Know (2023)

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Things You Need To Know About Glass Railing

Planning to construct a new house or your old home requires some updation? Whatever be the case, modern and trendy glass railing will add a ‘wow’ appearance to your home. In recent times glass handrails are increasingly becoming popular for every type of property, whether it is residential or commercial. Their proper implementation offers stunning views along with safety. It offers beautiful effects, transparency, large spaces and an easy flow of light.

It is incredibly safe and functional. But before installing them, here are a few things you should consider.

Type Of Glass Railing System

Glass railings are installed in different ways. Before selecting any one of them, you should consider the aesthetic where you will install it. It should match and feel the entire space of your house. However, glass railings can be categorized into three types.

Dadoed Glass Railings

Dadoed Glass Railings

These sort of glass railings are secured inside a wooden framework. The top railing and bottom shoes hold the glass securely. It does not require hardware or clips and offers a clear visual appearance. Thus this system enhances the beauty of glass and wood too.

Standoff Glass Railing

Standoff Glass Railing

Round stainless steel pins offer support to the glass railing in the standoff glass railing system. With the help of pins, the vertical face of the glass is attached to a stair. It also comes under a frameless system. Visual hardware appears less in this type of system.

Clamped Glass Railing

Clamped Glass Railing

In this system, the glass panels get support with clips that are mounted on the railing or shoe of the railing. It is a good alternative for curved staircase railing. You can highlight your hardware steel wood by making the right combination. It is the most attractive railing style.

Assume Security And Local Building Codes

Assume Security And Local Building Codes

The visual appeal of the property is good, but you should not forget the safety factor. You should consider the requirements and needs of buildings and then select the type of safety glass.

Tempered or laminated, what type of glass is good for your property. Tempered glass is durable glass. It is a form of heat-treated glass with good strength. This glass breaks into small cubes when damaged that are good for safety purposes.

Laminated glass is also durable and effective in eliminating the entrance of outside noise. It does not shatter when it breaks. The web-like pattern is formed when it breaks. But it is a little more costly than tempered glass.

Be Ready To Offer Maintenance

Maintain the beauty of your glass railings by offering them proper maintenance. Glass railings require less long term maintenance than wooden or other products. But based on your lifestyle, if you will offer day to day maintenance, then it will look better. You can use a soft cloth, soap and water to maintain the shine of the glass. Avoid using abrasive scrubbers.

Review Budget And Cost

Review Budget And Cost

Sometimes beauty can be expensive, and it is true in the case of glass railing. The cost of a glass railing varies from system to system. Hardware, construction and quality of glass add in deciding the cost. The cost of installing a glass railing is higher. The dadoed glass railing is the most economical option among all glass railing systems.

Its sizes range from 6mm to 10 or 12mm; no hole or machine is required. Also, it does not involve any pricey hardware. Standoff glass railing installation cost is based on the type of material such as stainless steel you will plan to install in your home. Thus you should check these points while installing the glass railing.

The Hiring Of Glass And Glazing Experts

Hiring Of Glass And Glazing Experts

You should hand over your residential glass stair railing project to trusted and experienced hands, i.e. professional glass railing installers. They install glass stairs, hand and rail for stairs with style and perfection.

You should also consider the quality of hardware that will hold the glass in place. Whatever the quality of material or railing system you choose, it will come in the best appearance if you choose the best installer.

Benefits of Glass Railings

Benefits of Glass Railings

Wood and iron are traditional alternatives to railings. With the advancement, glass railings have become an attractive alternative for commercial and residential properties. Here we are explaining some of the benefits of having glass railings.

Easy To Maintain

installed a tempered glass railing system

If you have installed a tempered glass railing system that is durable and formed at a high temperature, then it can easily sustain in harsh weather without experiencing any damage. Other railing materials such as wood and iron demand more maintenance as compared to glass.

You can clean glass quickly with a good quality glass cleaner. Within a few minutes, you will complete the wiping of glass railings. Also, if it gets scratched or any other damage, then simple polishing will bring back its original look. This is one of the major advantages of using glass over iron and wooden material.

Presents Good Look With Illusion Of More Space

Yes, it is true, and most of us have experienced too that glass elements make space appear more prominent than usual. This is something that you can not experience with metal or wooden railings. The transparent glass railings maintain the proper flow between the surroundings and property. You can also customize the glass railing design to meet your requirement.

Add To Property Resale Value

You can improve the value of your property with the unique grace of a glass railing. The glass elements are a good choice for making your property attractive and valuable. Even their beauty or shine does not fade with the growing time. It will continue to look good and attract visitors’ attention.

The wooden or metal elements appear bulky and get faded with time, and there will be a need to repaint or repair them after some interval. Thus, by installing the glass staircase railing, you can optimize the property’s resale value.

Glass Balustrades Are Durable And Strong

Glass Balustrades Are Durable And Strong

The glass balustrades deliver a beautiful appearance along with robustness. It will act as a good investment with some extra cost of installment in the beginning. The installation of the glass railing system lasts for many years without demanding much maintenance and cleaning.

After some years of installation, the wooden railing is prone to pest infestation or corrosion. Besides this, the durability and strength of glass remain as it is with time. The glass gets aged slowly, and the changes are not visible with naked eyes.

Add Compliments To Surrounding Elements

The glass railing comes with a versatile design option, and it beautifully accompaniments other materials used in the installation. Handrails or banisters are made of wood, metal and stone, and glass complements them splendidly. Also, there is a wide availability of texture, color and framing options with glass railings.

Glass Is Safe And Secure

With the development in technology, now we have such glasses that are very strong and safe to use. The thick tempered glass is used for crafting glass balusters that can sustain any type of damage and does not break easily. Often they are much stronger than steel.

Also, if tempered glass breaks, then its pieces are not sharp. These things make glass railing a great choice even though you have young ones in your house.

Things To Consider While Glass Railing Installation

There are certain points that you should consider while installing the glass railings.

  • The used hardware or railing structure should be strong enough to bear the load of the glass. Thus you should design it according to the design and specification of the property. You should do it in advance, such as choosing accessories and the design of the glass railing.
  • If you are using a traditional glass handrail, there will be no requirement for a pole. But if you are installing it at an outdoor location, you should prefer using the metal column to eliminate the risk of accidents.
  • If you install it in a high story building, keep its height between 1.1 and 1.2 m and follow the architectural design code.
  • Use polished and chamfered peripheral parts while installing the glass stair railing. It reduces the chance of spontaneous breakage of glass. There should be the use of embedded bolts to offer the support base to the glass stair armrest.

Glass railings are often a consideration for homeowners or entrepreneurs wishing to work on the appearance and wellbeing of their property. Individuals are concerned that the glass will split and induce injury or that they’re not sufficiently strong to bear ordinary situations.

But there is nothing like this. In numerous ways, glass railing systems are more secure and valuable than conventional railing frameworks. There is only a need to select the quality glass railing and install it with perfect hands. It will be a great option for both residential and commercial projects.

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