What Can You Do With Empty Ball Jam Jars?

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Jams jars are one of those things that you’ll find lying around empty on the kitchen counter. Well, their number is not the issue, but how are you using them? It’s only a swipe away for people to throw their jars and buy aesthetic containers. But in reality, those jars cost much more than the empty jam jars, only for the paint or a fancy lid.

Not to mention that it’s not necessary for those aesthetic jars to be food-friendly and heat resistant. It means you could lose a lot more bucks on a not-so-good investment. Instead, you could use the used ball jam jars or buy ball jam jars wholesale and design them. Once you clean the insides of the jam jars, well, they are suitable for anything.

Are Ball Jam Jars Sustainable?

Typically ball jam jars are made up of Glass. Glass is a well-known material for being sustainable and recyclable, and so would be the jars. After washing, if further needed, you can additionally use a disinfectant; after that, they are clean. Now, you can use this jar for anything, meaning it won’t go to waste sites to fill up space and be burned, later producing harmful gasses.

With the increase in waste produced every year, pollution is rising on an increasing slope. The waste is mainly consisting of one-time use storage items. Glass jars and containers are a good long-term solution to combat the use of such things.

5 Ways To Use Empty Ball Jam Jars

Even if you do get so many jam jars, how you use them can be confusing at first. The only thing you would be able to think about storing would be more jam butter, milk, and so on. Though you can store these items in jam jars, there are more items and thus more ways to use these jars. Below are five easy ways to use jam jars that are helpful in your daily life.

Store Dry Food

Jam jars have a strong airtight seal, meaning they won’t be lost any time soon. Thus it wouldn’t let moisture enter and create molds on the food. Thus storing dry food, which includes dry fruits, pulses, flour, and so on, becomes easy. You get a fancy, see-through jar to store your food and can distinguish them from the outside as well.

Piggy Bank

Getting cute boxes to keep as piggy banks for your savings is like investing in debt. On the other hand, a ball jam jar has a round bottom, meaning it can store items a bit more. You would only need to open the lid to store the money or make a slit in the lid for the same. Though few people prefer wholesale wood box as a replacement, buying them is also not a very feasible option. You would be saving on buying a piggy bank or a wooden box while reusing the jar, thus saving money.

As it gets filled, you can either break it or set it aside for later use. You can store this jar anywhere you want for however long you want as it’s made of Glass.

Flower Vase

Whether you receive flowers, give flowers or even look at flowers, they create a good environment. Thus even if it’s an important meeting, if any party is not allergic to pollen, then flowers can help set a positive light. But after that, you subconsciously or consciously prepare a container to store them. Here used and cleaned jam jars can be convenient.

You would fill the jar with water- depending on the flower and put the flower inside. You could also do the same regularly in your home if you are fond of flowers but don’t want anything too fancy. These could even be placed in a car, but getting dirty water split at the wrong place could result in a trip to the vintage car parts suppliers. Thus be careful of where you keep them.

Storing Salads

Storing salads in jars is similar to storing chopped veggies in containers in the fridge. There are so many recipes only for jar salads, and how they are a better option and can be stored for a long time. Preparing a salad is tedious; thus, opting for a jar salad is a good option. You can keep a few batches ready, and when you run out of salad, you could prepare more in large batches.

Cookie Jars

When baking cookies are one of the easiest things to bake, and everyone likes them as well. Thus, having a jar that can store some cookies till you make the next batch in a few days is handy. For this, used jam jars are very helpful and can store cookies without getting soft or rotten.


A sustainable life is a green and healthy life. Thus opting for sustainable material for everyday use is essential. Glass being the sustainable material, is present mainly in jam jars or, at times, in ketchup bottles. Since jam jars have a perfect shape for storing items, you can easily use them for storing different items. Going through the uses, you would be able to get a better idea about how to use the used jam jars.

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