Important Things You Didn’t Know About Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most popular and highest-rated solution in teeth replacement surgeries, and with good reason.

Our teeth are a part of the body that needs the utmost care and maintenance, as unlike some parts of the body, teeth don’t recover and mend themselves. 

This is where solutions such as dental implants come in, to fix and mend parts of our teeth and gums that can’t mend themselves.

In the past, tooth extraction was the end of the solution when it came to tooth decay or damage, the goal was to control any damage and save the rest of your teeth from decay, but now, implants can provide a solution beyond simple extraction. 

If you’ve never heard of dental implants before, or even if you have, here are some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about this highly-rated dental procedure. 

They’re Incredibly Easy To Take Care Of

Many people are hesitant to get work done on their teeth due to the maintenance and care they fear where it might lead. They often feel like they may need to get rid of their favorite foods and drinks to ensure easy maintenance. 

The Smile Factory in Newcastle suggests that dental implants are the “gold standard” of tooth restoration, the most effective solution for replacing teeth. 

Dental implants are cared for just like your normal teeth. All it takes is regular brushing, flossing, and a dental check-up every few months- it’s that easy.

Interesting Materials Used In Implants

Titanium implants are the most popular material used in dental implants for several reasons. Many space shuttles mainly consist of titanium metal when built. 

No one would want their space shuttle built with weak or improper materials, so you can be assured titanium is one of the best materials for your implant.

Titanium is also resistant to corrosion, meaning it’ll never decay while in your mouth. 

Titanium bonds to the jawbone well, making it perfect for dental implants. Titanium has been the best metal used in dental implants, while other materials are still being tested and used.

Among the new materials, one of the most recent popular materials is Zirconia. Using Zirconia implants allows the abutment and the implant to be made into a single piece.

Anyone Can Get A Dental Implant

Gum disease, cavities, tooth decay, and many other dental issues can happen to anybody, at any age. Because of this, solutions for all age groups are necessary, which is where dental implants come in.  Dental implants are becoming very efficient and time effective, which makes them one of the best solutions in emergency dentistry procedures. Dental emergencies can happen at any time when teeth get knocked out or pain becomes unbearable due to decay or damage.  Implants are a solution for anyone with dental problems. Teeth are something that needs to perform well your whole life.  Any issue regarding your oral health can affect your life drastically, which is why a permanent solution is perfect. 

You Can Have Dental Implants With Low Bone Mass

While it might be that dental implants need to fuse with the bone to function, it is possible to receive dental implants if you’ve lost a few teeth in recent months. 

Modern technology has made it possible for people who do not have adequate bone mass to receive dental implants. Dental practitioners use many bone augmentation techniques to build bone mass for your implant. 

A common bone augmentation technique is a bone graft. This procedure entails placing bone grafting material where there is low bone mass. Then, gradually bone mass will increase and grow. 

There are several ways to obtain bone grafting material- from a bony area in the individual, a Cadaver, or created in a lab. 

They feel Just Like Natural Teeth

Many people fear implants will bring uncomfortable feelings and pain because metal secures implants into your jawbone. 

However, dental implants feel just like natural teeth. They’re stronger and just as stable, so there’s no need to worry that you’ll be walking around feeling like you have metal in your gums. 

Many other dental solutions feel uncomfortable and can be taken out or aren’t as permanent dental implants are pain-free and resemble natural teeth. 

You Simply Need To Brush

Maintenance with dental implants goes about as far as taking care of your natural teeth, brushing, flossing, and check-ups every few months.

Many people assume that because dental implants seem like a serious procedure, the maintenance and care will be a lot.

But in reality, taking care of dental implants is just like taking care of natural teeth, unless otherwise instructed by your dentist, all you need to do is brush twice a day and floss regularly.


Osseointegration is a fancy-sounding word relating to the titanium used in most dental implants. All that it means is that titanium has a unique ability to fuse to bone tissue. 

Titanium implants fuse to your jawbone, making it very easy for the bone to recover and grow around the new metal implant. 

Dentists found the perfect solution for effective dental implants when they discovered titanium abutments.

Using titanium eliminated the need for adhesives and other methods that rooted the implant into the jaw. 

Titanium osseointegration means the bone would heal faster and fuse to the titanium inside it without causing discomfort or pain. 

They Last A Lifetime

Unlike other dental solutions that can fall out, break or need to be replaced and heavily maintained, well-maintained dental implants last for decades without any issues. 

Over the years, some wear may appear on the top of the implant, but the entire implant does not decay.

With regular care and maintenance, your implants can last you decades, allowing you to have a permanent dental solution to any dental issues.

They Are Impervious To Cavities

Unlike natural teeth, cavities are nearly impossible to get in dental implants. The titanium alloy is biocompatible and will never decay due to plaque build-up.

Plaque build-up does not affect the implant material and just sits on the side without causing damage. 

Your gums, on the other hand, are not impervious to decay and plaque, so it’s important to remember that good oral hygiene is still crucial to maintain the rest of your mouth.

They Are Constantly Getting Better

Even though current methods and dental implant technology are highly successful, some constant improvements and changes are evolving to continue making them a more effective solution. 

Factors such as recovery time, invasive surgeries, and cost can always improve to make the customer experience much easier and more satisfactory.

Implants Are Stronger Than Real Teeth

Implants offer a strong base with nearly indestructible abutments and bases. The crown replacement tooth is a little bit stronger than your real teeth. 

Even though dental implants are more stable than teeth, they won’t make your teeth indestructible. The crown or tooth part of the implant can still break and crack if put under severe stress. 

The weakest part of the dental implant, the crown, is the top part that resembles natural teeth, meaning that chipping and cracking are still possible.

Same-day Implants Are a Possibility

Same-day dental implants allow patients to receive teeth restoration in a manner that’s affordable and fast. These same-day implants are not limited to single implants too. 

You can miss up to an entire row of teeth and still receive same-day implants. That’s because dental practitioners can attach the implants and attach a fixed prosthetic on top of that implant.

Due to many different factors, teeth replacement can be a long and worrying process. Things such as the weight of the implant on your jaw, factor into what solutions are available to you.

With dental implants, this becomes a bit easier, as dental implants can stabilize an entire row of missing teeth by simply placing four implants.

This can provide a temporary fix while finding the best course of action for your problem, making it a cost and time-effective temporary solution while you wait to get a more permanent fix.

They Provide Protection For Existing Teeth

Severe dental issues such as deep cavities and decay don’t end with one tooth or even when that tooth is extracted.

If a gap is left where the extracted tooth was, it’ll cause your other teeth to shift to compensate for space. They will try to stabilize, prolonging feelings of discomfort and even pain.

By filling that gap as soon as possible with a dental implant, you can prevent this and prevent damage and decay from spreading to surrounding teeth. 

Same-day dental implants prevent the spread of decay and damage as soon as possible, preventing what could be worse dental issues from developing. 

They Are The Highest Standard of Tooth Replacement

Dental implants are the highest standard against other solutions, such as dentures and dental bridge replacements. Dental implants are the most effective solution to tooth replacement.

Dental implants were not always an affordable option, but in recent months they have become much more cost-effective and are at an all-time low. 

This change has made dental implants the best return-on-investment solution in tooth replacement solutions.

With no need to restructure or alter the shape of any surrounding teeth or jaw bones, they are becoming the least invasive solution as well, in modern tooth replacement dental implants are the best you can get.

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