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Hair Healthy

Having a bad hair day can completely ruin your day, and the most common reason why this happens is that your hair is not as healthy as it used to be. All kinds of factors impact the hair’s health by making it dull, thin, or dry. You can do various things to prevent your hair from getting to this point, but we will share some of the most effective tips that require low effort.

Brushing before showering

Brushing before showeringOne of the most significant things that anyone can do for their hair in order to keep it healthier is to take some time before the shower and give it a proper brush. It takes about sixty seconds of brushing to detangle the strands, which will prevent it from breaking and getting damaged once you get it wet. By brushing the hair, you will also distribute the natural oils from your scalp to the ends of your hair too. Brush your hair before showering for healthier hair.

Use the conditioner

Use the conditionerSomething that is very important to understand is that there are no such things as good all-in-one shampoos. If you want to have healthy gorgeous hair, you will have to use a conditioner, especially if you have long hair. When applying the conditioner, make sure to apply it to the middle of the hair shafts first and then spread it to the end and your scalp.

Before you wash the conditioner out, make sure to let your hair soak in for a minute or two. By doing this, you will hydrate your hair, and you will prevent it from being damaged by shampoo as well as the drying process later on, especially if you do it with a hairdryer.

Keep a lookout for certain key ingredients in hair products

When you are shopping for hair care products, it is very important to look at what ingredients they contain. Many experts suggest that ingredients such as coconut oil, Argan oil, spirulina, and aloe are great for the hair’s health. However, in some cases, there might be other things that your hair is missing.

If you are not sure what would be the best products for your hair, you can check out and consult with doctors who can answer all of your hair-related questions. Together, you can find the ideal solution on what products are going to give you that amazing healthy hair you are striving for.

Have a balanced diet

balanced dietSimilar to many other aspects of healthy looks, a balanced diet plays a huge role in the health of one’s hair. Because the hair is made mostly out of protein, it is important to eat food that is rich in it. The best food to eat for healthy hair is fish, different kinds of meats, eggs, and beans.

Of course, in order to get all the other necessary vitamins that keep the hair strong and durable, you should eat different colored vegetables and fruits such as berries and spinach. Food that is rich in vitamins C and E boosts collagen production, which will make your hair stronger.

Avoid exposing your hair to the sun

Avoid exposing your hair to the sunWhile there are some benefits from spending time in the sun, in most cases, getting too much exposure makes negative effects heavily outweigh the positive ones. You may be familiar that UV rays are quite harmful to the skin, and while the effects are not as strong on the hair, it is best to avoid the sun when it is strong. Avoid exposing yourself too much to the sun to have fabulous undamaged hair.

Wash your scalp too

Something that might surprise a lot of people is that when you wash your hair, just washing the hair is often not enough. Instead, you should focus on washing the scalp as well, as you will remove dandruff and any other material that is in the way of letting the natural oils leak onto the surface.

Swap out cotton for silk

Swap out cotton for silkChoosing what we sleep on has a significant impact on our hair quality. For example, sleeping on cotton, which is what most people use for their sheets, there is a high amount of friction between the fabric and your hair. This will cause the hair to get damaged, especially if you move your head a lot in your sleep.

Instead of using cotton, it is best to replace your sheets and your pillowcases with silk, as this material will reduce friction significantly, and it will truly make your sleep a beauty sleep. If you have long hair, you can also use a silk scrunchie to secure it in a topknot.

Final word

Having healthy hair opens up various opportunities for all kinds of hairstyles and, with that, an increase in confidence. These are just some of the tips that can help you achieve those goals of having beautiful hair, and if you would like to take it to the next level, consult with a hair doctor for even better advice.

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