Which is the best plant for indoor use?

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Houseplants create a relaxing setting by providing a vital atmosphere. Place them on a wall ledge or in a niche to improve the air quality in your home. We offer a wide range of plants online in Melbourne.

Keep in mind that the best indoor plants for your home are quite simple to look after.

We can help you add a few hanging plants or houseplants to your home or office.

We are sure you will be proud of your choice. Buying plants online from The Tutu Guru in Melbourne is easy and convenient.

Peace liliesor Spathiphyllum

Peace liliesor SpathiphyllumAre ideal for those that overwater plants. A small amount of light will help the spade-shaped flowers flourish.

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera DeliciosaNative to Mexico and Central America, Monstera deliciosa is the Spanish name for Swiss cheese.  Buy plants online in Melbourne from a reputable source.

The leaves of this tropical plant have holes, giving them a unique appearance. It needs regular watering and indirect light (bright to medium).

Snake plant

Snake plantThis plant is one of a group of sansevierias that is resistant to killing. The leaves are stiff, sharp, and spikey. 

The Tutu Guru can provide you with a wide range of plants online in Melbourne.

Mini Jade plant

Mini Jade plantThe round leaves of jade retain water, so it can survive for a month without watering. Water it when the soil is dry and place it in a south-facing window.

Asparagus Fern

Asparagus FernIt is a versatile plant that can tolerate considerable mistreatment. 

Asparagus Setaceus thrives in varying light levels. Maintain this green plant’s soil always wet. You can buy plants online from a variety of sources.

Caltha Ornata has large, striped leaves, making it an attractive indoor plant. Make sure the soil is lightly moist and keep it in indirect light. 

ZZ plant or Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

ZZ plant or Zamioculcas ZamiifoliaAlso known only by the name ZZ plant, is native to East Africa. Plants of this species tolerate drought, low light, and very low humidity.

String of Hearts

String of HeartsIf you like admiring plants, you might enjoy the String of Hearts. A heart-shaped leaf adds to their appeal. They are indigenous to South Africa. The vines develop up to 12 feet tall in these hearts. 

Calthea ornata

Calthea ornataWhen stripes are a favourite for you, opt for a style and name the stripe pattern. Large, striped leaves make Calthea ornata a great indoor plant. Place the plant in a slightly damp, sunny spot and let it receive indirect light. Tutu Guru offers a wide range of plants online at our online store. 


YuccaYuccas need lots of sunlight. Water the Yucca plant regularly and plant it deep enough to balance its top-heavy stems. 


PeperomiaThese vibrant plants grow well both indoors and out. Their stems and leaves also retain water, making them drought tolerant. Order plants online in Melbourne and have them delivered to your door

Don’t overwater and ensure the soil is completely dry between watering sessions.


PothosTrailing vines have earned the nickname “devil’s ivy” because they can grow in half-submerged rocky soil.

English Ivy

English IvyThis plant is suitable for topiaries (or stadium walls, as at Wrigley Field), or mantels. 

Among the best potted varieties are Cascade, Domino, and Irish Lace. 

Air Plant

Air PlantYou can use the potting soil from this shed for maintaining tillandsia plants. You can water them every 10 days or so for at least half an hour. 

You need to dip them into the sink at least once a day for a half hour. Buy plants online from the comfort of your own home 

Dragon Tree Tuck

Dragon Tree TuckTidy up your neglected window corner with this energy-efficient model.

Money Tree

Money TreeAn eight-foot tree adorned with a bright braided trunk that grows indoors. As a symbol of good luck and prosperity, this is a popular office gift. Indirect sunlight should be avoided until the soil is dry. We offer a variety of plants online that you can order

Houseplants provide a relaxing setting by vitalising the atmosphere. Taking care of them improves air quality and boosts mood. 

You can make your home and office more pleasant and improve your well-being. We offer a wide variety of plants online at The Tutu Guru in Melbourne.

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