The Average Cost Of Moving House In Australia 2023

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average moving cost in Australia

Australia is a vast country with much to offer to those looking to relocate. Whatever the reason for the relocation – work, study or lifestyle – Australia has something to offer everyone. Cities such as Sydney and Melbourne are vibrant and multicultural, while smaller towns and villages offer a relaxed, rural lifestyle. There are also plenty of opportunities for work and study in Australia, with some of the best universities in the world and a strong economy. But when considering a move to Australia, one of the most important factors to take into account is the cost of relocation.
Indeed, relocation to Australia can bring unexpected expenses; that is why you should keep an eye on all the estimated costs that can add up to your average moving cost in Australia.

Factors Responsible For Average Moving Cost In Australia

The average house moving cost in Australia covers various expenses including different services. The following services can significantly add up to the overall moving cost.

  • Removalist services
  • Moving Truck services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Packaging Materials
  • Utility Connections, and more.

Cost of Hiring Removalist Services

Cost of Hiring Removalist Services

When calculating an average moving cost in Australia, always remember that the cost of removalists will perhaps be the most accountable for overall expenses.

The overall cost of hiring removalist services can range between $300 and $3,500 in case of an entire process. At the same time, this cost can vary between $75 and $300 per hour and can even range more than this for a shift in the same town.

Moreover, these costs are general estimates, but in practice, the overall cost of hiring removalist services can be affected by many dynamics, such as the size of the house, the distance between the two sites, and many other factors.

Elements affecting the average cost of removalists in Australia

Elements affecting the average cost of removalists in Australia

Generally, the average expenses for hiring removalists in Australia for relocating depend on the following factors.

1. Size of your old place or house

Most removalists in Australia first prefer to ask about the size of the site or home from where you want to shift to determine the quote for overall expenses. The reason behind considering the house size is to identify the volume of possessions subjected to repositioning. The larger the house, the more will be the cost of moving. Here is an expected removalist quote for relocation to the same town or city:

  • One-bedroom apartment – $125/hr with two movers’ team 
  • Small three-bedroom apartment – $175/hr for with three movers’ team 
  • Extensive three-bedroom apartment/home – $245/hr with four movers’ team 
  • Large family home with four or more bedrooms – $315/hr with five movers’ team.

2. Distance between the relocating places

The average cost of removalists also varies and depends on the distance between the two locations. This is why interstate or intercity relocating is much more expensive as compared to the same city:

  • Average Removalist Cost in the same city:  $110 – $950
  • Average Removalists Cost for intercity or interstate:  $575 – $6,000

3. Complexity in relocating 

Removalists in Australia might also consider the cost difficulties they have to face or face during the moving task. These difficulties can be:

  • Difficult Staircases
  • Narrow Entries and doors
  • Limited parking 
  • Larger Furniture Items
  • Unavailability of lift, etc.

Additional Service Requirements

You will have to pay an additional amount to removalists for additional or customized services other than their stock quotes. Additional services can include:

  • Packing and Unpacking items
  • Packaging Materials
  • Storage Facilities
  • Transporting Pet, etc.

4. Relocation time

The removalists’ costs also add up to the relocation time. Repositioning during the start and end of the month is more costly, and traffic congestion might add up more. Therefore, scheduling a move in the middle of the month and during non-peak hours is beneficial.

Cost of Renting Moving Truck Services

Cost of Renting Moving Truck Services

In case you don’t want to hire removalists or wish to cut movers’ costs, you can hire rental relocating truck services and shift by yourself. 

Though rental moving trucks or van charges are daily based, sometimes, they can be found quoting at hourly rates.

Typically the cost of rental moving trucks ranges between $50 and $170 per day, but they also depend on the truck size.

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Cost of Cleaning Services

Cleaning services can also account for your moving cost in Australia, be it cleaning the old site after you move out or cleaning the new place before you move in. The size of the sites and requirements of cleaning affects the overall cleaning cost. 

  • Cleaning cost for one bedroom apartment – $150 to $200
  • For a large five or more bedrooms house – $1,000 to more

Cost of Packaging Supplies

Packaging supplies such as cartons, tapes, labels, bubble wrap, etc., can be an additional expense during your house move in Australia. Buying the packaging supplies yourself is a worthwhile choice, whether hiring removalists or relocating by yourself because removalists imply additional costs for these materials.

  • Cartons: $1.99 – $5.99 for one box (can vary with the size)
  • Bubble wrap: $22 for 500mm X 25mm sheet
  • Tape: $6.92 for 48mm X 50m heavy-duty tape 
  • Labels or Markers: $8.30 for bold black colour

Cost of Utility Connections In New House

Cost of Utility Connections In New House

The last expense affecting Australia’s average moving cost is utility connection cost. You might need to pay for new electricity, internet, and gas connection or disconnect them from the old site & relocating them to a new location.

How Can You Minimize Your Average Moving Cost In Australia?

Though the average moving cost in Australia depends on many factors; you can reduce this overall cost in the following ways:

  • You should source your packaging supplies and pack your possession by yourself. It will not only save you from paying extra to removalists, but also you will be able to pack your items as per your requirements. 
  • Before beginning the packaging work, try to declutter your house. By this, you will be able to understand which item you will require in your new home or which is no use now.  
  • Choose a moving truck that best fits your requirements because smaller and bigger trucks than required can cost you more. Compare a few cleaning services quotes before finalizing any services. 


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