How Much Does Gutter Guard Installation Or Replacement Cost Sydney 2022

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Gutter Guard Installation

Do your gutters need to be repaired or replaced because they are damaged, leaking, or both? Gutter replacement is not something that you can put off until next year. Gutter installation costs range from $585 to $1,535, with the national average being $1000.

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When it comes to gutters, you have more options than you may know, from gutter materials to gutter style and size. So how much will you be spending on installing or replacing your gutter guards in Sydney 2022, and what factors will contribute to deciding the cost of replacement, come let’s check this out.

What Is The Gutter Guard Replacement?

Gutter Guard ReplacementGutters effectively prevent our homes from rainwater. It diverts excess rainwater towards drainage and keeps the foundation free from water. The old or damaged gutters will not be able to handle all such things efficiently, even though it can generate other problems such as damaging the foundation and causing dampness in the property.

Also, it would be more affordable to replace it rather than fix it. Thus whenever you notice that your gutters require replacement, you should change them on priority.

There are certain signs that will let you know that time has come to replace the gutters.

  • Sagging Gutters
  • Missing Parts’/Sections
  • Hole
  • Leakes
  • Loose Section
  • Appearance Of Mold In Property
  • Unpleasant Look

Gutter replacement is all about removing the old gutters and on requirements removal of fascia’s. After that, new gutter guards are installed to drain the rainwater efficiently. A good quality steel gutter guard will last for about 10 to 20 years.

Factors To Consider Before Installing Gutter Guards

Installing Gutter Guards

There are some important factors that you need to consider while installing the gutter guards so that they can give the best outcome.

Width Of Gutters

You need to measure the size of gutters before buying guards for that. Mostly the size of gutters remains 5 inches in width, but it can vary with house design and can be either four to six inches. 

Roof Type

You have to consider the type of your roof, such as it can belong rooflines, steep roofs, etc., and also their installation charges will be high. 


As per the climatic situation of the place you live, you should install the gutters. If your home experiences heavy snow flow and ice, consider installing gutter guards made of heavy metal like steel so that it can perform its job without much maintenance. 

Guard Type

Keeping in mind your budget and cleaning preferences, you can choose the best suitable one. Also, you should try to install durable guards so that they can work efficiently for several years.

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Benefits of Installing Gutter Guards

Benefits of Installing Gutter Guards

Most homeowners do not think about their gutter system unless and until they encounter any problem. It is totally understandable too because people nowadays are pretty busy with their schedules. So for that reason installing gutters guards are the best option. You only need to give time in its installment and rest it will give you its best service.

There are diverse advantages of installing gutter guards.

  • You will need to spend less time and money on maintaining the gutter.
  •  An efficient gutter system diverts water from the roof towards the drainage system. 
  • Controls the formation of ice cubes. 
  • The infestation of animals is also controlled by installing gutter guards. 
  • The chance of fire hazards gets reduced with the installment of gutter guards.
  • Improves the flow of water and stops the blockage.

What Is The Cost Of Gutter Replacement?

how much does it cost

The cost of gutter replacement in Sydney will vary from company to company. They will charge you by the hour or by area. The average cost of gutter replacement lies between $2000 to $4000 in Sydney. However, it will change with other conditions.

There are different types of gutter guards, and the cost of installation of each gutter guard is different.

Plastic PVC Screen

The most affordable gutter guard you will find is the plastic PVC screen. Its cost lies in between $0.35 to $1.13 per linear foot. As it has a lower price, its quality is also somehow low, and you need to offer regular maintenance. This gutter guard is easy to install, and there would be no risk of rust. But it gets wrapped and bent easily.

Metal Mesh Guard

This guard is designed with stainless steel or aluminum form, and it costs near about in the range of $1.16 to $2.75. It has a life span of 4 to 12 years and is effective in blocking most of the debris and leaves.

Aluminum Perforated Cover

The most durable gutter guards are designed with a perforated aluminum cover. The cost of installing such guards lies in between $0.67 to $1.33 per linear foot. It is crafted in such a manner that it can not get wrapped or rusted. It requires replacement after 10 to 20 years. Water can easily flow through this, but it can get blocked with wet leaves.

Steel Screen

The lifespan of these guards is about 5 to 10 years. If you are planning to install this gutter guard, then it will cost you about $1.50 to $3.17 per linear foot. Also, you can get powder-coated steel screens that are more durable and efficient than normal steel screens.

Plastic PVC Screen $0.35 to $1.13
Metal Mesh Guard $1.16 to $2.75
Aluminum Perforated Cover $0.67 to $1.33
Steel Screen $1.50 to $3.17
Foam Guard $2.17 to $4.25
Micro-Mesh $2 to $3.50
Surface Tension Gutter Helmets $3.58 to $6.69
Brush Guard $3.12 to $4.50

Foam Guard

The most simple gutter guards to install are foam guards. You simply have to insert the guards in the form of a roll in the gutter. It keeps leaves and branches out from the gutters and ensures the proper flow of water. But some small particles get inside the gutter, and moss growth will occur. The cost of installing guards will lie between $2.17 to $4.25 per linear foot.


It is a little difficult to install these guards. The cost of installing this guard will cost you in the range of $2 to $3.50 per linear foot. This guard is perfect for blocking the small particles, debris, pesky needles. The holes of these guards are much smaller than other guards. The life span of a micro-mesh guard is 4 to 10 years.

Surface Tension Gutter Helmets

This gutter guard comes under an expensive option, and it will cost you near about $3.58 to $6.69 per linear foot. It is a solid piece of metal that covers the top of the gutter and efficiently prevents the entrance of debris. It requires occasional cleaning and lasts for near about 10 to 20 years.

Brush Guard

This is similar to foam guards and can be entered inside the gutter. This is made of twisted wire that stops large debris but does not stop smaller ones. Regular cleaning and maintenance you have to offer to this guard. The cost of installing this guard is $3.12 to $4.50 per linear foot and lasts for about 4 to 5 years.


Linear Foot

Linear Foot

Gutter guard manufacturers sell gutter guards in terms of the linear foot, and installers will charge on the basis of the linear foot. The more linear foot, the more required guard material and thus the more you have to pay.

25 feet $17 to $188
50 feet $34 to $375
100 feet $68 to $750
150 feet $102 to $1,125
200 feet $136 to $1,500
250 feet $170 to $1,875
300 feet $204 to $2,250

What Affects The Price Of Gutter Replacement?

What Affects The Price Of Gutter Replacement

Several factors contribute to determining the cost of gutter replacement.

Gutter Material

The material you would choose for your gutter guards will greatly influence the cost of gutter guard replacement. The most economical guard material is vinyl gutter, which can cost about $2 to $3 per linear foot. But there is one downside with this type of gutter guard: they have a short lifespan and don’t offer much fancy appearance.  

Gutter Shape

The manufacturing of gutters is done in different shapes. It can be in the form of a quad, half-round and square line. Among all these half rounds is the most expensive one, but still, there is a big impact on material rather than shape. 

Length Of Gutter

The length of the gutter is measured in the linear foot, and gutter guard installers will cost you as per linear foot. The more its length, the more expensive gutter guard replacement will be. Also, the cost of replacing gutter guards of detached homes will be high as there will be no sharing of gutters with the nearby property.


Time is required for completing the complex job. The more time the gutter guard installer will take, the more payment you have to do. You can expect to pay nearly about $30 to $70 per hour as per contract, including labor costs. Thus time is directly proportional to cost.  


The cost of gutter replacement in Sydney will be affected by the area or locality you reside in. Also, the accessibility of reaching your address will influence the cost. The floors of the property will add some charges too.  

Additional Services

It might be that your gutter will require cleaning and realigning before installing gutter guards. Downspouts of 10 meters will also be needed to be installed to downpour the water. These things will also cost you some additional charges.

Hiring a Professional or DIY, Which Is Better For Gutter Guard Installation

If you have the right skills to install the gutter guards with DIY techniques, you can reduce the installation cost as you don’t have to pay the labor cost. But you have to invest your valuable time in installing the gutter guards in Sydney. 

You can make this task a home improvement project with simple and easy-to-install gutter guards. Foam and brush gutter guards are DIY friendly and can be easily installed over gutters. 

Consider the potential safety while reaching the top position with the ladder. Along with the ladder, you will also need some of the other equipment for the DIY gutter guards installation process.

  • Downpipes And Its Elbow
  • Brackets 
  • Cordless Drill
  • Tin Snips 
  • Self-Tapping Screws
  • Stop Ends
  • Hacksaw

Also, you can collect other safety equipment that comes to mind. Keep in mind the safety recommendations that manufacturers have described for the product or tool you are going to use.

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However, the way professionals will handle the installation of gutter guards will be very different from your DIY techniques. Aiming to install the guards by ownself will lead to some of the costly mistakes that may cost you more in terms of saving labor. 

Thus it is better to hire professionals for installing gutter guards. Their experience and expertise will result in efficient placements of guards over gutters.

Our Recommendation

Finding the best gutter guard installer is not easy in Sydney. However, for your convenience, we have mentioned one of our recommendations that can offer you the best gutter guard service under your budget.

Gutter Guard King Sydney

Gutter Guard King Sydney

Gutter Guard King is the leading name in Sydney for delivering the best gutter guard services. They use an award-winning system that has been proven & tested for over 20 years in Australia’s harshest environments. All of their products are approved for use in Bushfire areas. Increase the life of your gutters with the best quality gutter guards.

*Costs and prices mentioned in this article are meaningful and used for the purpose of guiding only. Also, these rates are subject to market forces.


Gutter guards, also known as gutter covers, leaf guards, leaf filters, gutter screens, are devices that are effective in keeping gutter systems free from leaves, debris, pests. Your gutter system will remain clog-free. 

A variety of gutter guards are available such as Plastic PVC Screen, Metal Mesh Guard, Aluminum Perforated Cover, Steel Screen, Foam Guard, Micro-Mesh, etc., so you can select the most suitable one. 

The purpose of installing a gutter guard is that it keeps your roof free from water and minimizes the risk of structural damages. 

Adding good quality gutter guards complements the overall look of your home. It can make your home more appealing and also you will get a good amount from potential buyers. 

The addition of guards increases the functionality and lifespan of the property. There will be no need to clean the gutter so frequently.

Gutter guards help in keeping your gutter system free from debris, leaves, and other such things. Also, it is true that it reduces the frequency of routine cleaning, but it does not require any maintenance and cleaning. 

You have to offer timely maintenance and cleaning to your gutter guards so that they can perform the best. With the proper maintenance, you can add more years to your gutter guards.

The durability of your gutter guard is dependent on the manner you treat it and how often you offer it maintenance and cleaning. There is also the role of weather in influencing the lifetime of gutter guards. 

However, in the best conditions, the guard’s lifespan is considered to be between 10 to 20 years, followed by perforated aluminum covers and gutter helmets. If you have installed plastic PVC screens and brush guards, then it will last for nearly 10 years. 

Installing guards over gutters reduces the frequency of cleaning gutters, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to clean your gutters. Speaking in general terms, you need to clean your gutters at least twice a year. 

It will maintain their efficiency to do the work. If you don’t want to clean the gutter by yourself, then you can hire any professional gutter cleaning company to do the job. 

It is true that no gutter guard will offer complete protection to your gutter from leaves, needles, and debris. You will notice that with passing the time, these guards will not be much effective in keeping gutters free from debris. 

In the worst scenario, it can lead to roof damage. The guards attached with the roof shingles void the warranty, which implies that you would not be able to cover if any roof damage occurs. You will spend thousands of dollars to get your roof repaired.    

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