Maintaining Your Mansion: A Closer Look Into Luxury Home Upkeep

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Maintaining Your Mansion
For all you luxury real estate fans out there, we know all too well ourselves the feeling of awe you get when watching house tours online or even just looking at floor plans. There’s a lot to admire about luxury homes, both with regards to their architecture and interior design styling, but also in the lifestyle they present. However, despite all the outward grandiosity and appeal of mansion living, there is still an exorbitant amount of upkeep required to keep a luxury home pristine and presentable year-round, even when the home itself may be vacant or untenanted. The costs associated with luxury home upkeep should be factored into your budget if you are looking to take the plunge and invest in your first luxury property. So what exactly do luxury real estate investors and property owners have to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining their mansions or estates? We’ll be outlining the most pertinent maintenance considerations that must be made by luxury homeowners and property investors alike.

Invest in the maintenance of your luxury decor and furnishings

Invest in the maintenance of your luxury decor and furnishings
Securing suitable building and content insurance is paramount when maintaining a luxury home, as luxury properties are generally sold fully furnished. Because of this, any damage to fixtures, appliances, amenities, or luxury decor and furnishings that come included with the luxury home, can actually impact the value of the property as well.

If your luxury property boasts amenities that require specialised upkeep, like a swimming pool, tennis courts or other similar facilities, you’ll want to make sure that this maintenance is conducted by dedicated specialists in order to maintain the total value of these amenities. Keeping on top of routine servicing requirements for these luxury assets can help prolong their usable lifespan alongside even reducing overall maintenance costs by catching potential issues nice and early.

Be sure to compare fee structures between these specialist services to keep annual maintenance costs as low as possible whilst still ensuring that these amenities get the expert care and attention that they require.

Maintain a minimalistic approach to interior design

Maintain a minimalistic approach to interior design
It goes without saying that a luxury home with fewer amenities, decor and furnishings, will naturally have a more modest maintenance schedule. With that, property investors who’d prefer for their luxury property to be as low-maintenance will find maintaining a minimalist mindset to provide all the benefits they seek. Adopting a minimalist mindset when it comes to designing and presenting a luxury property, can allow property investors to spend significantly less on maintenance and perhaps even insurance too.

And with minimalism being a highly popular design style in the world of luxury home design, maintaining this approach can feel quite organic as well. You’ll find that the emphasis on sustainability and ethical consumption within the minimalist approach not only complements the spend-savvy habits of some of the world’s most renowned multi-millionaires and billionaires, but greatly simplifies the seemingly monolithic task of decorating an environment as spacious as a luxury home.

Simply put, less is usually more, and you’ll find that the best way to maintain harmony in the design of your luxury home is to make sure that everything has its place and everything is comfortingly in that place.

Stay on top of your land maintenance

lounge areasAn abundance of floor space is usually accompanied by plenty of land like garden spaces as well. As a result, luxury property investors may find that the costs of land upkeep can often be on level if not steeper than the costs associated with protecting the building and attached material assets of the luxury home itself.

Whilst expansive, sloping lawns can be a breathtaking way of framing your luxury home, these lawns can come with a fair amount of upkeep themselves. This is precisely why many luxury homeowners opt to develop low-maintenance garden spaces over keeping green areas that are prone to becoming overgrown without regular upkeep.

Outdoor amenities like tennis courts are a popular addition here as well, alongside al fresco entertainment and lounge areas, stone pathways, pebble gardens housing drought-tolerant plants, and even the incorporation of running water features to provide easy focal points that are guaranteed to look great year-round.

For luxury homeowners who do seek to keep their grounds intact, you’ll absolutely need to enlist luxury landscaping and garden maintenance services to help your green spaces stay in the best shape possible throughout the changing of the seasons.

Seek professional luxury cleaning or housekeeping services

Seek professional luxury cleaning or housekeeping servicesSpeaking of securing professional landscaping and garden services, it’s common for luxury homes to be vacant for long periods of time, especially those that are located out in the country rather than in city centres. For this reason, it’s common for luxury homeowners to hire professional cleaning and housekeeping service providers that are positioned on-site and thus, dedicated to overseeing maintenance and upkeep of the property year-round.

Of course, keeping a housekeeper on-site can be far more expensive than hiring one-off luxury cleaning services. For this reason, it’s imperative that luxury property investors weigh up the pros and cons of securing these services and whether or not they will be necessary for that property in particular. Consider implementing a housekeeping schedule that allows the property to be cleaned on a routine basis, even without on-site staff.

If you are planning on keeping your luxury home vacant for long periods of time without on-site staff, however, then additional security considerations should also be made. This can include installing CCTV cameras, installing security fencing, and ensuring that your luxury home insurance policy provides thorough cover in the event of a break-in, theft, or other common home security concerns.

As you can see, maintaining a mansion or luxury home isn’t too dissimilar from keeping any other kind of dwelling in good condition. Luxury property investors must take on the same maintenance responsibilities of all homeowners; these tasks just so happen to exist on a whole other scale and as such, completing them can look quite different in comparison. There’s naturally going to be a lot more outsourcing and a great emphasis on automating maintenance tasks than would be typically seen in a home in the suburbs.

Even so, it’s up to homeowners and property investors to invest in the maintenance services that work best for them.

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