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Roof Repairing Companies

Roofing companies in Sydney represent a diverse array of expert professionals catering to roofing needs, including repairs, installations, and maintenance services. These companies offer a spectrum of roofing solutions, from traditional tile and metal roofing to innovative eco-friendly options, ensuring durability and weather resilience. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and adherence to safety standards, these specialists serve both the residential and commercial sectors. Sydney’s roofing companies stand out for their commitment to using premium materials, tailored solutions, and skilled labor, providing a comprehensive range of services. From routine inspections to intricate repairs and complete roof replacements, these companies are dedicated to delivering reliable and long-lasting roofing solutions, ensuring properties remain structurally sound against the city’s diverse weather conditions. 

Explore our wide selection that features the best roofing experts in Sydney! Introducing a carefully selected selection of knowledgeable experts providing excellent installation, maintenance, and repair services. By giving you in-depth information on Sydney’s top roofing companies, we hope to simplify your search and provide you with a wealth of knowledge for your next project. Bid adieu to the tiresome search procedure and choose the perfect roofing specialist at your convenience! Finding the ideal match is easy when you have access to a plethora of knowledge and experience with just one click!

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Understanding The Nuances of Roof Repairing

Understanding Roof Repairing

Roof repairing involves the repair, reinstallation, or replacement of the rooftop so that the terrace leakage can be checked or stopped, which causes dampness on ceilings and walls. A roof repair could involve just a patchy repair of the roof or even the whole portion of the terrace. 

It is widely agreed that roof repairing, reinstallation, or replacing a sloped roof, in particular, is not an easy task. The rooftops are at a good height from the ground and are slippery, which will deter any ordinary person from even giving it a try. 

Roof repair will require the expertise, experience, well-acquainted knowledge, and safety measures that professional roof repairing companies offer. And most importantly, a qualitative service would be offered at the most competitive prices in Sydney by these companies.

List of Best Roof Repairing Companies In Sydney

King Group

King Group Australia

King Group Australia provides pressure washing, gutter and fascia maintenance, painting, re-roofing, and restoration. Their emphasis lies in employing skilled laborers and supplies sourced from Australia. They want to satisfy you as a customer and are concerned about your needs. Their staff, possessing more than 50 years of experience, strives to identify the finest solutions for your project and provides insightful guidance. They firmly believe that their goal is to complete the task at hand with excellence. They guarantee to deliver an excellent job, be dependable, and arrive on time. To experience their excellent service for yourself, get in touch with them via phone, email, or social media.

Name King Group
Opening Hours Monday:    8:30am–5:30pm
Tuesday:    8:30am–5:30pm
Wednesday:    8:30am–5:30pm
Thursday:    8:30am–5:30pm
Friday:    8:30am–5:30pm
Saturday:    8:30am–5:30pm
Sunday:    8:30am–5:30pm
Services Gutter Protection, Roof Painting, Pressure Cleaning, Solar Panels Cleaning
Years of Experience Over 50 Years
Availability of Free Quotation Available.
Contact Number 1300 115 464
Social Media Facebook, Instagram
Address (Head Office): Platinum Business Centre 14/19-26 Durian Place Wetherill Park NSW 2164
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Review on Facebook :- “Wow wow 😮 , amazing service, I’m super happy with the installation of the premium Ultraguard aluminium gutter protection system . Looks amazing . Thanks again for everything. Leo.” – Leander Gstrein

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All Roofing Services

All Roofing Services australia

Image Source by @

This company has earned a huge reputation and trust as one of the leading roof repair companies. The highly-skilled, friendly, and competent roofers strive to provide the best possible roof repair services at reasonable rates. The company is highly expertised in residential roof repairs. But, it has also done exceptionally well in repairing the roofs of commercial buildings, such as shops, factories and warehouses.
Name All Roofing Services
Opening Hours Monday:    7:00am–6pm
Tuesday:    7:00am–6pm
Wednesday:    7:00am–6pm
Thursday:    7:00am–6pm
Friday:    7:00am–6pm
Saturday:    Closed
Sunday:    Closed
Services Roof replacement, Roof restoration, Commercial roofing, Guttering , Gutter cleaning, Re-roofing, Roof maintenance, Roof repair, Metal roofing, Roof plumbing, Colorbond roofs and Asbestos removal.
Years of Experience Not Mentioned
Availability of Free Quotation Available.
Contact Number 02 8086 2059
Social Media Facebook
Address 618 Parramatta Road, Croydon NSW 2132 Australia
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Google Review:-  “ Julian and his team are very professional and considerate of company specific processes and safety standrds. The office block roof replacement was a success for the business unit that I manage. I highly recommend All Roofing Services.” –  Jackson Carter

Ian’s Inner West Roofing

Ian’s Inner West Roofing (1)

Image Source by @

Ian’s inner west roofing company offers complete roof repairing services requiring small repairs or major replacements. They have got a highly experienced and skilled team of roofers who can finish the work in no time and at affordable prices. They minutely inspect, plan, and then proceed with the repair work to eliminate all the chances of mistakes.

Name Ian’s Inner West Roofing
Opening Hours Monday:    9am–5pm
Tuesday:    9am–5pm
Wednesday:    9am–5pm
Thursday:    9am–5pm
Friday:    9am–5pm
Saturday:    Closed
Sunday:    Closed
Services Repairing leaking roofs, Re-roofing, Tile roofing, Slate roofing, Metal roofing, Copper and Zinc roofing
Years of Experience 30 Years
Availability of Free Quotation Available.
Contact Number (02) 9029 6727 or 0434 705 699
Social Media NA
Address 58 Burnell Street Russell Lea, NSW 2046
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Google Review:- “ What a delightful experience this was, team of three lead by Maida were so professional and did such a great job.  Worked without stopping all day long and were polite, tidy and efficient.  Would recommend them to anyone who has roof issues or simply questions regarding roofs.  Certainly reinforced in my mind that only roofers should deal with roofs.” – Victoria Cornell

Roofing Corp

Roofing Corp

Image Source by @

Roofing corp takes pride in its timely, qualitative and comprehensive service delivery in all types of roof repairing. They are locally based service providers who minutely analyse and continuously communicate with their clients to customise the roof repairing service accordingly. They offer services at the most competitive prices without compromising on the quality of service delivered.  

Name Roofing Corp
Opening Hours Monday:    Open 24 hours
Tuesday:    Open 24 hours
Wednesday:    Open 24 hours
Thursday:    Open 24 hours
Friday:    Open 24 hours
Saturday:    Open 24 hours
Sunday:    Open 24 hours
Services Roof condition report, Roof repairing, restoration and maintenance, Roof painting, Roof replacement, Roof cleaning, Roof leak detection, Flat metal roofing and Asbestos roof removal.
Years of Experience 30 Years
Availability of Free Quotation Available.
Contact Number 0414 424 878
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube
Address 14 Stamford Ave, Ermington NSW 2115, Australia
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Google Review:- “ I was struggling to get a roofer to come to my place because everyone was too busy.
Roofing Corp was recommended by a friend and once I contacted them yasser came immediately and made an assessment.  Within a few days I had guys on my roof fixing and diagnosing the problem.
They were also able to fix the problem quickly and gave me a fair and honest price.
Highly recommend to anyone .” – Jason Chow

Southern Cross Roofing

Southern Cross Roofing

Image Source by

Southern cross roofing is a well-reputed company in this industry. It has got a huge experience and a team of dedicated and highly trained staff. They ensure that the clients get a smooth, efficient and safe service. Southern Cross Roofing is an integral part of the New South Wales Master Tilers, Slaters and Shinglers Association. It has also been selected as one of  CSR Monier Wunderlich’s group of Roofing Specialists.

Name Southern Cross Roofing
Opening Hours Monday:    7am–5pm
Tuesday:    7am–5pm
Wednesday:    7am–5pm
Thursday:    7am–5pm
Friday:    7am–5pm
Saturday:    Closed
Sunday:    Closed
Services Roof repairing, Roof extension, Roof materials, Roof replacement, Insulation, Gutter services, Roof restorations and Gutter cleaning.
Years of Experience 20 Years
Availability of Free Quotation Available.
Contact Number 02 9477 7961
Social Media Facebook
Address 2/6 Yatala Rd, Mount Kuring-Gai NSW 2080, Australia
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Google Review:- “Absolute pleasure to deal with, arrived on time, first time fix and fantastic rates. Highly recommend Southern Cross Roofing” – Allan Seage

Sydney Roofing Company

Sydney Roofing Company

Image Source by @

Sydney roofing company is the leading installer of slate, tiles and copper roofs across New South Wales. The company’s director has been mastering the skills of roof repair and replacement since he was 15 years old. Their team is experienced and well acquainted with the local and international knowledge that ensures an exceptional level of service guarantee from them.

Name Sydney Roofing Company
Opening Hours Monday:    7am–9pm
Tuesday:    7am–9pm
Wednesday:    7am–9pm
Thursday:    7am–9pm
Friday:    7am–9pm
Saturday:    7am–9pm
Sunday:    7am–9pm
Services Slate roofing, Shingles roofing, Copper and zinc roofing, Lead roofing, Roof repairing and Solar slate roofing and installation.
Years of Experience 13 Years
Availability of Free Quotation Available.
Contact Number 0415 449 328
Social Media NA
Address 39 Holloway St, Banksmeadow NSW 2019
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Google Review:-  “ Gavin and his team replaced our roof. They did an outstanding job – very efficient and professional. Communication with Gavin was excellent, he was upfront and thorough and his team were friendly and hardworking. We felt really well looked-after. Highly recommended!” – Mike Le Pelley

Sydney Roof

Sydney Roof

Image Source by @ Roof Vents Australia

Sydney roof has got an experience over 30 years of providing roof repairing and roof restoration services. They are experts in providing roof repair and installation services in residential and commercial areas. The professional roofers of the Sydney Roof are well-trained to provide efficient and cost-effective roof repair, replacement and installation. 

Name Sydney Roof
Opening Hours Monday:    7am–6pm
Tuesday:    7am–6pm
Wednesday:    7am–6pm
Thursday:    7am–6pm
Friday:    7am–6pm
Saturday:    7am–6pm
Sunday:    Closed
Services Roof leakage repairing, Re-roofing, Roof restoration, New guttering, New downpipe installation, metal or tile roofing, New skylight installation, Insurance restoration work, Wall cladding and Asbestos roof removal.
Years of Experience 30 Years
Availability of Free Quotation Available.
Contact Number 1300-1700-90
Social Media NA
Address 44 Huntington St, Crows Nest NSW 2065, Australia
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Review from Houzz:-  “ After getting about 5-6 other inspections and quotes, and being generally disappointed at the conflicting advice and prices we were being quoted, we cam across Sydney Roof.  John came and inspected the roof, discuss ALL of the relevant issues with us and gave us a competitive quote based on a comprehensive scope of works. He knew his stuff.  Then he delivered on time, the quality of the work was very good and no variations were requested. We were very impressed. Full marks for workmanship, timeliness and integrity. And no fuss!.
We would recommend Sydney Roof to others any time.” – Frank Sartor

The Alarms for Roof Repairing

Leakage in The Roof

Damaged roofs requiring repair or replacement show a few visible indications. Homeowners must notice these signs and pay timely heed to them. Any delay of action will invite additional expenses. At the same time the health and safety of your family and inmates living under the roof will be compromised. Thus, it is important to seek the help of professional roof repairing companies as soon as  one notices the following alarming symptoms on their roofs-

  • Leakage in The Roof

Leakages in the roof are among the most common alarms indicating roof repair. Small cracks or comparatively larger holes develop that facilitate water leakage. The roof leakage makes the ceilings and walls of the house look wet and also damages and peels-off the paint from the walls. One should regularly check the roof for any water leakage after strong showers. Another indication of roof leakage is that sunlight will be able to pass through the terrace. 

  • Growth of Algae, Mold, and Mildew

When the moisture gets deposited over shingles or shakes, it gives rise to algae, molds, and mildews. The algae are black and green in appearance, which gradually eats away the shingles and causes roof rotting. Molds are slimy in appearance with a strong smell. They can cause serious health problems and are problematic for wooden doors, windows and flooring. In comparison, mildew is the most common type of growth in subtropical climatic conditions. They grow rapidly on wet surfaces and have a powdered appearance of grey or black color.

  • Roof Cracks

Hairline or spider cracks are often noticed in the first or second year of house construction as the house settles down. But noticing cracks after that time frame is a serious concern that should not be overlooked. Cracks and minor damages around them are caused by water seepage, regular rains, and heating mechanisms. The roof kind of wears away with time. These cracks could be harmful and could even spread throughout the whole house in no time. Thus, it is important to repair them straight away.

  • Aging Roof

It is important to know the lifespan of your roof. Most of the roofs usually last between 20-30 years. As the roof gets old and near its expiry, it will show signs such as missing shingles, curling, and dark or dirty patches on the roof. Roof shrinkage is also a major sign of roof aging, which indicates that the roof is turning weak. It should be addressed as soon as possible because it can cause roof collapse. This can be very costly in terms of money and health.

  • Increased Electricity Bills

If there is air escaping from the roofs and walls of the house, the interior temperature of the room or the house at large will be uneven. This will require the HVAC system to function harder and thus will invite higher utility costs. So, if there are major differences between the electricity bills in summers and winters, contact the professional roof repairing companies at once.

Considerations Before Hiring a Professional Roof Repairing Company

Professional Roof Repairing

Roof is the most important part of the house that keeps your family and valuables safe and comfortable. Whether it is harmful sunrays, heavy rain, or snow, the roof keeps one warm and comfortable inside. But these weather phenomena also cause wear and tear of roofs. And one needs to hire professional roof repair and replacement companies to get the damaged roof repaired. But before hiring professionals, a few important considerations are necessary to be kept in mind, such as –

  • Companies Must Have Local Physical Office

When hiring a professional roof repairing company, please make sure a local company is preferred because they are likely to be more responsible and accountable. Also, make sure they have a local physical office in your area to avoid fake ones. If any problem or complications arise, you have got a specific place to contact to.

  • Ask For Multiple Quotations

 Many people often ignore the importance of bidding for multiple quotations and end up overpaying for the services they avail. Thus, when choosing professional roofers, make multiple bidding at several quotations to get the best competitive prices.

  • Hire Only Experienced Roofers

It is very important to hire experienced roof repair companies as they have the required expertise and knowledge to handle any complications. Also, roof repair is a difficult task that requires minute planning and execution. Hiring inexperienced roof repair companies may result in permanent damage to the roof, which could be very costly.

  • Hire Companies That Offer Warranties

One of the most necessary things that you should concentrate while hiring a roof repairing and installation company is they must offer a warranty. Warranty is also of two types – workmanship warranty and manufacturer warranty. While the former offers a warranty against repairing and installation errors, the latter offers a warranty against the roofing material itself. Hiring a company that offers a warranty will save you from any additional charges or economic losses in the near future.

  • Writing Down All Agreements

One should be careful to write down all the agreements before the repair or installation of the roof begins. Writing down all the contracts makes the whole process of roof repair or installation smooth and easy. Also, written contracts provide legal backing. It is important to write down all the agreements, such as the type of services availing, duration of work, warranties offered, tradesmen’s insurance against injuries, etc. This won’t allow the companies to dictate terms and demand extra charges after the completion of the work.

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Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

Roof Repair Roof Replacement

When choosing between the two, most people are utterly confused and clueless. They often mix up between the two while availing of the services and paying more unnecessarily. 

Roof Repairing is done when the damage on the roof ranges from minor to moderate. Roof repairing is done when there are small holes or punctures on the roof over a small area. The small area is either repaired, or re-roofing is done over it. Mild roof leakage can also be easily tackled through roof repair, which will involve filling up gaps or cracks or repairing damaged and worn-out tiles or shingles. Roof repair is comparatively cost-effective and does not take more than a few hours to complete. 

In comparison, Roof Replacement involves the complete replacement of the roof. When the roof is severely damaged, completely worn out, or has developed bigger cracks and holes, it is high time to get the whole roof replaced, as further delay may be equal to playing with fire. The age of the roof is also a major detriment to roof replacement. Roof repair may appear more expensive than roof repair, but they provide a new look to your house and ensure peace of mind. Replacing a roof can be  more reasonable cost-wise in the longer run. 

Cost of Roof Repairing in Sydney

Cost of Roof Repairing

It is crucial to have a budget before hiring a professional roofing company to repair and replace your roof. Having a definite budget would help one determine what type of facilities one can afford. The average total roof repair cost can range from $3000-to to $14,000 in Australia. Roof replacement costs around $100-$130 per sq. meter in Sydney. But one should note that these prices can vary due to various factors related to roof repairing and restoration services. 

Factors such as roof height, roof shape, roof area, type of services availed, roof age, and severity of roof damage greatly determine the cost of roof repair services. Also, the location of the place will too determine the cost. In Australia, more popular cities such as Melbourne and Sydney will have a higher cost of services that are being offered. Equally important is the quality of the material used for repairing or re-roofing. For instance, clayed tiles are likely to cost more as they are difficult to install and delicate to handle.

The Advantages of Hiring the Best Roofing Companies

When it comes to roof repair or restoration, hiring any random roofing company is completely an irrational and vague idea. Repairing, installing, or restoring a roof is not a cakewalk but requires a huge amount of experience and training that takes years of hardwork to master. Thus, hiring a reputed, well-trained, and experienced team of roofers becomes very important to make your task easy, smooth, and cost-effective. Following are a few of the benefits of hiring the best roofing companies-

  • Enhanced Work Safety Measures are Ensured

Accidental mishaps and injuries are part and parcel of the roofing work. These injuries and mishaps cannot be completely countered but only can be minimized. And good roofing companies will make safety measures their top priority. They offer a completely insured team which uses the latest equipment to ensure the highest safety standard while repairing or installing roofs.

  • Use of Quality Materials

The quality of roofing materials used largely determines the lifespan of roofs. The better the quality of the material, the more durable the roof is. A good and reputed roofing company would use  standardized materials while repairing or installing a roof. A good roofing company will provide quality materials at the most competitive prices.

  • Provides Timely And Fast Services

When repairing, installing, or restoring a roof, completing the work within a specific deadline is important. For instance, some people want their work to be completed before the rain or snow arrives. Thus, punctuality and efficiency are sought when availing of roofing services. And backed by their skills and experience, professional and renowned roofing companies can easily meet the set deadline without compromising on the work quality and service delivery.

  • Provides Warranties

Roof repair, installation, or replacement are essential and costly services. One cannot afford them at short intervals. And one would not like to pay for the mistakes made by the roofing companies. Thus, here warranties become absolutely important. Reputed roofing companies offer warranties such as workmanship warranty and manufacturer warranty for installation mistakes or material defects.

  • Accountability and Better Service Delivery

More than the money and the material quality, the quality of the service delivery satisfies the clients more. A disciplined and well-behaved team of professional roofers will be able to bring more accountability into their service. Also, they will continuously communicate directly with the client for feedbacks and solutions at every step of the repairing, restoration, or installation process to minimize any unforeseen complications. This will make the clients feel more inclusive and comfortable.


Roof repair, restoration, installation, or replacement requires a good amount of experience and skill. Any effort to DIY is likely to be a futile attempt. Additionally, one would be playing with fire as one becomes more prone to accidents, mishaps, injuries, and roof damage. Hence, the services of a professional roofing company in such a condition have become almost a necessity. 

One cannot simply hire any random roofing company for the repair work. Doing this will do more harm than good. A good and reputed roofing company is backed by huge experience and a highly skilled team of roofers who finishes the job in no time. Also, they provide efficient, safe and affordable services. If you want to enjoy the best qualitative services of professional roofing companies in Sydney, look at our well-researched list of Sydney’s 7 best roof repair companies.

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