Know the Basics of Roof Replacement and Maintenance

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Roof Replacement and Maintenance

Roofs made of wood, clay, concrete, slate, or other materials are beautiful and durable. When they are reaching the end of their life, it is difficult to pinpoint if they really need the replacement. Many people rely on roofing contractors and call them to address the damage they see on their roofs.

Since many properties and homes are being built every day, there has been an increased demand for roofing services in Australia. If you are thinking of getting the roof replaced on your property, you will call the roofing professional too. However, if you are seeking professionals to assist you in your roof replacement, you must know a few things in detail before getting the roof replacement.

Likewise, there is entailing maintenance a roof replacement requires to stay in its best shape, which we’ll discuss in this blog. So, let’s get started with a quick guide that discusses the basics of roof replacement and its maintenance.

Things You Must Know Before Replacing A Roof

Roofs often require replacement when the roof has aged, is severely damaged by harsh weather, or for other reasons. However, since installing a completely new roof is a significant project and an investment, it is best to understand a few things before moving forward with your roof replacement decision. Here we have penned down a few things you must know before you get started with the roof replacement.

You need to know if you really need a roof replacement

roof replacement Before you get the roof replacement, you first need to understand if you really need what you are getting. Remember, just because your roof leaks or has a crack, does not mean you need a roof replacement. Roofs are meant to withstand, but that does not mean they do not wear down. Here are some warning signs that indicate you need a new roof:
  • It’s been 25-30 years since you replaced the roof
  • If you see the roof sagging it is the structural damage that reflects the roof has poor spacing, inadequate bracing, and/or structural failure which needs to be replaced. 
  • If you notice daylight streaming inside your house through the roof. 
  • If your chimney flashing is made of tar or cement and it is quite old now or damaged you need an alternative material for it like metal. 
  • If you notice curling and buckling of shingles where the roof’s slope gets direct daylight you may need a replacement for those wrapping roof
These are a few signs that can notify you about a roof replacement. However, there can be many other signs, including moss covering your roof, roof losing granules, damaged roof valleys, and more. If you see these signs, you must get the roof replaced soon.

Decide between peeling off or layering on

Decide between peeling off or layering on According to the building codes of Australia, you are allowed to install no more than two shingles layers. So, you need to decide if you want to keep the old roof and layer a new one or install a completely new roof. It is always a better idea to peel off the old roof as its weight on the roof can cause damage in the future. Besides, if you live in an area with fierce winds, if your roof is bulking, or if layering is causing unevenness to your roof, it’s the best bet to remove the first layer. Moreover, when you get a completely new roof, you can add water and ice shields that prevent leaks in the long run.

Roofing material options

Roofing material options Roofing materials and technology have come a long way, and today you have options that were probably not even there when your home was built. Thus, since there are various roofing materials you can choose from, make sure to choose the one that looks good, stays friendly to your pocket, and lasts long. A few common options you have, include:
  • Asphalt roofing shingles – Asphalt roofing shingles are one of the most affordable materials but have a shorter lifespan.
  • Metal shingles – These are great to be installed at any place, be it your house, industry or a commercial area. You can customise them to have the metallic look of your choice, and it offers long life.
  • Concrete shingles – If you want a roof with textures & patterns, different colors, a distinct look, and durability, you must go for concrete roofing.
  • Wooden shingles – Wooden shingles, made of nature’s most versatile and attractive material, offer exceptional insulation, a classic look, elegance and an option of customization to make the roof truly unique or as you want it to be.
  • Slate shingles – If you want long durability of your roof of 30 to 100 years, aesthetic appeal, sustainable, and energy-efficient roofing slate shingles are your best bet. Since slate will generally produce the longest-lasting shingles they are a bit heavy on your pocket.
  • Shakes shingles – If you want highly textured roofing, wood shakes are the best option for you. They excellently abandon noise and resist water, rot, pests, and decay which means longevity.

Roof replacement will be loud

Roof replacement will be loud Roof replacement is going to be really loud inside of your property when there will be constant banning of the nails during the roof replacement.
  • If you are getting your roof replaced, make sure to inform the employees earlier so that you and they can plan the work accordingly and work from home if necessary. 
  • If you are getting your house roof replaced, it will be annoying to stay in, and it is quite possible that your neighbours will hear the noise too. Thus, before you start the roof replacement, plan to stay outdoors when the work is going on, and warn your neighbours about the roof replacement too.

Go through the paperwork Carefully

Finally, before you agree to the contract or they commence the work, ask the roofing contractor about the outline of the work. The outline should include specifics in detail, including material, colours, which parts they are going to work on, insurance, guarantee, payment details, start date, the potential end date of the project, the location where the work has to be carried out, details of stripping, layering, flashing and more. If you spot any issues in it, mark them and get them addressed before signing it. Ask any question to them that comes to your mind before they begin the work. Take your time to research and discuss everything that seems important.

Roof Maintenance Tip That Helps You Keep Your Roof In The Best Shape

Clean your roof regularly

Clean your roof regularly

Cleaning the roof and dusting it out will keep your roof free from moss, debris, fungi, algae, and lichen, which can pose any potential damage to your roof. Inspecting the damage, repairing them on time and keeping them clean will always extend the life of your roof.

Check for cracks & damaged sealant regularly

If you spot any damaged or cracked sealants on your roof, you must remove the existing ones and replace them with a fresh one. If you ignore the damage to the sealant, it can let the water ingress through the cracks. Thus, get necessary repairs before they turn into big problems.

Clear the drainage

Clear the drainage

Having a proper drainage system for your roof is important. If you see any pooled water on the roof, it can cause damage to your roof and lead to roof leaks and holes in shingles. Thus, it is important to clear the drainage at least twice a year, or whenever there is a clog.

Check the shingles

The shingles are always exposed to extreme weather conditions while it protects our homes. Since the shingles are at the top, any damage to them can go unnoticed easily. Thus, it is important to check for shingles checked at least twice a year. This will discover the loose and damaged parts of the signals. When you know what shall be repaired, and get it repaired in the initial stage, it will not lead to big damages later.

Clear the gutters and downspouts

Even if you clean your roof regularly, there are chances that your gutter and downspouts get filled with leaves and debris. If that happens it will prevent the water from flowing, and that puddled water will get into your roof.

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Look for rust or corrosion

If your roof includes metal materials and parts, keep an eye on these parts regularly for rust and corrosion. If you see it forming, use a wire brush to remove it. Then, apply the coat of prime and then paint it. It will prevent the metal part from getting damaged and prolong the life of the roof.

Trim overreaching branches

Your roof constantly has falling leaves, water, and debris from trees, snow, and rain. Besides, any overreacting branch can also affect your roof. Thus, if you have any trees in your yard or near your house overreaching your roof, keep them trimmed and away from the roof, as they can damage your roof.

Get regular inspections of your roof

Get regular inspections of your roof

Often when the roofs are installed, we forget about maintaining them until we notice leaks or severe damage. But to keep them in the best shape, it is necessary to get regular inspections done. Moreover, regular maintenance will tell you about the damages it has, the life expectancy of the roof, and what maintenance it needs. And regularly inspecting issues and solving them in the initial stage will prevent hefty damages.

Is DIY roof replacement a good idea?

Is DIY roof replacement a good idea

Many individuals out there carry out roof replacements on their own. Re-roofing your property yourself can surely save you money. But as everything comes with boons and banes, this DIY re-roofing saves you monetarily, but it comes with banes too. 

That said, if you work on your roof yourself, you account for the risks, challenges, and unexpected complications that may arise at the time of re-roofing, including:

  • Failing to buy the incorrect or adequate amount of roofing material. 
  • Not getting materials delivered because of delayed deliveries or not a bulk order. 
  • Damaging the deck by mistakes. 
  • Discovering a weakened or damaged roof that you were not prepared to repair. 
  • Not installing shingles correctly. 
  • Over or underapplied materials to set the roof.

While it is possible to complete the project on your own, it is better to leave it to professionals to get a finished look at the roof and the work done correctly. Hiring professionals for roofing is always the safer option and is cost-effective in the longer run. The professionals have all the equipment, knowledge and adequate experience to overcome the challenges discovered on the spot.


As a homeowner, you know that roof is one of the most essential parts of your house. But, since there are many other things to take care of like paying bills, taking care of the family, work,  and more, it is easy to neglect the things that go into roof replacement which is also a crucial component for your house. However, the good news is, if you are getting a roof replacement, and do not know much about it and how to maintain the roof, these tips and steps will help you with your questions and concerns.

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