What To Do Before And After Your Knee Surgery

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Knowing that you are going to go through some kind of surgical procedure can be quite stressful, but in order to increase the success of the surgery, as well as to speed up the recovery that comes after it, there are certain things that you can do.

Exercises before the surgery

Something that almost every knee surgeon in Melbourne is going to tell you when they schedule the surgery with you is that you should get as much exercise as possible before the procedure. In most cases, this can be quite complicated, since if you are getting surgery already, that means that you are not fit to exercise. But do not worry, as the exercises mentioned here are nothing too demanding.

Thigh squeezes

The exercise that will help you build up your quadriceps muscle which attaches to the knee, are thigh squeezes. It is a relatively simple exercise where you lie on your back. As you do, tighten the muscles in your thigh by pushing your knee downwards and holding It for a few seconds. If possible, you should perform two or three sets with around ten to fifteen repetitions.

Leg raises

There are two ways that you can do leg raises. The first way is when you lay on your side, which is the way to build up your hip abductor muscles that stabilize your pelvis when you are walking or standing. It is done by laying on the side, and then lifting your leg upwards.

Straight leg raises are done by doing the same while on your back. This way, you will be building up the quadriceps that we mentioned in thigh squeezes, as well as the hip flexor muscles. This exercise will help in recovery quite a lot. Two sets of ten repeats should suffice.

Knee bending

While there are various exercises that you can do before the surgery, knee bending is the last one we are going to mention. During this exercise, you will be working on your hip external rotators, which are a part of the abductors. While sitting in a chair, bend your knee back as far as possible. Once you reach a comfortable distance, hold it for a few seconds. You can do two to three sets of this exercise.

Knee bending is a great exercise before the surgery.

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What to do after the surgery?

Once you have gone through with the surgery, you will probably not feel any better at that very moment. However, if you follow the instructions that the orthopedic surgeon in Melbourne will give you, the recovery should go just fine. There are various things you can do during recovery, but we will prepare you for what you can expect in order to get the best recovery possible.

Before you leave the hospital

Naturally, right after the procedure, you will be kept in the hospital so the surgeon can ensure that there is nothing wrong with the procedure. This can take quite some time, which is between 10 to 14 days before they decide to let you go from the hospital. It all depends on the speed of your recovery.

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What to do after you are let go from the hospital?

Just like before the procedure, the surgeon will give you certain exercises that you should follow in order to make recovery not only fast but also as intended. If you experience some kind of swelling during activity, you should not panic about it, as it is quite normal and it can occur up to two weeks after the surgery.

When it comes to handling pain after surgery, you will be given some medications, and it is very important that you stick to the instructions that are given to you because taking more medication than intended can lead to adverse effects on your recovery.

Of course, one of the most important things when it comes to a good recovery is the food you eat. You may not feel like eating anything at first, but as time passes, you will develop an appetite. When you do, it is important that the food you eat is nutritious, and if you are not sure what is good for you, do not be afraid to consult the surgeon about your options.

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Final word

In most situations, the best recovery is achieved through communication between the patient and the surgeon. Do not be afraid to ask any questions when it comes to your surgery. If you are curious about any lifestyle changes that you can implement in order to improve your recovery, immediately ask the surgeon about them. Everyone’s body is different, and sometimes you may need other instruction

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