2023 US Fashion: Trends That Will Be Popular This Year

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US Fashion Trends

Traditionally, the top US fashion trends that have made their way into Australia have been inspired by major fashion magazines and runway shows.

However, these days, Aussie dress sense is more shaped by social media influencers and the latest streetwear styles, than anything else, when it comes to establishing the latest hot new look.

It’s fair to say 2020 and 2021 was a bit low key in this respect, with lockdown and WFH attire being the main focus for those who simply couldn’t go out.

Thankfully that has been consigned to history in 2022, which is why the likes of Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest are awash with fresh new styles and looks.

In case you’ve not been keeping up, here are some of the Top US fashion trends making their way down under.

1. Sash Belt-Dress

Long gone are the days where belts were mainly designed to be worn with bridal dresses.

Instead, 2022 is set to be the year where sash belts will be adorned as a statement piece for many Aussie girls.

Rock a look where you wear one obi style. Or as part of a play and pants combo.
Alternatively, you can create a cinched waist, just by tying it in a bow at the back – which will give you a real sassy edge as you walk away.

2. Maxies

The epitome of versatility, maxies can be worn all year round with a little bit of accessorising. In the summer you can just grab your handbag and slip on the thongs at a moment’s notice and head out and about.

While during the winter, just add a denim or leather jacket and tights to stave off the cold.
For more formal occasions, you can transform it with a killer pair of heels, some sparkly jewels and maybe even a hat.

In 2021 the Cottagecore trend hit TikTok big time, and it’s set to be a force in 2022 as well, with brighter and more shinier colours being the go.

Some influencers have even rocked clashing mixed prints that feature wide tulle – which just seems to create a much brighter look.

3. Bralettes

Bralettes are set to be a huge trend in Australia in 2022, with many girls wearing them as a top.
Generally, more lightweight and softer than bras, bralettes are typically made without wiring and seen as giving more support.

Whilst this comfy alternative bra was previously worn to provide an extra splash of colour as a layer under baggy shirts, this year they are available in a range of fabrics, colours and designs which are meant to be a showpiece. Like maxies, bralettes are very versatile. You can wear them with everything from denim cut off shorts and a high waisted skirt, as well as part of a co-ord set or under a mesh top. The possibilities are infinite, so go ahead and have some fun with it.

4. Hoodies Under Blazers

During the colder months of winter – especially in the southern states of New South Wales, Melbourne and South Australia – hoodies under blazers has been a very popular style in 2022. Firmly established as a mainstream look that appeals to all generations, wearing a hoodie under a blazer adds an additional layer of style to your ensemble. To maximise the look, try and wear a darker hoodie that is tapered, has a solid hue and is slim fitting. Pair it with a dark blazer and either denim or slacks.

5. Crochet Sets

It’s not just social media influencers that have been breaking out the crochet sets in 2022, celebs like Chrissy Rutherford and Bettina Looney have been proudly wearing them too during US summertime. Originally a very popular look in the 70s, this style has enjoyed a resurgence ever since it appeared in the Harry Styles video for ‘Watermelon Sugar’ when a group of girls were seen wearing them.

In Australia, expect to see crochet dresses and crochet sets come in all shapes and sizes, which will create a look that is perfect for a day at the beach.

6. Cropped Cardigans

A very popular look in the 90s, cropped cardigans made a comeback in the USA spring of 2022, just as the weather was starting heat up. When paired with your most treasured jeans or midi skirt, a skinny knit is a very hip and sexy look. While if you want to hit a more casual vibe, try pairing it with lounge type sweatpants. The good thing about crop cardigans is that they can come in a range of styles including embellished, button up, printed knit or embroidered, so this look should appeal to everyone.

7. Leather Jackets

A perennial fashion trend, leather jackets have been a ‘must-have’ staple in every girl’s wardrobe since the 1980s.
Perfect for any smart casual dress occasion, leather jackets can also be worn for streetwear, at the office, or on dates. They look great with a pair of jeans – Agolde is an example of a US denim brand that has exploded in popularity, available from online retailers like Maplestore.

While the last five years have seen an affiliation with vegan leather and cruelty-free jackets. It seems that clean-cut leather bomber jackets and traditional biker style jacket are making a comeback this year.
Both of which look great when paired with jeans, a mini or midi skirt, or even denim shorts.

8. Power Bohemian Florals

Flowers are forever linked with spring and seem to play a role in fashion trends every year. However, in recent times the use of feminine symbols in clothing, like flowers, has shifted. Where previously, flowers may have represented beauty, renewal and the more feminine side of the natural world, this year it is more in tune with concepts like empowerment and equality.

Long gone are the boho, rose print styles of 2020-21, instead this year’s floral designs are embracing digital and goth trends like cottagecore, e-girl styles, light academia, darker academia and aesthetic clothing.
We’re talking twisty florals of bright yellows and fresh greens, with angry hues of red and gothic black – which embrace all sides of the female composition.

9. Monochrome Matrix

Black and white is a classic fashion combination that has stood the test of time and is often a go to for women who don’t quite know what to wear for any given occasion

However, in 2022, the boundaries of this classic pairing are being pushed through experimentations that are taking it to the next level.

For a really stunning look, try pairing a white button up underneath your favourite black shorts or a mini dress, and then enliven it with monochrome belts, scarves, and other touches. Whether you are into colour blocking or a more layered and textural approach, there is a whole new world of monochromatic style just waiting for you to explore.

10. Knee High Boots

‘These boots were made for walking’ advised Nancy Sinatra back in the 1960s, as she strutted around in a pair of sexy white, knee-high boots.

Well inspired by the Youth Revolution, they are set to return to the fore in 2022 in a major way in Australia. They type of boots are very versatile and can be worn with a mini skirt, blazer dress or sweater dress. Which means they can be worn for work or to parties with equal style and panache.

11. Rock those logos

Back in the 90s wearing logos was all the rage. Who didn’t own a Tommy Hilfiger or CK Calvin Klein logo T-shirts? And who didn’t have a pair of Nike or Adidas runners? (Yes that’s right, your folks were quite hip back in the day!).

Well now you can follow in their footsteps, because logos are back baby with a vengance baby!

Admittedly logos went, as soon as they came in the 90s, but when they were here they were the hottest trend in fashion.

Recently the likes of Rihanna and Gigi Hadid have been seen rocking pieces that feature prominant logos from the likes of Gucci and Fendi.

Whether it be in the form of traditional, neon or graffiti, it seems like logos on everything from baseball caps, and socks, to dresses and t-shirts, are sure to be big this year.

12. Big Bucket Hats

During the summer months it gets very hot in Australia, and while girls across the land adorn many different styles of headwear, this year big bucket hats are set to be the go.

This might be due to the fact that they are excellent for keeping you nice and shaded during those
hot days of summer. But also because the likes of Billie Eilish, Bella Hadid, Rihanna and Diplo have also been seen wearing them recently too.

Combining comfort, style and practicality, these hats are perfect to slip on at a moment’s notice.
They can also easily hide hair that is long overdue for a wash or cut – which can only be a good thing!

Final Thought

The styles outlined above are just a small selection of the top US fashion trends making their way down under in 2022.

Whatever you decide to wear, just make sure you will feel confident and comfortable in it. You’ll find most of these looks readily available at online stores or at the plaza. However, if you can’t find something brand new to buy, don’t forget, you can always rent a dress online instead.

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