Things You Should Know About The Vasectomy Procedure

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Things You Should Know About The Vasectomy Procedure
Vasectomy is a minor surgery, designed to help couples who do not want to have kids in the future. If you were researching permanent birth control methods, vasectomy probably came up as a result. This procedure works great, and is a good decision for families who do not want to get pregnant anymore. However, before you decide to go through with a vasectomy procedure, it is important that you learn more about it. You have more information about male vasectomy online, or you can schedule a consultation with your local doctor instead. Talk to your doctor about the surgery

Vasectomy procedure

This is a surgical procedure in which the tubes that carry sperm to the semen will be blocked, causing your semen to become sterile. The procedure is designed to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and is seen as almost 100% effective. It is the better option when it comes to permanent birth control.

Vasectomies are usually performed in the doctor’s office, but it can sometimes be done in the hospital as well. Your doctor will discuss the procedure with you, as well as whether you need to be fully sedated or just have the area numbed. This is usually based on how nervous you are, your anatomy or whether you are having another procedure done at the same time.

The vasectomy procedure is seen as a simple and minor one, with almost no risks involved. It is also known to be very effective, but it is not something you should decide to go through on your own. Before having such a procedure done, it is important that you talk to your partner and family first.

What happens before the vasectomy?

Before you decide to have a vasectomy, you need to talk to your doctor. Scheduling a consultation is very important, as your doctor can tell you more about the procedure and what you are interested in. Take the vasectomy procedure very seriously, and make sure that you talk to your partner and family first. sasun-bughdaryan-RlIppR1I3E8-unsplashYour healthcare provider will talk to you about:

  • Any allergies or sensitivity you might have to local anesthetics.
  • Medical history when it comes to excessive bleeding or blood disorders.
  • Whether you often use aspirin or other medicine that affect bleeding.
  • Any skin conditions you might have on or around the scrotum.
  • History of earlier surgeries or injuries to the scrotum, genitals, or groin.
  • History of any genital or urinary tract infections. 

Consent form

After the consultation, you will be asked to sign a form where you agree to understand what the procedure is and the risks that are involved. Every surgery, no matter how minor, has some risks involved. This is something your doctor will talk to you about. 

Preparation is simple

Before the surgery, your scrotum will be washed and shaved completely. This happens the night or the morning before the surgery, and it is advised that the patient does this. But if you have any trouble with this, you can talk to your doctor before hand. 

What happens after the vasectomy?

It is normal to feel mild pain and discomfort after the procedure. You might experience mild bruising and selling, too. Make sure to take the medicine your doctor has prescribed for the pain and swelling. You will be advised to place bags of frozen vegetables or ice packs on the groin area, and you can also use a scrotal supporter. 

When the dressing is stained or soiled, you should change it. You can buy small sterile gauzes at the store, and it is easy to remove and change. You can take the first shower a day after the vasectomy,  but make sure that you avoid baths or swimming for at least a couple of weeks. Dry your scrotum after the shower properly, but do not rub.

ben-wicks-iDCtsz-INHI-unsplash (1)
If you do not want to have kids in the future, consider the vasectomy procedure If you are experiencing pain and discomfort to a higher level 72h after the surgery it is important to visit your doctor. You should not experience an unusual amount of pain, prolonged bleeding, extreme swelling and fever. These are all symptoms that require aftercare by a professional. Make sure that you talk to your doctor about the possible risks and what you should be on the lookout for. You can check out the vasectomy Clinic Gold Coast or you can search for a local clinic instead. Just make sure to have a proper consultation beforehand. 

Final word

The vasectomy procedure offers many advantages of regular birth control, with the main being the effectiveness. After the sperm completely leaves your body, your semen will become sterile and you do not have to worry about unwanted pregnancies anymore. It is a simple and effective procedure, and has much fewer complications than tubal ligation.

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