Spruce Up Your Home Exterior With Stone Design Tiles

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Looking for a way to beautify your home’s appearance, while also protecting it from the elements? Consider exterior stone design tiles: they can turn your home into a showplace, while adding value to it.

Available in many different types and colours, it’s possible to achieve many different looks when you use stone design tiles. Perhaps you’d like your home to look a natural part of the landscape. Alternatively, you may want your home to present a sleek and ultra-modern appearance.

Possibly, you’ve seen types of stone design tiles in home and architecture magazines, and wondered how you could achieve similar looks. You can—these tiles come in many colours and finishes, so you can achieve almost any look you want, while also gaining practical advantages.

The Practical Advantages of Exterior Stone Design Tiles: Insulation and Protection

Although you want your home to look great, with energy costs rising, tiles offer a major advantage beyond appearance: they offer great insulation. They’ll protect your home from the harsh Australian summer sun, while conserving heat in winter.

Since tiles are long-lasting, and durable, you will save on painting and general maintenance costs.

If you’re convinced that you’d like to tile your home’s exterior, it’s time to consider:

  • Appearance: the type of tile—how you’d like your home to look;
  • Materials you’ll choose for your tiles;
  • Areas you’ll apply your tiles: consider walls, paths, patio, and garden areas.

Today, we’re all concerned about sustainability, as well as appearance and practical advantages. Tiles are eminently sustainable, since they’re often made of ceramics and cement. Ceramics derive from clay, while cement is also made from natural materials, such as lime and crushed rocks.

Types of Stone Design Tiles: Natural Stone, and More

Although you can use a natural stone, such as slate or granite, as exterior wall cladding, natural stone is heavy. It’s not only expensive, but its weight may mean it’s an impractical material for walls. However, tiles made of natural stone are a wonderful, hardwearing flooring solution for your patio, or pool areas.

Stone design wall tiles are a practical alternative to natural stone tiles, especially for exterior walls, and exterior flooring, and paths. These tiles are manufactured from materials like cement and ceramics. While they may look like stone, they’re lighter, easier to use, and less expensive. However, they nevertheless offer valuable insulation and protection.

The big decision: how would you like your home to look?

Design Choices: Your Home’s Appearance

Perhaps you’re attracted by the warm appearance of honey-coloured sandstone, or the darker tones of slate. Tiles are available in an immense range of colours, as well as finishes, for interior as well as exterior walls, and flooring.

Looks to consider include:

– Natural marble design tiles, with the veins and glow of real marble, in your favorite colours. Choose dark, or light neutrals, or brighter colours.
– Love the look of Spain’s Alhambra palace? Choose warm terracotta tiles in different shades, for floors and walls.
– Timeless granite: ceramic tiles, which look like polished or natural granite, in dark or light neutral shades, never go out of fashion.
– Brick cladding and flooring in your choice of colours. These tiles are may be manufactured from old hand-made, reclaimed bricks. They’ll give your home individuality, as well as beauty.
– Decorative mosaics: you can create stunning looks with wonderfully designed mosaic tiles, in unique colours and finishes.

Why not visit a supplier? You’re sure to discover options you haven’t considered. Explore tile designs, and their costs. You’ll see how others have spruced up their homes with tiles, and can decide where you’d like to use them.

Application: Where Will You Use Your Stone Design Tiles?

Stone Design TilesYou can use tiling in many ways around your home, depending on what’s important to you. Perhaps you’re interested in decorative uses, either on your home’s most visible exterior walls, or to make the most of your garden and pool area.

On the other hand, if you’re interested primarily in practicality, tiles are durable and easy to clean. They protect and provide insulation on exterior walls, and look amazing when used as flooring or feature walls in your home’s outdoor areas.

Applications You Might Consider Include:

– Updating your home’s overall appearance. Perhaps it’s time to give your home a face lift. You’d like the tiles to add value, and make your home stand out in your street, with tile cladding for your entrance and driveway areas.
– Continuity, between your home’s exterior, and garden areas. Choose the look you want, and carry it through from your home’s street appearance to your backyard and garden areas.
– A low-maintenance solution: tiles can protect your home’s exterior walls, flooring, and paths, while cutting down on maintenance costs.

How Will You Use Stone Design Tiles?

It’s up to you. Start by exploring your options, while considering what’s most important to you.

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