Make Fresh Bathroom Updates Without a Renovation

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Bathroom Renovations

You think it is time for changes in your bathroom, but certain obstacles stand in the way of making them. It can be time, money, or renting the place, and the lease contract doesn’t allow you to renovate.

We say look at these obstacles as challenges you can overcome. Yes, you read it right. You can have the bathroom of your dreams without severe renovation.

There are minor adjustments that will make the space look nice and refreshed. We share a few in the text below.

Play With Colours

A fresh coat of paint may just be the thing your bathroom needs. It is an affordable and time-effective option or activity, as it can be organised as a small DIY project. Still, you need to determine what part of the space you want to paint.

For instance, if white tiles dominate the area, consider painting the ceiling, making it a segment that draws attention, which results in the bathroom looking bigger. The next option is to paint cabinets to enrich the area’s aesthetic.

You can also experiment with the grout colour. Most bathrooms have white grouts, a piece of heaven for mould to grow and spread. So, even if it may look like a neat solution, white grout requires a lot of work as you need to clean it frequently to make it mould-free.

Therefore, we suggest trying a darker shade of grout. Choosing it will save you from unnecessary cleaning and give a contemporary look to your bathroom.

Bring Luxury by Upgrading Bathroom Hardware

Bring Luxury by Upgrading Bathroom HardwareAnother endeavour that will not force you to break the bank but still enable you to bring a fresh look to your bathroom is changing the towel bars and drawer knobs.

Luckily, the market is packed with options, and even the most popular types, like brass and chrome, can be found in various price ranges. In addition, finishes like matt black are also pretty trendy.

However, aside from hardware and accessories, faucets and shower hands can be part of your on-budget bathroom remodelling plan. Of course, the model you’ll choose depends on your taste and the rest of the scheme, but chrome is a cost-effective yet stylish option when working on a limited budget.

And speaking of bathroom fixtures. If you want to make your bathroom more spa-like, look for a shower head that meets that preference, for example, a rain head. But, if you wish for a style-meets-functionality shower head, opt for a dual model that also includes a handheld sprayer.

Don’t Avoid Bold Patterns

Of course, if that’s something you like. Patterns bring life to any space, making it warm and welcoming. They also depict the character and taste of a house owner, giving the area a personality.

Start with changing the old shower curtain with a new one featuring an exciting theme—for a more stylish look, consider changing the curtain plastic rings to metal ones.

Then, if you want to continue adding patterns, you can install wallpaper manufactured specifically for bathrooms instead of painting the wall (as suggested in the first section).

In case these suggestions present a lot of work and you don’t want to experiment that much, you can add patterns by purchasing a modern bathroom mat or a set of towels.

Add Greenery and Artwork

Add Greenery and ArtworkIndoor plants benefit physical and mental health, as taking care of them keeps you active while reducing stress. Plants are also natural filters, maintaining indoor air fresh.

Therefore, plants are an ideal option if you are looking for an affordable decoration. However, when you go plant shopping, ask a florist to recommend plants suitable for bathroom conditions.

Decorating a bathroom doesn’t have to end with adding plants. In contrast, bathroom design trends advocate for non-standard approaches, such as adding artwork.

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. For example, a framed print above the bathtub will make the area a focal point of the bathroom.

We can all agree that a bathroom must be practical, but it also deserves to look nice. After all, if it is possible (and it is), why not make it your private, relaxing oasis, an area we enjoy spending time in?

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