Solar Panel Buying Guide 2023: Everything You Need To Know

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Buying Solar Power Systems

The source of energy on which mankind is dependent such as coal, petroleum etc., will end after some time. Hence the world needs to switch to other energy sources, and the first name that comes to everyone’s mind is the Sun. Solar energy is the best alternative for energy. Currently, more and more individuals are installing residential solar power system. It is beneficial for minimizing the carbon emission and long term cost of energy.

This blog is for you if you are planning to invest in solar panels. Below we have mentioned all the necessary details about solar panels that will help you in making the right choice. You can select the solar panel that will be under your budget and fulfill energy goals.

What Is A Solar Panel System?

A solar power system is a technology that uses energy from the Sun to work. Solar panels absorb direct sunlight and convert them into heat and electricity. This process is called the photovoltaic effect. Solar cells are arranged in a grid on top of solar panels. 

These panels are durable and hard. Installing solar panels in homes is effective in preventing the emission of harmful gasses and reducing global warming. It also reduces the dependency on fossil fuels and other power sources.

Types Of Solar Systems For Home

What Is A Solar Panel System

There are a variety of solar systems, and you have to select the right one depending upon your requirements and their features. Mostly there are three types of solar panels for homes. Check out each of them.

1. Off-Grid Systems

Its name speaks about its features. This type of solar panel is free from utility grids and holds all the unused power in battery banks. Thus, it is ideal for areas with little sunlight and frequent power outages.

Off-Grid Systems

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  • A reliable source of power
  • The best solution to regular power cuts
  • The battery can be purchased as per requirement.


  • It is expensive
  • Batteries require proper maintenance and have a limited lifespan.
  • Demands more components for installation.

2. On-Grid Systems

This is the most preferred solar panel installed in residential, commercial and industrial places. It offers a continuous power supply from the utility grid. Also, on the generation of the excess energy, you can send it to the utility grid and according to state laws, you may either earn credit or get paid.

on Grid Systems

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  • It is the most affordable solar panel system. 
  • It demands low components for setup.
  • The maintenance cost is low.
  • You can feed excess energy into the utility grid.  
  • Freedom from high tariff electricity bills
  • You can upgrade it to a Hybrid solar system.
  • Highly efficient


  • It does not have any backup. 
  • In case the grid fails, then the solar system will also fail. 

3. Hybrid Systems

This solar system is a combination of both of the above systems. This solar panel is connected to the grid and comes with battery backup. It is installed in places that can not survive on their locality power providers and demands a proper supply. 

Hybrid Systems


  • There is no risk of a power failure. 
  •  Battery installation is available upon request. 
  • Energy can be transferred to the utility company.


  • It is an expensive power solar system. 
  • Batteries require maintenance as they have limited life.

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The Benefits Of Solar Panels

Why do individuals prefer using solar panels? There must be a variety of benefits. Yes, Photovoltaic system installation indeed brings home lots of benefits. Please have a glance at some of them.

The Benefits Of Solar Panels

  • Energy Savings: The first and foremost thing that comes in the form of benefits is that it saves your money on energy. You will be powering your home with the personal electric grid. It will save your hard-earned money.
  • Abundant Source Of Power: Sun is the ultimate source of energy, and one hour of its light will be enough to fulfill your electricity demand. Even if you live in such an area that experiences rain or shade coverage, you can still save on your electricity bill.
  • Increase Home Value: In future, if you plan to sell your home, then it will work as an additional feature to your home. Solar panels will work as a major perk for your property buyers, and you will receive a good amount of money for your property.
  • Preferring Green: Sun is the natural source of power, and you will be using renewable sources of energy that will work great for the environment. In addition, this step will minimize the carbon footprint.
  • No-Risk Of Electric Grid Failures: Some of the areas do not have a reliable electric grid system. Thus you will remain free from this stress by installing your own electrical grid. If you are experiencing frequent power cuts in your area, then it is the best option to install the electrical grid. Also, you will enjoy all-time lights with your own solar panel.

Points to Consider While Buying Solar Power System

Points to Consider While Buying Solar Power System

Don’t Flow With Advertisements

Many companies have come into the solar system installation and manufacturing business as the number of solar system installments has increased. They create catchy advertisements and effectively catch the attention of buyers. Successfully they influence the buyers; thus, you should not fall into their trap. 

You should not go with them in excitement. It is better that you check out the complete details about the product and seek recommendations. You can ask your friends, professional colleagues, relatives, neighbors about any brand or agency that can help. Get answers to some of the queries such as:

  • Quality of service
  • Ways of installation
  • If they faced any issue or problem

If you get a satisfactory response to all these questions, you should move to the next step.

Have Knowledge About Materials

At the time of buying the solar power system, you should be careful about the material of the panel. Two kinds of panels are available in the market. Both of them have distinct features and characteristics. Therefore, you have to buy that panel that fulfills your budget requirements.

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  • Monocrystalline: Monocrystalline panels are designed using large and pure silicone crystal bars. It is uniform in texture, efficient and does not require more space. Also, these systems absorb large amounts of energy during sunny days, and absorption power gets reduced in weak sunlight.
  • Polycrystalline: The molded crystal panels are polycrystalline solar panel systems. The cost of this type of panel is less expensive as compared to the monocrystalline panels.

Consider Your Budget

It is very well known that installing solar panels is not very economical. But your one-time installment will help you save huge money for the future. In addition, you will receive reduced energy bills by spending little on the maintenance charge. Also, try to buy the best quality Photovoltaic system that will deliver good service for a long time.

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Keep In Mind Location

Consider the location where you will install your solar power system. If you are residing in such a place that experiences uniform sunlight most of the time, then go with the monocrystalline systems. 

On the other hand, if there is a scarcity of direct sunlight in your locality, go with polycrystalline panels. It can capture sunlight from different directions and fulfill your requirement.

Go With Certificates

You should check out the certification of the particular solar panel before installing it. The certificate gives you the assurance that you are using a reliable product. 

Also, there are some small solar panels for a home that can offer you government rebates. Thus, to save money, do some research for such types of solar panels.


The warranty of the system should not be overlooked. Most of the companies claim 25 years of warranty, but you might not experience the desired service when the time comes. 

Thus you should go with the trustworthy company that can offer you the best service with their product.

Avoid Making Decision On The Spot

Sellers try to convince the customer and push them to make decisions instantly. But you should take proper time in deciding the most reliable product for your home. You should consider all the factors and make decisions with a calm mind.

How Much Will A Solar Power System Cost 2023?

If you install a solar panel system with the help of professionals, then it will cost you between $3,500 and $8,500 for a standard solar system. 

A 2kW and under the system will cost you under $3,000 and additionally $4,000 and $6,000 in relation to a 6kW PV system. The 10kW system will similarly cost you more than $9500.

The cost of installing a solar panel will depend on the system size and other factors such as the number of solar panels, location and other things.

Cost Of Solar By System Size, No. Of Panels and Home Size

Home Size No. of Panels System Size Cost
Small 6 1.5KW $2,950
Small - Med 8 2KW $3151
Medium 12 3KW $3655
Med - Large 16 4KW $4500
Large 20 5KW $5121

And so on, the cost is never fixed. It will change according to your requirements and other circumstances.

*The costs mentioned in this blog are only for guide purposes. We advise you to ask the question from your preferred company before hiring them.

A Guide To Buying Solar Power Systems- FAQs

Of course, there is a huge amount of savings by installing solar energy systems. It will reduce your electricity bills. Also, it will be a good step towards the environment as it is a renewable source of energy. 

Depending upon your locality utility rates and policies of the solar system, you will save that amount. You can also enjoy solar powered devices. In short terms, it is a smart investment.

Solar panels hold sunlight during the day and convert it into direct current. After that, DC is then passed from the inverter to convert it into AC (Alternative Current) because most of the residential and commercial premises use AC. The photovoltaic cells will help you power your home without depending on other energy sources.

The manufacturing of solar panels is done with durable tempered glass and demands only little maintenance upto 25 to 35 years. They are a renewable energy source and reduce your household bills. 

You don’t have to offer regular cleaning to your solar panels installed. Solar panel upkeep will cost you between $140 and $180, and it will get changed with the condition of the solar panel.

No, nothing like this will happen. Technology has developed so much, and such a type of risk is no longer available. As long as they are installed on your roof, they will not damage your property and roof. 

Professionals installation will not cause any leak to your roof. Watertight flashings are installed for protecting your roof from the leak. The issue will occur if there is any fault with the workmanship.

The highly skilled team will take nearly one to three days to complete the entire process of installing the solar panel. The process starts with finding the right solar panel installer, comparing quotes, site assessment, and other things before the installation process. 

The days of solar panel installation will vary with size and complexity. For example, the battery installed solar panels will take more time as compared to simple solar panels.

Solar panels are designed with material that can sustain harsh and unpredictable conditions. There will be no effect of snow, rain and wind on solar panels. Therefore, it will hold up very well. 

Solar panels come with a guarantee of 25 years, but with the best conditions and proper maintenance, they can last for more than this year. There will be some reduction in their efficiency. The solar panels will still produce between 70 and 80% of their output.

It depends on the size of the home. Houses with larger areas will need more solar panels. However, for a standard size home, 20 to 24 solar panels are enough to fulfill the electricity demand of the house sufficiently. 

The number will change depending upon circumstances and conditions. For example, panel efficiency, geographical location, panel power rate and energy consumption level.

The household roof with large space, south-facing or south-west facing, is the best site to install solar panels. With a 30 degree pitch, you have to install the solar panel. 

In this direction, solar panels will receive the maximum amount of sunlight. Also, the newly built roof will be ideal for installing a solar panel.

Solar energy is the energy and light that we receive from the Sun. And there are different ways to use the Sun’s energy. Photovoltaic cells, solar-powered devices, etc., are used for using this energy. It is one of the most renewable energy sources. Moreover, solar energy is more economical than fossil fuels.

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