10 Essential Supplies to Have for New Cat Owners

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10 Essential Supplies to Have for New Cat Owners


If you’re a new cat owner, it can be hard to know where to start. You want to make sure your cat is safe and happy, but you also don’t want to overwhelm yourself with too much information. Even if you’ve had cats before, it’s possible that you’ve never owned a kitten or an older cat that needs special care.

We’ll help you get started by suggesting 10 essential supplies for new cat owners supplies that will help keep your furry friend happy and healthy during their first year with you. Before we get into the list, though, let me just say: owning a cat is going to be one of the best decisions you ever make. You’ll learn so much about yourself as an animal lover and an owner, and it will change your life for the better.

1. Food

cat foodCat food: Your cat needs to eat. Make sure you have plenty of food available at all times, especially if there are multiple cats in the house who are sharing the same space. You may even want to consider having several different kinds of food on hand so that each cat can choose their favorite and not be forced into eating something they don’t like.

If your cat has any health issues or medical conditions, such as diabetes or kidney disease, they may require special diet foods which are higher in protein or lower in calories than normal adult cat food. For example, if your cat has diabetes then they will need a diet high in protein since carbohydrates are converted into glucose in their body and this can cause dangerous spikes in blood sugar levels which can lead to other complications such as heart disease or stroke later on down the road if not managed properly by a qualified veterinarian who specializes in feline medicine.

Food bowls: These come in all shapes, sizes, and materials; pick one that works best for your space (and for your budget!). Some cats prefer ceramic bowls over plastic ones because of the material’s durability; others prefer stainless steel because it feels cold against their whiskers as they drink from it (which helps them feel more hydrated).

2. Water

cat waterWater is a crucial supply to have on hand for new cat owners. If you’re planning to get a cat soon, you should make sure that you have a water bowl and water bottle on hand. A water bowl is important because cats need to drink a lot of water, especially when they’re young. They also like to drink from their bowl multiple times per day, so you must have enough bowls for your cat(s).

Cats are picky about the type of water they drink. Generally speaking, cats prefer clear or filtered water rather than tap water. If possible, try to fill your cat’s bowl with filtered or bottled water instead of tap water. Make sure that your cat’s bowl has been cleaned recently and that there are no moldy food particles or smells lingering on it before filling it with fresh water.

3. Litter Box and Litter

Litter Box and LitterThe litter box is a crucial component of the cat’s home. It serves as a bathroom and also keeps your pet safe and comfortable, so you must get the right type for your feline friend.A basic litter box should contain an open top with a bottom grate to trap waste, which can be then dumped outside or flushed if you’re feeling less ambitious. There are many different types of cat litter out there, from clay-based clumping formulas to silica crystals (which are biodegradable). You’ll want to find one that works best for your cat’s needs: For example, if you have multiple cats or larger animals like dogs sharing space with them in the house then consider buying “heavy duty” clumping bowls since they tend to hold up better over time under heavy traffic conditions plus they’re often cheaper than more specialized alternatives too.Tofu litter is a great alternative because it is a natural cat litter, especially if you have allergies or asthma. It’s made from soybeans and comes in a variety of forms, including pellets, flakes, and even chunks. It absorbs odor better than clay and can be flushed down the toilet so it doesn’t end up in landfills (make sure to check with your local municipality before doing this). Tofu litter comes in both scented and unscented varieties, but if your cat tends to have sensitive skin or allergies, you may want to go with unscented.

4. Cat Carrier

Cat CarrierIf you have recently adopted a cat, then you know how much work it is to keep them happy and healthy. One of the most important supplies that new cat owners need to have is a carrier. Cats are notorious for not wanting to go anywhere, but if you want to take your kitty for a ride in the car or even just bring them along on an errand, then you’ll need one of these handy little devices.

A cat carrier is one of those essentials that will come in handy no matter what situation arises. It can be used as a safe place for your cat to stay when you are away from home or even as a portable playpen when they need some time alone while you are busy with other things around the house. They can also be used as an emergency bed if your cat gets sick at night or needs some extra cuddles during the day. Of course, there are other uses for this simple piece of equipment as well; for example, it can serve as a safe place for your kitty to sleep while traveling by plane or train.

5. Cat Bed

Cat BedHaving a cat bed can be essential for your new pet. Cats are very territorial and will mark their territory by spraying or scratching furniture. Having a cat bed can help to keep your furniture from being damaged by the marking. A cat bed is also important for your cat’s health. Cats like to sleep on elevated surfaces, so if you don’t have a cat bed, they may decide that your couch is a good place to sleep. This can lead to joint problems in cats as well as an increase in their stress levels.You should also consider having a cat bed because it will give your pet a place to hide when they’re scared or feeling overwhelmed. This is especially true if you have other pets in the house who might scare them, such as dogs or children; however, even if you don’t have any other pets, cats still need an area where they feel safe and secure so that they can relax and recover from any stressful situations during the day (such as being chased around by children).

6. Scratching Post

A scratching post is used to prevent your cat from scratching furniture and other items in your home. It’s a great way to save money on replacing furniture and repainting walls, not to mention the emotional turmoil that comes with having your beloved cat accidentally clawed by the neighbor’s dog.

There are several types of scratching posts. Some are made of cloth or rope, which cats like because they feel like trees or branches; others have sisal wraps around them so that cats can scratch just as they would on tree bark or wooden fences (see below). But if you’re going for durability, we recommend something made from solid wood (the best kind), such as this one from Home Depot!

There are some other things you can do when training your cat: place their favorite toy near the scratching post and let them play with it; gently stroke their paws with a soft brush before placing them on top of it (this may help remind them); rub its ears firmly but gently while saying “scratch”.

7. Toys

ToysIf you’re a new cat owner, you might be wondering what kind of toys are appropriate for your kitty. You’ve likely heard that cats should be kept active, but you may not know the best ways to help them burn off some energy in a healthy way. The good news is that there are plenty of options out there.

One of the most popular types of toys for cats is the laser pointer. This toy works by sending out a red light that attracts your cat’s attention and encourages him to chase after it. The laser pointer is a great way to help your kitty stay fit, but he’ll need plenty of opportunities to play with it to get all the benefits from it.

Another option is a cat tower. These towers come in many different sizes and shapes so you can find one that fits into your home decor and matches your cat’s personality. Cat towers are great because they give your feline friend something to climb up on, which helps him get exercise while also feeling safe in his environment (cats like heights). If you’re worried about keeping your kitty entertained while you’re away at work during the day then consider investing in an automatic feeder or water bowl dispenser.

8. Grooming Tools

Grooming Tools

When you have a new cat, it is important to keep them groomed and looking their best. Cats can be very finicky about how they look, so you want to make sure that you are giving your cat the tools they need to look awesome. Here are ten grooming tools every new cat owner needs:

1) A cat brush: This is one of the most important tools for any cat owner. It will help remove loose fur and matting, which can cause skin irritation or even infections if left untreated.

2) A comb: Combs are also important because they help remove loose fur and matting from your cat’s coat, but they also help with removing tangles in long-haired breeds like Persians or Maine Coons.

3) A nail clipper: Cats often don’t like having their nails trimmed, so it’s a good idea to start when they’re young (they usually get used to it). If you have a kitten and are going to be adopting one as well (which we highly recommend!), it’s a good idea to get them used to each other early on so that transitioning will go smoothly later on down the road.

4) Ear cleaner: Ear cleaners are another essential grooming tool for any new cat owner, they help.

9. A Leash Set

A Leash SetA leash is a great way to help you manage your cat’s outdoor adventures. There are many different kinds of leashes, but the most common type is one that attaches to your cat’s collar. Leashes are a great option for cats who are accustomed to being outdoors or who have been known to roam around their neighborhood. The only problem with a traditional leash is that it can be easy for your cat to escape if they decide they want to run away from you.

Many other types of leashes may be more suitable for your cat. One option is a harness, which will prevent them from slipping out of it if they’re trying to escape. Another option is called a “cat harness”, which is essentially just a vest that fits over the top of your cat’s body and allows you to clip on the leash to keep them close by.

Another option for keeping track of your cat when outside is through an electronic collar. These collars work by emitting sounds when your cat gets too far away from you (or if they get too close) so that you can be sure that they won’t get lost or escape into danger while outside alone.

10. ID Tags

ID TagsThe ID tag is a must-have for any new cat owner. Whether you have a kitten or an adult cat, you should always make sure that your pet can be identified if they get lost. Your pet’s ID tag should include the following:

The phone number of your veterinarian. If a lost pet is brought in to the vet, they will be able to contact you and let you know where your pet is being held. You can also fill out an online form with information about your pet so that the shelter will know if someone sees them wandering around outside.

The name of your cat. This may seem obvious, but it’s important for two reasons: 1) Your cat won’t be able to tell someone who he or she is if no one else knows their name (and 2) other people won’t know how to pronounce their name.

Your address and phone number. This will allow anyone who finds your pet to reach out and get them back home safely even if they are unable to find the owner directly themselves.


Hope this list has helped give you an idea of what to expect when bringing home a new kitty. Don’t worry if it feels like a lot of stuff, you’ll quickly learn that the best way to keep your cat happy and healthy is by keeping them well-fed, hydrated, and comfortable. The most important thing we can tell you is that if at any point it seems overwhelming or confusing, don’t hesitate to ask for help! Don’t forget that we’re always here for advice on caring for your feline friend.

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