Discounted Easter Electric Rides for all of April

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Discounted Easter Electric Rides for all of April
It’s time to start making plans for your Easter holiday as it will soon be here. Whether you are religious or not, it is one of the most generally observed holidays in Australia. Good Friday and Easter Monday are recognised as public holidays in all states and give everyone a four-day weekend to relax and celebrate. Electric rides are the ideal option if you’re searching for a fun and environmentally responsible way to explore your city. Electric vehicles may make your life simpler and more fun, whether you’re traveling to work, conducting errands, or simply taking in the outdoors. The greatest thing, though? You can take advantage of discounted electric rides for the whole month of April, making it even more economical to go around. Whatever it may be, everyone makes the most of the additional time off from work to relax and think back on their lives. While others go outside to enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful outdoors, other people do it in churches where they pray earnestly. Whatever method you choose, you’ll need a ride to go where you’re going. Ride Hub Australia, the home of electrified beasts, is the only place to find the best electric rides sale (E-Rides).

Ride Hub Australia, Home of Electrified Beasts (E-Rides)

Ride Hub Australia, Home of Electrified BeastsAustralians throughout the nation start to prepare for the Easter holiday and its long weekend as April draws closer. This preparation includes purchasing new e-riding technology to keep up with the times and update their ride. For this reason, Ride Hub Australia is providing a once-in-a-lifetime, month-long Easter Discount with as much as 20% off all e-rides from April 1-30, just in time for the Easter Celebration.

You can enjoy this great deal on each of the categories of electric rides.

Electric Bikes: Popular and functional, electric bikes may be used for transportation, exercise, or relaxing riding. They are available in many different forms, from mountain bikes to city cycles, and have a top speed of 28 mph. With the help of the electric motor, tackling hills and headwinds will be a breeze. If you want to take advantage of the discounted offer and experience some of the finest rides, you must try the Ride Hub E-Bike, which is ideal for all-terrain off-road riding.

Electric Scooters: Another excellent choice for travelling around town is an electric scooter. They may be parked in practically any place and are lightweight and simple to ride. You can go quickly and cover a lot of distance at high speeds of up to 20 mph. Mearth, Kaabo, Segway NInebot, E-Glide, Unagi, and other well-known electric scooters are among those offered by Ride Hub, and you may choose them to add more pleasure to your adventure trip.

Hop on Easter Rabbits to the Discount Cave

Hop on Easter Rabbits to the Discount CaveCustomers will automatically get a discount on their purchase of Ride Hub E-Rides based on the following tiers:  

  • Customers who purchase any Ride Hub E-Rides for less than $800 will automatically get 10% off on the total cart amount.
  • Customers who purchase any Ride Hub E-Rides for $1000 and above will automatically get 20% off on the total cart amount.

Promo is valid from April 1 to 30, 2023 only. 

Promo is available at the official website of Ride Hub Australia only.

This promotion is not valid in conjunction and stackable with other promotions.

Ride Hub Australia is Ready!

Ride Hub Australia is ReadyElectric rides are a fantastic way to travel and take in the outdoors. Now is the ideal opportunity to test out a new electric ride because the reduced Easter electric rides are available for the full month of April. Whether you decide to use an electric bike, scooter, or skateboard, you can reap the financial and environmental benefits of eco-friendly transportation.

As more and more people are eager to extend their holiday, Ride Hub Australia’s shop in Sydney is already gearing up for an electrifying environment and getting its Easter game on. It is getting set to satisfy each customer’s e-ride wants and desires, but at a unique cost. And finding a variety of E-Rides when browsing Ride Hub Australia’s online shop is like finding an Easter egg! The luxury electric scooters available include Bolzzen, Ducati, E-Glide, Inokim, Kaabo, Mearth, Mercane, NIU, Segway, Unagi, Xiaomi, and Zero. You may also select from Ride Hub’s electric bike and even its electric toys.

E-rides are undeniably becoming a staple of Australian culture, which is why visitors to the official Ride Hub Australia website will be swarming there in droves to get the greatest deals and make the most of their long weekend. It’s time to acquire the newest and best e-ride by utilising the 20% off promotion. It’s going to be a thrilling ride to remember. Make the correct decision by taking advantage of the Easter Sale at Ride Hub Australia. Enjoy your ride!

What’s More?

What’s MoreConvinced to purchase an e-ride? Ride Hub Australia provides customers with FREE SHIPPING for every purchase of an e-ride. The shipping schedule depends on the location. It may take 7-10 days to ship to Tasmania or 2-5 business days to New South Wales. Please expect delays that may occur depending on surrounding circumstances. You may also opt for Express Shipping with a minimal fee of $10 to $50 AUD depending on the delivery location. 

For any purchases made at the Ride Hub Australia mall store, paying is as convenient as it is secure. The payment options include cash, cards like American Express, Mastercard, Visa and online platforms like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, and PayPal. Less hassle, more time!

Catch Ride Hub Australia

Catch Ride Hub AustraliaRide Hub Australia is located at 129 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, NSW 2067 where you can find the best electric rides deals. This distinctive and cutting-edge platform provides a sustainable transportation option. The website makes it simple to identify and reserve electric vehicles, such as electric bikes, scooters, and skateboards, enabling a practical and environmentally friendly method of transportation.

Users of Ride Hub Australia may use the user-friendly interface to quickly and simply find electric rides in their neighbourhood. Those who utilise Ride Hub Australia may cut their carbon footprint while saving money on transportation expenses.

Electric rides that are dependable and safe are a priority for Ride Hub Australia. To make sure they are in excellent functioning order, every ride is carefully examined and maintained. Also, the platform provides round-the-clock client help to handle any problems or worries that may occur. Overall, Ride Hub Australia is a cutting-edge platform that is setting the bar for environmentally responsible transportation options. The platform is contributing to the development of a more sustainable future for all of us by making electric vehicles easily accessible and reasonably priced.

To stay updated with discounts and promos, follow the social media accounts of Ride Hub Australia.

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