12 Things To Do In Melbourne Before You Die!

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A common question that every visitor in Melbourne asks is what to do in Melbourne?

Melbourne is a young, vibrant cosmopolitan city with an interesting city center, diverse inner-city districts, and lush green parks where you may enjoy the best of Australian nature. There are tons of fun things to do in Melbourne city, whether you’re a first-time tourist or have lived here your entire life. 

Melbourne has some of the best food, coffee, art, museums, magnificent nature spots, maritime adventures, and fascinating culture in the world, and we recommend that you sample them all at least once before you die.

Melbourne- the most popular city of Australia, has been listed as the world’s most liveable city for seven consecutive years by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The lifestyle and culture of Melbourne make it special, which usually includes healthcare, tourism, infrastructure and education.

Many factors make Melbourne a great place to live in or visit, but a few of them are amazing adventurous places, a hub of experiencing nature, low crime rates, a great city to work in with a multitude of choices, etc.

Melbourne’s culture and lifestyle make it a unique and spectacular spot to visit. Whether you are planning to visit the city for the first time or you have lived or visited there before, we have an ultimate list for you to add some adventure and thrill to your life.

You will experience the best food and drinks; if you are an art lover, we have some best spots for you; if adventure is what you are looking for, then some thrilling destinations are waiting for you!

Amazing attractions, a healthy lifestyle, diverse food choices, unique bars and pubs, fun festivals, thrilling spots, and unmatched culture are seeking you.

Lets Explore the Best 12 Things to Do in Melbourne:

Take A Laughter Challenge At The Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Laughter Challenge At The Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival is the second biggest international comedy festival in the world and the biggest stand-alone festival. 

The comedy event was launched in 1987. It’s recommended you to attend it once as hundreds of native and worldwide artists perform in this comedy fest. 

The event continues for four weeks and is usually held from March to April. Art exhibitions, musical presentations, debates, sketch shows, artistic demonstrations, plays, dramas, improvisational theater, etc., are all part of Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival. 

However, the main theme of this festival is stand-up and cabaret acts. So don’t miss the chance to enjoy the world-class performances and take a laughter challenge with your friends, spouse or family when you are in Melbourne.

Try a paint and sip session in Melbourne and make some art that you can hang in your home for years to come!

Adore The Street Art If You Are An Art Freak!

Street Art If You Are An Art Freak

These hidden art corners are the places where you will find real gems. Melbourne is known for its numerous attractive spots and art styles along with delicious foods, must-visit cafes, and shops. 

One of the amazing art hubs, which looks like it belongs in Diagon Alley, has amazing cuisine, retail, and some of Melbourne’s best street art because laneways across the CBD are repainted on a regular basis, it’s worth revisiting some of our favorite street art places such as:

  • Centre Place
  • AC/DC Lane
  • Croft Alley
  • Keith Haring Mural
  • The ever-popular Hosier Lane

Getting the best shot is a must-do. We recommend getting up early if you want to capture shots without people strolling across them. Enjoy Melbourne’s vibrant art scene, including stencils, throwies, stickers, and more, as well as the street art that brings the city to life.

Take photos of the intricate graffiti work that has attracted praise from residents and visitors from all over the world. Relax in one of the hole-in-the-wall businesses and cafes and stroll around the streets and alleys. 

Hideaway from the crowds and let time pass you by while you explore the nooks and crannies. Explore further with coffee and pastries as you go across Degraves Street and Campbell Arcade, which are only a short distance away.

Capture The Melbourne Sunrise From A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Melbourne Sunrise From A Hot Air Balloon Ride

One of the amazing things to give a try before you die is to capture the Melbourne sunrise on a hot air balloon ride. Do you know that Melbourne is the only major city in the world with a hot air balloon ride as its mode of transport? 

We recommend you not to skip this unique and exceptional experience. Those classic spots, exclusive landmarks are the major attractions of Melbourne. Surprisingly few individuals are present at sunrise, and drifting over the city in the early morning light is extraordinary. 

As the flights are decided by each day’s weather, where you start, travel, and land in your balloon is always a mystery – meaning you can view some of your favorite Melbourne spots from above or find some new catches. The horizon dipped in sunlight gives an incredible aerial 360 degrees view. 

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Melbourne Park, and Albert Park are some of the most popular places in Melbourne that can be explored through this amazing mode of conveyance. 

You can experience this soothing moment with a grilled breakfast and enjoy the moment with your loved one by exploring different spots of Melbourne on a hot air balloon ride.

Take A Drive At Great Ocean Road

Take A Drive At Great Ocean Road

Being one of the most admiring and popular tourist destinations, the Great Ocean Road is spread all the way through the southwest coast of the state, beginning from Torquay and ending upright prior to Warrnambool. The beautiful location is just 1.5 hours away from the Sydney Central Business District.Whether driving, walking, horseback riding, surfing, sailing, or cycling, this twisting stretch of road provides sufficient opportunity to reconnect with the ocean, the bush, and the sounds and sights of nature. Being 243 kilometers long, it’ll take you around four hours to travel without stopping.Being one of the largest war memorials in the world, the Great Ocean Road was built in 1919 to provide road transit to the region and provide jobs for hundreds of Australian servicemen returning from World War I.So instead, take a day vacation, stay for the weekend, or just pack your belongings and relocate along the Great Ocean Road.

Distance From Melbourne: 142 kms

Best Time To Visit: March-April

A Visit To The Fairytale-Like Alfred Nicholas Gardens

Visit To The Fairytale-Like Alfred Nicholas Gardens

Alfred Nicolas Gardens are popularly known for their beauty and nature. The fantastic garden was named in memory of Alfred Nicholas and his brother George. The beauty and charm of the garden have managed to achieve the title- “Fairy-tale like Garden.” 

As you walk through the admirable garden, you will find the spectacular canopies of mountains ash trees. The gardens are the best place to visit your family and take a day off with your near and dear ones. 

The marvelous waterfalls and mind-blowing ornamental lake are the best spots for picnics or a day out. This garden not only has a lot of flora and foliage, but it also has a deep history. 

Alfred Nicholas built this garden with considerable care and pleasure after obtaining the land in 1929. He traveled to numerous locations searching for existing trees and used them to create ornaments, lakes, and rock pools. 

He has the expertise of a gardener to bring them all together in a seamless manner. While you visit the garden, you may also explore:

  • Picturesque Lake
  • Quaint Boathouse

You will always enjoy the charm of colors in the atmosphere when you visit these gardens. Cherish the sound of birds chirping, exclusive vegetation, and a soothing environment. From the rush and noise of city life and regular routines, Alfred Gardens will always take you into the realm of peace.

Take A Day Trip at Yarra Valley

Take A Day Trip at Yarra Valley

If you’re planning for something to do outside of your living room this weekend, we have some exciting places to make your day trips fun and do various fun activities in Melbourne. 

Whether you’re a beach lover or an art freak, or a naturalist, we will help you explore some amazing places and make your day trip even more exciting. 

One of the most desirable one-day trip destinations is Yarra Valley. The Yarra Valley, Victoria’s finest wine region, comprises undulating green hills, swaying vineyards, and historic farmhouses plus, it takes less than an hour to get there from the CBD. 

Every weekend, the cellar doors of the region’s renowned wineries are open, and winery eateries are quickly becoming some of Melbourne’s most desired eating locations. Tarra Warra Estate, Maddens Rise, and Rochford Wines are our top recommendations for the region but don’t forget to stop by Yarra Valley Dairy for some cheese. 

Yarra Valley is popular for its huge grape winery tour and even more. The valley popularly known as the diamond valley is the best place to spend your day. Explore and have fun with animals in those lush green nature that also has a view of the Yarra River.

If your heart desires something sweet, pay a visit to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery, where you may sample chocolate and purchase gifts.

Tackle The Cold In Australia’s First Ice Cave

Tackle The Cold In Australia’s First Ice Cave

If you want to feel relaxed from a tiring routine, take this freezing experience in Australia’s First Ice Cave. Australia’s first ice cave would prove to be a great stress buster for you.

The ice cave is one of its kind and has a deep-freezing chamber. You might have experienced different fun activities before, like bungee jumping, skydiving, etc., but trust me, this would be the most fun and refreshing experience of all. 

The hot and cold water therapy would not only bust your stress and body pain but also relax your mind giving you a completely different experience. While you might spend a couple of hours relaxing in the pools, the ‘fire and ice adventure’ is something special. 

Guests are led through a 45-minute class that includes visits to the site’s 60-degree hot sauna, ice cave (a very cold -17), 4-degree cold plunge pool, and 36-degree geothermal hot fountain. 

You’ll sweat, freeze, and your heart rate will rise and fall, but you’ll walk away with a deep appreciation for your body and its boundaries.

Check out Melbourne’s Mysterious Pink Lake

Mysterious Pink Lake

Wondering about how this lake turns to be pink? It’s purely natural. Located in Westgate Park, on the edge of the city in Port Melbourne. Due to all the chemical phenomena in nature leading to high salt levels, excessive sunlight and deficiency of rainfall turn the lake into a pink shade. 

As the water evaporates in the summer heat, the color amplifies, and a bright red pigment called beta carotene is produced. Since 2012, people have witnessed this lake turn pink every late summer. 

If you’re going to the lake, we recommend adhering to the Melbourne pink lake season, i.e., late summer or spring approved trails, and avoid strolling on the water’s edge, as it can be dangerous. 

The pink hue doesn’t affect the wildlife and the birdlife and looks beautiful to the visitors’ eyes. Since we have always been told that water is blue and witnessing a pink lake is one of the experiences you must take while visiting Melbourne.

Sip The Best Coffee At The Kettle Black

Sip The Best Coffee At The Kettle Black

Melbourne is known as the coffee capital city of Australia. With one of the world’s best coffee cultures, Melbourians are well-known for being self-proclaimed coffee fanatics.

 The Kettle Black is one of the popular food hubs to serve you the best coffee and amazing dine inexperience. Located in Albert Road, in South Melbourne in Victoria, this food cafe has been the most sophisticated food and beverage hotspot. 

Despite the high expectations for the meal, the atmosphere is completely exquisite. The Kettle Black isn’t quite what you’d call a cafe. It has a completely different vibe. 

Sure, it provides the classics, but it aspires to be more thoughtful and polished than anything we’ve had before noon. There’s a special Darling Blend for espresso.

A coffee vendor waits out front on nice days to keep the takeout from rushing in. You must visit The Kettle Black and sip one of the best coffees of Melbourne and dine in one of the craving foods in the city.

Visit “The Kettle Black” : 50 Albert Rd, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia

Marine Adventure At Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

Marine Adventure At Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

If marine adventure is what you are longing for, then Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is the best place to visit for you. Melbourne Aquarium, located in King St., Victoria, was reincarnated as Sea Life in September 2013 after undergoing a five-month, $8 million renovations. 

There are 12 new themed zones of discovery (each with its music!) spread across three levels, and youngsters can have their passports stamped at each one. Of course, all of your old favorites remain, such as jellyfish and stingrays flying over your head as you walk through tunnels. 

They arrive when the staff rings a bell, as you may be aware. It indicates that they will be nourished. There are daily feeding times and demonstrations, as well as packages for kids’ birthday parties and even the opportunity to dive face-to-face with the leviathans! Apart from all these, you can also take a guided tour in some of the most popular spots:

  • Mermaid Garden
  • Seahorse Pier
  • Rainforest Adventure
  • Coral Caves

Explore The Impressive Organ Pipes National Park

Impressive Organ Pipes National Park

It is rightly said that- “Nature is the best art of God.” You will truly be amazed by the aspects of nature when you visit this national park. The astonishing park is located about 20 kilometers north of Melbourne, just off the Calder Freeway. 

The geological community refers to this type of formation as trap rock. The 2.5 million-year-old lava columns that resemble organ pipes are the headline attraction of the 121-hectare park. 

People from different parts of the world come to the park to see this strange rock wall and spend time in the Wurundjeri People’s traditional country. Visit the Tessellated Pavement to see more than four million-year-old fossils. 

There are native species to see, such as a field of Kangaroo Grass to the north and picnic areas and walking paths. We recommend taking the short three-kilometer circuit walk around the park while you’re there. 

Starting at the visitor center, follow the trail as it goes through the park’s leading attractions, such as Keilor Plains, the Tessellated Pavement, and the Organ Pipes itself.

Stroll Across The Melbourne Museum

Stroll Across The Melbourne Museum

A walk to the Melbourne Museum provides a fascinating and unexpected look into Melbourne’s life. We show you Victoria’s fascinating permanent collections as well as fantastic temporary exhibitions from across the world. 

You’ll get a unique view of our natural surroundings, civilizations, and history. The city’s history, which dates back thousands of years, is told in great detail at this museum, housed in a modern facility. The museum will take you through the forest gallery, which is known as the heart of it. 

It will make you understand more about the marvelous wildlife and trees. Then the museum has an amazing gallery that describes this amazing city’s story. The museum also has a science and a life section that takes you through ancient and geographic history, fossils, animals, and human biological fossils. 

The Pasifika Gallery is a colorful, majestic room filled with riches from the Pacific Islands; the Children’s Gallery, which is jam-packed with things for tiny kids to see and do; and the Touring Hall, which hosts major international events exhibitions. You can see 3D documentaries and Hollywood blockbusters on the massive IMAX Melbourne screen.

Visit “The Melbourne Museum” : 11 Nicholson St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

This blog would have helped you analyze some of the best spots and activities you must do once in a lifetime while you visit or live in Melbourne. 

Whether you are a beach person or a nature lover, whether you are an art freak or an adventure buddy, Melbourne is the best place for you to experience some of the most thrilling moments of your life! 

Visit all these spots, try all those activities once in your life, and add more fun and adventure to your life. Shout in Australia will continue to bring such exciting blogs that would help you know what more you can do and experience in Australia!

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