5 Best Pest Control Experts in Gold Coast (2023)

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Pest Control

The climate of Gold Coast is sub-tropical, with almost 300 days of sunshine. This makes it most suitable for pest attacks ranging from termites, moths, bees, wasps, and spiders to rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels all around the year. These pests damage properties and are equally harmful to one’s health. Most pests are carriers of infectious diseases and contaminate uncovered food and water.

List of Best Pest Control Companies in Gold Coast

The Pest Company

the pest company

Image Source by @https://twitter.com/thepestcompany

If you want to eliminate creepy and harmful pests from your house, The Pest Company can help you better. They have 18 years of experience in the industry and provide the best pest control services around Gold Coast. The highly trained experts are well-acquainted with the knowledge and skills of managing pests in your houses. They use eco-friendly pest repellents and proper equipment to control pests at minimal rates.

Name The Pest Company
Working Hours Monday:  7:30am–5pm
Tuesday:  7:30am–5pm
Wednesday:  7:30am–5pm
Thursday:  7:30am–5pm
Friday:  7:30am–5pm
Saturday:  7:30am–2pm
Sunday:  Closed
Website https://thepestcompanygoldcoast.com.au/
Services Ants control, Rodents control, Cockroaches control, Spiders control, Termites control and Fleas control.
Availability of Free Quotation Available.
Contact Number 0424 415 300
Social Media Facebook, Twitter,
Linkedin, Youtube
Address 5/2172 Gold Coast Hwy, Miami QLD 4220, Australia
Get Direction https://goo.gl/maps/fmTM1gaHf87NjP8c7

Google Review :- “ I’m 100% satisfied with the service and communication from The Pest Company. Immediate inspection, detailed options, exact costings and quote, punctual and thorough treatment. Everything has been properly done just as they said it would be. Thanks Andre, Mark and Luke!!

I absolutely recommend The Pest Company based on this experience.” –Jamie, Southport

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GC Pest Control

GC Pest Control

Image Source by @https://www.facebook.com/GCPestControl

GC Pest Control has years of experience providing one of the best pest control services on the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane. It has highly skilled, insured, and licensed technicians who use the best available equipment and measures to control pest infestation. These experts focus on smooth pest elimination methods that are eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Name GC Pest Control
Working Hours Monday:  6:00am–10pm
Tuesday:  6:00am–10pm
Wednesday:  6:00am–10pm
Thursday:  6:00am–10pm
Friday:  6:00am–10pm
Saturday:  6:00am–10pm
Sunday:  6:00am–10pm
Website https://www.gcpestcontrol.com.au/
Services Termite treatment, Ant treatment, Flea treatment, Coackroach treatment, Spider treatment, Silverfish treatment, Rat & Mouse control, Bee treatment, Wasp treatment, Bed Bug treatment and end of Lease.
Availability of Free Quotation Available.
Contact Number 1300468284
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Address 8/10 Enterprise Street Molendinar, QLD 4214
Get Direction https://g.page/GCPestControl?share

Google Review :-  “Andy was awesome. He wasn’t sure if he was at the correct house, (it was the one next door) but as he was at mine, I got a price and he was able to do it straight away. He was very professional and friendly. Had been thinking about getting the house sprayed but hadn’t  got around to phoning anyone so it was very opportune that he showed up. Very happy with the service”.- Brenda Fletcher

Dan Purkis Pest Control

Dan Purkis Pest Control

Image Source by @ https://www.facebook.com/DanPPC/

The experienced and highly trained professionals at Dan Purkis Pest Control gives you the best service at pest control. They have got years of experience under their belt and specialize in pest control, particularly, termite control. They provide minute prior inspection that helps them plan to eliminate or manage pests at very reasonable rates.

Name Dan Purkis Pest Control
Working Hours Monday:  9am–5pm
Tuesday:  9am–5pm
Wednesday:  9am–5pm
Thursday:  9am–5pm
Friday:  9am–5pm
Saturday:  Closed
Sunday:  Closed
Website https://www.dppc.com.au/
Services Cockroach control, Ant control, Spider control, Fleas control, Silverfish control and Rodents control.
Availability of Free Quotation Available.
Contact Number 0413 116 864
Social Media Facebook
Address 5/14 Fremantle st Burleigh Heads 4220 QLD
Get Direction https://g.page/danpurkispestcontrol?share

Google Review:-  I have used Dan Purkis a couple of times now. Each time I find myself pleasantly surprised with how genuine their service knowledge and professionalism is. I would highly recommend Dan Purkis and will continue to do so for a long time.”- Nadine Macpherson

ASAP Pest Control

ASAP Pest Control

Image Source by @https://www.google.com/maps/place/ASAP+Pest+Control+Gold+Coast

ASAP Pest Control is an established pest control company having quality experience in providing commercial and residential pest control services at nominal rates. The team of professional pest controllers at ASAP Pest Control is friendly, insured, and licensed by the government. We are Gold Coast based company and specialise in pest control particularly termite control with ease and efficiency.

Name ASAP Pest Control
Working Hours Monday:  7:00 am-5:00 pm
Tuesday:  7:00 am-5:00 pm
Wednesday:  7:00 am-5:00 pm
Thursday:  7:00 am-5:00 pm
Friday:  7:00 am-5:00 pm
Saturday:  7:00 am-5:00 pm
Sunday:  7:00 am-5:00 pm
Website https://www.asappestcontrol.com.au/
Services Ants control, Cockroaches control, Rodents control, Fleas control, Silverfish control, Mosquitoes control, Wasps control and Spiders control.
Availability of Free Quotation Available.
Contact Number 0404134530
Social Media Facebook, Instagram
Address 12 b Jandakot Ct, Elanora QLD 4223, Australia
Get Direction https://g.page/asappestcontrol-com-au?share

Google Review:-  “ ASAP Pest Control, run by Jack Boote, is a friendly and effective pest control service for the Gold Coast. My names Malakye and I work for ASAP Pest Control as a General pest technician and started as a trainee. I have come to see that ASAP Pest Controls methods are safe for the customers, and surrounding areas. That planning and open communication with customers is important. If there are problems with allergies, animals, government standards etc, that mean our standards chemicals cannot be used, we create plans that are effective and safe to meet the customers requirements. I would recommend out service to anyone needing pest treatments.- Malakye Stapleton-Pinto

Gold Coast Pest Services

Gold Coast Pest Services

Image Source by @https://business.facebook.com/GCPESTSERVICES

Gold Coast Pest Services is a local pest service company run by a family having 20 years of huge experience in the industry. Before buying a house, they offer a prior inspection of buildings for pests, particularly very harmful termites. They offer huge discounts on their general combos offer. They offer good services at very affordable prices that easily fit everyone’s budget. 

Name Gold Coast Pest Services
Working Hours Monday:  7:00 am-9:00 pm
Tuesday:  7:00 am-9:00 pm
Wednesday:  7:00 am-9:00 pm
Thursday:  7:00 am-9:00 pm
Friday:  7:00 am-9:00 pm
Saturday:  By Appointment
Sunday:  By Appointment
Website https://www.goldcoastpestservices.com.au/
Services Ant control, Spider control, Fleas control, Cockroach control, Mosquitoes control, Fire ant control, Possums control, Rodent control and Termite control.
Availability of Free Quotation Available.
Contact Number (07)55748515
Social Media Facebook
Address 4 Dewar Court, Highland Park, QLD 4211
Get Direction https://g.page/gold-coast-pest-services?share

Google Review:-  “ Really amazing and thorough service for a great price! A big thank you to Ryan for going out of his way to offer same day service.

Really impressed with their service and will 100% use them again.”- Kate Caporale

Warning Signs of a Pest Infestation

Warning Signs of a Pest Infestation

Before hiring a professional pest control company or browsing through such lists, it is important to look out for the signs of pest infestation at your house or office. And if there are signs of pests or rodents in your living or working area, immediately hire professional companies which expertise in pest control. The following signs indicate pest infestation in your offices or homes-

  • Scratch and Gnaw Marks

Rats and mice often bite on the things in their surroundings to keep their teeth sharp. So if you have a rat infestation in your house or office, you will notice bite marks on books, food packages, newspapers, wires, etc. Also, usually at night, one will hear scratching noises. Ensure the food items are packed in air-tight containers and cable wires are repaired at the earliest as they can cause electric sparks and related fire.

  • Tiny Blood Spots

If you notice tiny blood spots on your bed sheets or mattress, it is a sign of bedbug infestation. These pests live under your bedsheets and feed on you. They are very difficult to get rid of by yourself. Thus, one should immediately call professional bedbug control companies to eliminate these creatures.

  • Nesting

Rodents such as mice and rats use almost anything to make their nests. This can range from paper to fabric. So if you notice pieces of paper or fabrics missing, it is a clear indication of pest infestation.

  • Droppings

Droppings are another major signs of pest infestation. These droppings should be cleaned immediately, and proper pest control measures should be adopted at the earliest. Rodents leave behind tiny black pellets, termites have a red-colored dropping, and one can easily notice eggs of cockroaches in the corners of the house.

  • Physical Damage

Physical damage is a major sign that indicates pest infestation in your office or home. Rodents like mice and rats make holes in the walls and floors of the houses for nesting. Termites cause huge damage to wooden furniture and flooring. These physical signs should not be ignored, and professional pest controllers should be hired at the earliest.

Pest Control is the Remedy

Pest Control

Pest control, in simple terms, implies protection from unwanted creatures in our offices or houses that can cause serious health hazards and economic losses. To control pests, a proper pest control system should be followed that includes physical and chemical pest elimination methods. 

One could prevent pest attacks by tightly closing windows and doors of the house, using mesh windows and doors, and keeping the house clean and dry. It should be noted that these pests, particularly rodents, attack houses in search of food and warmth. So, all the food items should be stored in tight-lid containers. The refrigerator of the house should be regularly cleaned and dried. The cooked and leftover food should be properly covered using foil paper. 

Chemical methods such as insecticides and pesticides are used as a last resort. And when using these chemicals, one should prefer eco-friendly ones so that the children, older people, and pets of the house are not harmed.

DIY vs. Hiring Professional Pest Control Companies

Professional Pest Control Companies

People often consider professional help as a last resort. But when dealing with pests, it is often too late. Trying to get rid of the pests by yourself does more harm than good in health and monetary aspects. Thus, it is better to hire the services of professional pest control companies when dealing with pests. The following reasons indicate the importance of hiring professionals to control pests at your offices or homes –

  • Surety of Results

When one tries to control the pests by oneself, there is always a fraction of doubt in mind. Whether the techniques and methods one uses to control the infestation of pests would work or not. Thus, it becomes important to hire professionals to control pests. These professional companies are experienced and well-acquainted with modern equipment and methods to efficiently deal with pests. They provide a kind of surety when eliminating pest infestation.

  • Knowledge of Managing Pests

When one tries controlling pests by oneself, the knowledge about the techniques and methods of controlling pests is quite limited and streamlined. Thus, one may not be able to eliminate the pests, which could complicate the conditions further. 

In comparison, the professional pest control companies have huge experience and completely understand these local pests. Thus, they use safe and convenient measures to eliminate or check the growth of these pests.

  • Use of The Best Available Technologies

When controlling pests by oneself is the conventional measure that one opts for. Modern technologies are costly and require prior knowledge of their use. This makes DIY a very challenging task. In comparison, professional companies use modern equipment and techniques such as moisture measuring and thermal screening to manage pests and accordingly eliminate them.

  • Safety Measures

When one tries to control pests by oneself, the safety measures of the inmates of the house are often ignored. The frustration caused by these pests compels one to use strong chemicalized repellents that may drastically affect the health of children, elderly people, and pets alike. But, when it comes to professional pest control companies, ensuring safety is their topmost priority. They use eco-friendly diluted pesticides and insecticides that have no harmful effects on children, elderly people, or pets. This makes the whole process safe, smooth, and hassle-free.

Cost of Pest Control Services in Gold Coast

Cost of Pest Control Services

It is very important to consider the cost factor before availing of the services of the pest control companies. The average cost of hiring a pest control company in Gold Coast is approximately $250- $700. But one should note that the cost could vary according to the following factors –

  • Type of Service Availed

The cost varies based on the service availed. Depending on your pest issue, one might request chemical sprays, bait traps, fumigation, thermal screening, or other available services. All these services are available at varying prices.

  • Type of Pests

Two pests cannot be given the same treatment. Thus, every pest poses its own challenges while treating it. Some pests are easier to treat, while others can be very tough to eliminate. Thus, the type of pests largely determines the cost of their treatment and elimination.

  • Severity of Infestation

If the infestation is small and fresh, it will be easy for professional companies to control or check them. But, if the infestation is deep-rooted, it will be quite a challenge for them to eliminate. It will require minute planning and more effort to remove such infestation. Thus, controlling a deep-rooted pest infestation will be costlier than the fresh ones.

  • Size of Property

To eliminate or control the spread of infestation of rodents and cockroaches, the professional often sprays pesticides in the house and keeps it closed for an hour or two. Thus the size of the house will greatly determine the cost of the service. The rates for pest control services are determined by the size of the house and the area to be covered.

  • Type of Equipment and Techniques Used For Treatment

The equipment and techniques these professional pest control companies use greatly determine the price. Using a safe and eco-friendly pesticide or insecticide is likely to cost more than the normal one. Also, methods such as thermal screening, moisture measuring, and anti-water and ant bait traps are likely to cost more.


Pest infestation in commercial as well as residential areas, is problematic. This can be very costly in terms of money and health in the longer run. Also, one thing is very clear despite one’s all efforts, it is near impossible to eliminate pest attacks by oneself. Thus, one should immediately hire professional pest control companies without even a minute of further delay.

These professional companies have got huge experience under their belts. The highly professional and skilled team of pest controllers provides efficient, safe, and affordable control or elimination of these harmful pests. If you are frustrated and tired of these pests, please scroll through our top 5 professional pest control companies in Gold Coast.

Best Pest Control Companies in Gold Coast – Frequently Asked Questions

Pest infestation could lead to serious health emergencies and economic losses if ignored. The presence of an unwanted guest in the house can be problematic and scary, with kids and pets most vulnerable to diseases and attacks. Hence, pest control is very important. Considering the weather of Queensland and particularly the Gold Coast, professionals suggest that one requires quarterly or once in 2-3 months pest control services. This only implies in residential areas or when moving into a new apartment. One should avail of monthly pest control services if the pest infestation is severe.

The cost of a pest control treatment varies depending upon the severity of the infestation, types of services availed, size of the property, types of pests, and the techniques and equipment used during the pest treatment process. Also, the cost differs when availing services in a city, town, suburb, or  village. Australians have to pay on average, $40-$70 monthly per visit and $100-$250 quarterly per visit.

Pest control techniques and methods have evolved with time. One cannot simply pick up any pest repellent and eliminate the unwanted little intruder in our houses. The pros and cons must be minutely calculated before such a hurried action. Thus, over time the Integrated Pest Management method as gained huge popularity. It eliminates and control pests through natural and biological methods that do little or no harm to the family, pets, and natural surroundings.

According to a report, almost 54 percent of Australian homeowners are worried about the ant and termite infestation. Both these pests can multiply very fast. Termites, in particular, lays around 2000 eggs daily, and even a slight delay in controlling or checking them can lead to costly damages. Other common pests, especially in the subtropical areas of Queensland, include cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, silverfish, and rodents.

Pesticides and insecticides usually start showing significant results in a day or two. Also, one should keep in mind that it depends on the type of pest you are dealing with and the quality of pest control measures being used. One can notice an increase in pest visibility soon after the pest treatment. This is not a thing to worry about, but a good sign as the normal breeding and feeding habits of the pests have been altered, and they have come out to search for a new place. But with pest repellents all over them, they will not last long. And if they persist, call your professional team for a second round.

Pest treatment involves spraying pesticides and insecticides to poison harmful insects and pests. Though these days, natural and eco-friendly sprays are used that are not harmful to humans, precautions should still be taken. Several pest control companies recommend staying out for around 2-4 hours after the pest treatment. The hours can vary depending upon the kind of pest treated and the pesticides used.

Termites are one of the common pests found in sub-tropical regions with high rainfall and moisture level. Along with moisture, the wood attracts the termites the most. Wood in contact with the foundations of a building will attract termite activity. At the same time, cracks in the walls or roofs also result in termite attacks. Termites are believed to corrode wooden doors, windows, and floorings and could incur heavy losses. It is difficult to treat termite attacks as they multiply rapidly.

A specific method and time should be duly chosen to make pest control treatment more effective. The best time for pest treatment around the year is the time of early spring. Spring is ideal because the weather is not that warm ,and there is no moisture that attracts most pests. At the same time, spraying in spring increases the chances of their nest and habitat destruction. Also, spring does not present comfortable weather conditions for breeding and reproduction.

Pest infestation is usually seasonal, as one cannot find all kinds of pests in the house every day. Most pests, such as termites and cloth moths, appear during late spring and remain until the monsoon ends. The warm climate, added with moisture, is ideal for their breeding and multiplication. During summers, cockroaches, ants, stinging insects, mosquitoes, and flies usually appear. These pests can be very harmful to human health and well-being. And during the rainy season, pests such as flies, bed bugs, and spiders make their way into your houses. And in winter, rodents such as rats, mice, and even squirrels are seen in the house

Pest control and treatment can be done using various methods that one’s budget allows. The popular methods of pest control are the following-

  • Physical method:- It involves controlling and eliminating pests naturally and biologically by either trapping or killing them.
  • Chemical Methods:-  This Method involves spraying chemical pesticides and insecticides to treat pests. These chemicals are toxic and harmful to families and pets living in the house. 
  • Electric Methods:- Electric nets and rackets are used to control pests. Electromagnetic currents have been proved to harm the nervous system of the mosquitoes and rodents such as rats and mice. Thus, electrocution can be a useful method to treat pests.
  • Using Poisoned bait:- Trapping and poisoned baitwork together to eliminate pests such as rodents, cockroaches, spiders, ants, flies, bed bugs, etc. Apart from flies, other pests should be given slow poison in the form of bait so that they can move out of the house and die. A slow poison will allow the worker ants to take the bait to the anthills and, thus, be more effective.

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