World’s Top Construction Equipment Companies 2022

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Best Construction Equipment Companies in the World

Do you want to discover which firms will manufacture the heaviest construction equipment worldwide in 2022? Let’s start by giving a brief overview of the activities of the biggest construction firms in the world and the usage of heavy machinery in the construction sector or other industries.

Several of the largest construction equipment companies in the world have dominated the market for construction equipment for many years. These reputed manufacturers of heavy-duty equipment and suppliers of construction machinery offer a variety of tools used in construction projects for a variety of tasks. The world’s largest construction machinery companies like Caterpillar of the United States and Hitachi and Komatsu of Japan and other manufacturers in the world are expected to maintain their dominance in the global heavy construction equipment market. This is largely due to the strong growth in sales brought on by the quick development of the construction and infrastructure sectors across the globe. In recent years, the construction, mining, and oil and gas industries’ increasing demand for machinery has boosted the global market for heavy equipment to record highs.

World's Top Construction Equipment Companies

Heavy equipment or vehicles are specifically designed for performing construction tasks or other earthwork operations. Concrete machinery, cranes, excavators, road machinery, material handling machinery, etc. are some of the main heavy equipment business products. Additionally,  wind turbines, mining equipment, and oil drilling equipment are examples of other industrial heavy equipment. They are also either called heavy hydraulics, heavy vehicles, large trucks, engineering, and construction equipment. Growing numbers of construction, industrial, commercial, and residential projects require the use of heavy-duty equipment and tools to complete them successfully. Whether you’re working hard at a construction site, performing road maintenance on a busy highway, or searching for the right tool for your sizable landscaping project, this heavy equipment can help make your work both easier and safer.

Here are many types of construction equipment used, which are as follows:

  • Construction Vehicles
  • Equipment for Earth Moving
  • Equipment for handling other Construction Materials
  • Equipment for Material Handling

Now we are going to introduce the best construction equipment manufacturers and leading companies in the world in detail. I hope it will be beneficial to you to find out the key answer to your question. Let’s start:

1. Caterpillar (USA):

Caterpillar is the largest manufacturer of heavy construction equipment in the US and provides industrial machines, designs, financial goods, and insurance to clients all over the world. They are a Fortune 500 firm worldwide. In addition to being the largest machinery manufacturer in the world, Caterpillar also leads the industry in the production of diesel, natural gas engines, and industrial gas turbines. They manufacture hauling trucks, motor graders, backhoe loaders, wheeled loaders, and other pieces of construction machinery. Caterpillar was founded on April 15, 1925 in California. Before changing their name to Caterpillar Inc. In 1986, they were also known as Caterpillar Tractor Company.

We have included more information about the Caterpillar Corporation below.

Founder C. L. Best
Currently Headquarters Irving, Texas, United States
Chief Executive Officer Jim Umpleby
Revenue 4,819 crores USD (2021)
Operating income US$6.88 billion (2021)
Net income US$6.49 billion (2021)
Total assets US$82.79 billion
Total equity US$16.52 billion (2021)
Address 100 NE Adams St, Peoria, IL, 61629
Social Media Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram

2. Komatsu (Japan):

A global Japanese company called Komatsu Ltd manufactures the highest-quality construction, mining, and military equipment and other industrial equipment like press machines, thermoelectric generators, and lasers. Its corporate office is located in Minato, Tokyo, Japan and was founded in 1921. It has manufacturing facilities throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Japan. After Caterpillar, Komatsu is currently the second-largest manufacturer of mining and construction machinery worldwide. However, Komatsu leads Caterpillar in terms of market share in Asia. Among the top 10 largest manufacturers of heavy equipment worldwide, Komatsu is the most recognized company for its outstanding performance.

Below, you may find more details about the Komatsu Agency.

CEO Hiroyuki Ogawa
Chairperson Hideki Yoshizawa
Revenue 2.44 lakh crores JPY (2019)
Operating income ¥250.7 Billion (2019)
Net income ¥153.8 Billion (2019)
Chairman Tetsuji Ohashi
Address Tsu 23, Futsu-machi, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa 923-0392, Japan
Social Media Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram

3. XCMG (China):

XCMGXuzhou Construction Machinery Group, also known as XCMG, is a Chinese company that ranks third worldwide in construction equipment. It was established in 1943 and is currently ranked 65th out of the top 500 firms in China. It produced China’s first truck crane, tower crane, and 10-ton steamroller, as well as road rollers, loaders, mixing machines, cranes, fire extinguishing vehicles and fuel tanks for civil engineering machinery. In China, XCMG is the biggest heavy equipment supplier. Its corporate headquarters are in Xuzhou, Jiangsu.

You can find additional information below about the XCMG Agency. Let’s look.

Headquarters Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China
Founded 1989 (Xuzhou)
Revenue RMB 23.3 billion (2014)
Chairman Wang Min
Address China, Jiangsu, Xuzhou, 221131
Social Media Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube

4. Manitou Group (French):

Manitou GroupForklifts, cherry pickers, telehandlers, and other types of heavy machinery are produced by the French company Manitou. It designs, manufactures, distributes and ensures the service of handling, access platform and earthmoving equipment for construction, agriculture and industries. Telehandlers, forklifts, skid and track loaders, articulated loaders, backhoe loaders, aerial work platforms, storage equipment, and accessories are among the primary items produced by the group. Manitou is now among the world’s leading producers of construction machinery. The group maintains its 18th place in the global list of 230 companies, which it attained in 2019. The headquarters of Manitou Group is in Ancenis. It started in France in 1957 when Marcel Braud intended the first forklift truck for rough terrain use.

Check out some of the other details regarding the Manitou Company.

Headquarters Ancenis
Founded 1954, Ancenis, Ancenis-Saint-Géréon, France
President Michel Denis
Revenue €1056.7 million in 2022
Address 430 Rue de l'Aubinière B.P. 249, 44150 Ancenis-Saint-Géréon, France
Social Media Twitter, Linkedin

5. Deere & Company (USA):

One of the top American manufacturers of construction and industrial equipment is Deere & Company. Its main office is in Moline, Illinois, in the United States. It produces mainly lawn care equipment, diesel engines, axles, transmissions, and gearboxes for heavy equipment, as well as agricultural, construction, and forestry machinery. They are the second-largest manufacturer of heavy equipment in the USA. Deere is a member of the Worldwide Fortune 500 and sells industrial machines all over the world. Dominating global trade is one of their main competitive advantages. By American blacksmith, Deere & Company was founded 185 years ago in 1837.

Here are some further details about Deere & Company. Look at this:

Headquarters Moline, Illinois, United States
Founded  1837, Grand Detour, Illinois, United States
CEO John C. May 
Founder  John Deere, Charles Deere
Revenue US$39.540 billion (2020)
Operating Income US$3.883 billion (2020)
Net Income US$2.751 billion (2020)
Total Assets US$75.091 billion (2020)
Total Equity US$14.086 billion
Address 2000 John Deere Run, Cary, NC 27513, United States
Social Media Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram

6. Doosan Infracore (South Korea):

Doosan InfracoreDoosan Infracore is a global manufacturer of excavators, loaders, and diesel engines that vary in size from small to large and is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. It is rapidly rising to become one of the world’s top engine producers, thanks to its diverse range of multi function products that can suit tighter or bad environmental needs around the world.

In 1896, the Doosan Group was established. In Jongno, Seoul, the business was founded in 1896 as the Park Seung Jik Store. Since that time, Doosan has grown into a global conglomerate with a focus on the manufacturing, trading, and construction equipment industries. The Infrastructure Support Business, which has five subsidiaries including Doosan Corporation, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, Doosan Infracore, Doosan Engineering & Construction, and Doosan Engine, is the foundation of Doosan’s core industries.

The following information on Deere & Company is provided. Consider this:

Headquarters Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
CEO Sohn Dong Youn (Feb 2015–)
Founded  1937
Revenue 4.5937 trillion (2021)
Operating Income 264.5 billion (2021)
Net Income 567.8 billion (2021)
Total assets 4.7823 trillion (2021)
Total equity 1.3698 trillion (2021)
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin

Other World’s Leading Construction Machinery Manufacturers Include:

  • Volvo Construction Equipment (Sweden)
  • Zoomlion (China)
  • Terex Corporation
  • Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (China)
  • Liebherr (Germany)
  • Sandvik (Sweden)
  • Hitachi (Japan)
  • And More!

Trends of the Largest Heavy Equipment Manufacturers in the World

The demand for heavy equipment and construction machinery is increasing with the growing urbanization of the world. And also public and private investments are being made in the construction of roads, highways, ports, railway networks, irrigation systems, airports, and bridges, as well as providing great opportunities for the top heavy equipment manufacturers in the world. These major industrial distributors are expected to maintain their leadership in the global construction machinery market over the short term due to their strongest performances in production volumes, sales, and exports. The market for the manufacturing of construction equipment is slightly centralised, with the largest heavy equipment manufacturers in the world dominating the market.

Over the recent years, many leading construction machinery manufacturers are focusing on expanding their manufacturing facilities and launching new products to increase their share in the global market. The market for used machines is expanding, which will offer a growth challenge for market participants despite the enormous growth prospects that will be presented by the rapid growth momentum. Companies should focus more on the growth potential in the quickly expanding sectors to improve their market share for construction machinery while holding onto their positions in the slowly expanding segments.

This construction machinery industry trend gives information on the capabilities and a complete analysis of the market leaders to assist clients in strengthening their market positions. The study provides information on the products offered by major organisation as well as facts on the market’s competitive environment. Additionally, this market study report on construction machinery offers details on upcoming trends and difficulties that will affect market expansion. This will assist businesses in developing strategies to make the most of future growth opportunities.

Final Words:

Increased private sector investment, real estate sector growth, improving economic conditions, and the development of residential and commercial facilities in emerging economies are the primary factors of the heavy construction equipment industry. The world is home to some of the biggest and best construction equipment companies. These companies provide the necessary machinery and tools needed for construction projects around the world. From bulldozers to cranes, these companies supply a wide range of products and services needed for any type of civil engineering project.

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