5 Best Cafes To Make Your Morning Special in Gold Coast 2023

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Cafeterias are growing in popularity and reputation with increasing coffee lovers worldwide. According to a report, almost 75 per cent of Australians start their day with a cup of coffee. And thus, coffee industries and cafe chains have seen a boom in recent years. And when talking about Gold Coast, its love for coffee is not new. As mesmerizing and magnificent as Gold Coast’s beaches are, so are the cafes offering exceptional beverages, snacks, and ambience.

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A Brief History of Cafes

Cafes have evolved with time. The first cafe was established by Turkish people in 1475 in Constantinople that served only unfiltered black coffee. Coffe was such an important commodity of consumption that Turkish wives could divorce their husbands if they failed to provide a specific amount of coffe monthly.

When Turkey attacked Vienna in the 16th century, they left huge bags of coffee behind. A citizen named Franz Georg Kolschitzky, who had spent some time in Turkey, understood the importance of these beans and treated them as war spoils. He set up a shop and softened the strong coffe by adding milk and sweeteners. This filtered coffee soon became a hit in Europe and spread to different countries. And when little snacks such as pastries and sandwiches began being served along with coffee, the popularity of these cafes just multiplied. 

Modern cafes serve the best quality filtered coffee accompanied by snacks and light meals. Thus, the journey from Kiva Han, the first coffee shop opened in Constantinople, to the well-reputed chain of cafeterias called Starbucks has been a gradual and transforming one.

The Science Behind Consuming Coffee

Science Behind Consuming Coffee

According to a report by the British Coffee Association, almost two billion cups of coffee are consumed by people around the globe every day. Such popularity has made it a very hot topic to study, where every day, newer studies determine the benefits and harms of consuming coffee. And not surprisingly, the case for coffee benefits is very strong.

The studies for coffee make bold claims. Coffee can prevent anything from liver diseases and diabetes to cancer and short lifespan. Many scientific studies have proven that coffee contains many beneficial ingredients and not only caffeine, which most people believe. Coffe contains many other active substances and antioxidants that do wonders for the human body. Besides increasing alertness, coffee also lowers the risk of developing chronic and fatal diseases like Parkinson’s and tuberculosis. 

But there are several conditions where coffee can be very harmful. The doses of a coffee cup should be cautiously calculated. According to a study, a healthy adult can consume 3-4 cups of coffee every day, roughly amounting to consuming 300mg-400mg of caffeine. Exceeding the limit can be extremely harmful to health. Also, coffee concentration is longer in children, older people and expecting mothers. This means they will require more time to digest and process caffeine. This can lead to sleep disorders, premature birth, low weight, etc. At the same time, drinking more than two cups of coffe can be problematic while conceiving a child. The risk of spontaneous abortion increases by 11 per cent in such cases.

Explore The Best Cafes in Gold Coast

Caffeine Kings

Caffeine Kings

Image Source by @Liven

Caffeine Kings is a famous cafe in Miami, a suburban area of Gold Coast city. Though it ranked in the top five cafes in Gold Coast as per the report by the Gold Coast Bulletin in 2020, the owner and well-trained staff of the cafe always experiment with the new beans and methods of coffee making. They provide quality service and are friendly and polite in their dealing. They serve the best quality of coffee with light snacks and pastries, with cool, light music playing in the background.

Name Caffeine Kings
Opening Hours Monday:  6am–2:30pm
Tuesday:  6am–2:30pm
Wednesday:  6am–2:30pm
Thursday:  6am–2:30pm
Friday:  6am–10pm
Saturday:  6am–10pm
Sunday:  6am–2:30pm
Website https://caffeinekings.com.au/
Services Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · No-contact delivery
Menu caffeinekings.com.au
Online order Caffeinekings.com.au
Table Reservation Available
Free Wi-Fi Not Mentioned
Contact Number 491 114 739
Social Media Facebook, Instagram
Address 1920 Gold Coast Highway, Miami QLD 4220
Get Direction https://goo.gl/maps/NDhTpjvAofyLRf5D8

Google Review:- “ Ate at Caffeine Kings this morning for the first time after reading reviews. Certainly not disappointed by any aspect of our breakfast. Staff were very friendly and welcoming. The food was absolutely out of this world. So much to choose from with a massive list of choices from traditional to some exotic dishes with Asian flavours. One of the best breakfasts I have ever had.” – Patrick EGAN

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Le Vintage Boutique Cafe

Le Vintage Boutique Cafe

Image Source by @https://www.facebook.com/LeVintageBoutiqueCafe

Le Vintage Boutique Cafe offers one of the best services with highly trained and disciplined staff. The staff is welcoming and friendly. They offer delicious and mouth-watering breakfast, lunch, pastries, and sandwiches with their complimentary signature coffee. They also allow pets inside the cafe and help you treat the lovely pet with their favorite biscuits.

Name Le Vintage Boutique Cafe
Opening Hours Monday:  5am–2pm
Tuesday:  5am–2pm
Wednesday:  5am–2pm
Thursday:  5am–2pm
Friday:  5am–2pm
Saturday:  Closed
Sunday:  Closed
Website http://www.levintageboutiquecafe.com.au/
Services Dine-in Takeaway No delivery
Menu Levintageboutiquecafe.com.au,, View the menu at Le Vintage Boutique Cafe
- Worongary, Gold Coast | Quandoo
Online order Le Vintage Boutique Cafe Menu - Gold Coast
Table Reservation Available
Free Wi-Fi Available
Contact Number (07) 5518 4511
Social Media Facebook, Twitter
Address 1 Kurilpa Street Worongary, QLD 4213
Get Direction https://goo.gl/maps/51BBZyKCcKjui47y9

Google Review:- “ This is my most favourite cafe in all the land! Great coffee, delicious food, welcoming and attentive staff, beautiful garden dining area, and a warm and friendly atmosphere. Cannot recommend enough!” – Hannah Banana

Bam Bam Bakehouse

Bam Bam Bakehouse

Image Source by @Brissy Eater

Bam Bam Bakehouse came into existence in 2015, and since then, its managers, bakers, chefs, and hospitality staff have worked very hard to build a reputation. And in such a short span, it is a famous pastry and coffee destination in Gold Coast. Here one will find delicious handcrafted pastries, filtered coffee, and light food to make your day special. The bakers are passionately inspired by the French style of baking that is purely done manually. Thus, they offer you the best quality baked pastries and muffins all day. The specialty here is the Humble Croissant, which takes three days of minute manual baking and creamy topping with butter to prepare a single piece of pastry.

Name Bam Bam Bakehouse
Opening Hours Monday:  6:30am–2:30pm
Tuesday:  6:30am–2:30pm
Wednesday:  6:30am–2:30pm
Thursday:  6:30am–2:30pm
Friday:  6:30am–2:30pm
Saturday:  6:30am–2:30pm
Sunday:  6:30am–2:30pm
Website https://www.bambambakehouse.com/
Services Dine -in & Takeaway
Menu https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0572/6040/8998/files/Bam_Bam_MENU_APRIL_22.pdf?v=1650533778
Online order bopple.app
Table Reservation Available
Free Wi-Fi Not mentioned
Contact Number 0488 085 802
Social Media Facebook, Instagram
Address 2519 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach QLD 4218, Australia
Get Direction https://goo.gl/maps/fGiXCR7kV9uZz3dL6

Google Review:-  “Wonderful place to get breakfast. Got seated at a nice quiet table. Ordered by scanning the QR code on the table. The food/drinks came out quite quickly even though it was a busy Saturday morning. Looked exactly like the photos on the website. I ordered an eggs benny with a Nutella milkshake and my partner ordered a ham and cheese croissant. It was refreshing that they didn’t skimp on portion sizes, especially for the ham and cheese croissant which was packed with ham and gooey cheese. Croissants  were buttery and flaky soft. Absolutely amazing! Would definitely come here again and again” – Jaime C

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Hot Shott

Hot Shott

Image Source by @https://www.facebook.com/hotshottcafe

Hot Shott has a well-trained and experienced staff of bakers and chefs who cook from the soul. What makes Hot Shott special and different is their technique of mixing traditional flavor with the contemporary taste. They have got something special for every age category. Hot Shott also sources ingredients directly from the farmers because they believe in serving healthy and quality food. They also offer every cuisine mentioned on the menu for the whole day, which is a rare service delivery as far as cafes and restaurants are concerned.

Name Hot Shott
Opening Hours Monday:  5:30am–4pm
Tuesday:  5:30am–4pm
Wednesday:  5:30am–4pm
Thursday:  5:30am–4pm
Friday:  5:30am–4pm
Saturday:  5:30am–4pm
Sunday:  5:30am–4pm
Website https://hotshott.com.au/
Services Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery . Outdoor seatingDine-in · Takeaway · No delivery . Outdoor seating
Menu https://hotshott.com.au/menu/
Online order https://www.zomato.com/gold-coast-qld/hot-shott-main-beach/menu
Table Reservation Not offered. Only walk-ins.
Free Wi-Fi Not mentioned
Contact Number 5532 3275
Social Media Facebook, Instagram
Address 3/17 Tedder Ave, Main Beach QLD 4217, Australia
Get Direction https://goo.gl/maps/9iZ6J6HHeb2gvnwY9

Google Review:-Outstanding cafe! Coffee is great, meals are good value for their size and quality. Went twice and both times everyone in the family was very happy and very full! Interestingly although they have Breakfast and Lunch options on their menu, you can order anything at any time of day which gives you more options to choose from. The staff are very welcoming, friendly and efficient. It’s a busy place with good reason!” – Polly

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Daark Espresso

Daark Espresso

Image Source by @Daark Espresso

One would always find it difficult to get a table at Daark Espresso. They are extremely popular among the locals for their quality coffee, services, and food. They provide the best breakfast and lunch services with many food items. They continuously work all days a week to provide you with delicious cuisines for breakfast and lunch, complemented by coffee and other beverages.

Name Daark Espresso
Opening Hours Monday:  6am–3pm
Tuesday:  6am–3pm
Wednesday:  6am–3pm
Thursday:  6am–3pm
Friday:  6am–3pm
Saturday:  6am–3pm
Sunday:  6am–3pm
Website https://www.daarkespresso.com.au/
Services Outdoor seating . Takeaway. Dine-in
Menu static1.squarespace.com
Online order Doordash.com, deliveroo.com.au
Table Reservation Offered
Free Wi-Fi Available
Contact Number (07) 5667 9339
Social Media Facebook, Instagram
Get Direction https://g.page/Daark?share

Google Review:- “Cannot go wrong at Daark Espresso. Prompt and proactive service, and delightful meals and drinks.
Highlight was the Cinnabon French Toast – wow.
Thai chicken salad was a winner, frappes are delicious.
Will be back to keep exploring the menu!” ——-Gabby Kelly

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Types of Coffee

The taste and texture of coffee depend upon the kind of coffee beans used and the methods of coffee preparation adopted. Also equally important is its naturally growing and collecting processes. There are many options for coffee available around the globe. Some of the popular ones are-

  • Cappuccino


This kind of coffee is usually consumed at breakfast but could be preferred at any point of the day. This type of coffee originated in Italy in 1901 with the invention of espresso machines.
The traditional cappuccino is prepared with an equal quantity of espresso, steamed milk and milk foam, usually topped with cinnamon or chocolate powder. It has a smooth texture and is sweet.

  • Espresso


The espresso type of coffee originated with the invention of the espresso machine in 1901. Originally, espresso was only black, but milk and cream were added to make it tastier and sweet later. 
Espresso is prepared by forcing hot water through fine coffee beans at 9 bars of pressure. Espresso coffee has a strong flavour with smooth textures that make an ideal base for milk coffees.

  • Americano

In simple terms, an Americano is the diluted form of an espresso coffee. It is popularly believed that American soldiers invented this kind of coffee during the Second World War to extend their coffee rations. 
There are two ways of preparing an americano cup of coffee. In the first method, espresso is poured into a larger cup and then hot water is poured accordingly to dilute it. And in the second method, the whole process is reversed. Americano type of coffee has less caffeine concentration but richer taste notes.

  • Latte

 It is one of the most reputed milky coffee drinks. Though the idea of its preparation existed as back as the 17th century, it was largely refined in the 1960s and 1970s. 
The latte coffee is prepared with espresso, one part of milky foam and two parts of steamed milk. It is sweeter and creamier than a cappuccino, owing to the extra amount of steamed milk.

  • Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

The invention of Irish coffee is quite an interesting one. It was created by a flight chef, who once made it to keep the passengers warm when the flight was cancelled due to bad weather. 
Traditional Irish coffee is made with strong brewed coffee, brown sugar, a single shot of whiskey and cream topping. This coffee is sweet and has a creamy, delicious taste with a strong flavouring of coffee and whiskey.

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What Makes Cafes a Popular Socialising Point?

Cafes Socialising

From Kiva Han to Starbucks, cafes and coffee have enrichingly evolved. With more than 8000 chain outlets of Starbucks running around the globe, it has re-written sagas of unparalleled success and popularity of cafes and coffee. The increased quality of coffee has popularised cafes, but several positive fundamental alterations have also helped it become a $100 billion industry. 

Cafes today are the most happening points in the city or towns. From sipping in quality coffees, people of all age groups and professions visit cafe houses these days. One may witness a whole business operating from a corner of a cafe or a prospective bride and bridegroom discussing their future life in the other corner. The cafes, over the years, have incorporated a few fundamental changes that have shot up their popularity. Some of the changes include-

  • Improved Quality of Coffee

The base for the evolution or popularising of cafes has to be an increase in the quality of coffee that is being served. Good coffee is the major determinant of the success of a cafe. After all, a person will come to a cafe primarily to get his cup of delicious cappuccino or espresso. Thus, the quality and techniques of preparing coffee have improved significantly over the recent years.

  • Business Meetings With a Cup of Coffee

Cafe chains worldwide have brought corporate business and meetings to their doorsteps. The lively work environment that cafes provide is suitable for conducting business meetings. Cafes in New York and London had been primarily a business hotspots for the last six to seven decades. One can attend physical or virtual meetings while sipping a steaming cup of his favourite coffee with soft music playing in the background.

  • Free Wifi and Adequate Environment

The Internet has become one of the necessities to survive in this technological world. And with such demand, internet services have become quite expensive. And many entertainment and food outlets, particularly cafes, have utilised this to increase their business. Most cafes now offer free wifi service that attracts freelancers, gamers and students to these coffee shops. Also, the comparatively quiet environment has attracted students and book lovers alike.

  • Other Healthy Beverages and Confectionary

Cafes all over the globe have very smoothly incorporated the quality of restaurants and bakeries. But the basic difference between them is that cafes provide a limited but more qualitative menu than the other two. Coffee with pastries and coffee with cheese sandwiches are popular preferences among coffee lovers. At the same time, along with coffee, other beverages such as fruit juice, soft drinks and alcohol or beer are also served.

  • Improved Interiors & Sitting Arrangements

The interior design and sitting arrangements have significantly improved cafes. In the beginning, cafes were just like ordinary shops with wooden chairs and tables. But with time, they have improved. Professional interior designers are hired and paid handsomely to design the best interiors based on varying themes. The design is intricately done, and the overall outlook of the cafe is refreshing and eye-catching. Also, the soft and cosy sofas and chairs make a visit to the cafe more relaxing and memorable.


Cafes are a great place to socialise, work, arrange business meetings or relax by sipping your favourite coffee and enjoying complimentary snacks. What makes cafes different is their environment. Cafes are one of the happening places in any city. If one wants to understand the people and culture of a new place, the best option is to visit its cafes. Here people behave as they are, without carrying around a pseudo-personality. 

Not only coffee, but these cafes also offer you the most delicious pastries, sandwiches and other snacks. They serve as mini-restaurants where one could easily avail of light meals, particularly breakfast and lunch. Also, its aroma will make the environment relaxing and enjoyable more than the coffee. After a tiring day at the office, people could easily sit down and reflect on their lives or talk to their families by sipping their favourite coffee. 

To enjoy the most delicious coffee around Gold Coast and make your visiting experience fun and memorable, scroll through our list of the 5 best cafes in Gold Coast.

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