5 Best Accommodation Options in Hunter Valley 2023

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5 Best Accommodation Options in Hunter Valley

Stay in Hunter Valley with Best Accommodation Options

It would be a shame to come to Australia and not visit Hunter Valley — the country’s most well-known wine region since the 19th century. With over 150 wineries, this is now a favorite tourist destination that has built its popularity on tasting tours and scenic beauty. However, this is not all Hunter Valley is. 

The area is a go-to wedding spot for many couples and some even decide to stay here for their honeymoon. But who can blame them since they get to walk the lush gardens, go on bicycle tours, visit art galleries, and ride hot air balloons. Some cellars have restaurants and offer exclusive menus paired with their wines and supplied with products from local farmers.

The thing that probably interests visitors the most, though, is where they can spend the night or a few. Although booking Hunter Valley accommodation may seem something only the rich and famous can afford, the fact is you can stay here even on a modest budget. The variety of options is enormous, from lux villas to glamping tents, depending on what kind of vacation you intend to spend here. To help you decide, here are the 5 best accommodation options in Hunter Valley to book for your next travel experience.   

  • Cozy Cabin for Two

Cozy cabin for twoHunter Valley seems like it was created for romantic getaways. Not only you and your partner won’t have trouble finding accommodation for two, but it can be close to cellar doors or hidden away. Imagine drinking red by the fire pit outside and watching the starry sky, or preparing dinner with locally-bought produce to eat on the porch. 

One-bedroom, one-bathroom cabins are specifically intended to attract couples, newlyweds, or those who will exchange vows in the Hunter Valley. Just remember that the holiday season, like Christmas and New Year, requires early bookings and at least 3 night stay.

  • Retreat with Landscaped Gardens

Retreat with landscaped gardens

If you like being surrounded by greenery, you can opt for eco-friendly retreats that often feature lavish gardens. Some of these accommodations are made from salvaged materials from collapsed mills or bridges, like Eco Garden Retreat. These types of houses are usually big enough to accommodate a large party or a family, consisting of three to four bedrooms. 

Look for the ones with a fireplace since it gives a special charm to the peaceful vibes that come from landscaped gardens. Moreover, the gardens are perfect for an outdoor party, especially before the sunset so everyone can marvel at the colors coming from the setting sun.  

  • The Grandeur of a Historic House

The grandeur of a historic house

Wedding parties include a large number of guests that want to stay together, like the bridal party. As a popular wedding destination, Hunter Valley has many large estates that can accommodate 30—50 people. Such property is Abernethy House and Cottage which includes 17 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and an individual parking spot for each room. 

Although built in the 1920s, the estate was restored and now includes a swimming pool, beer garden, and shaded deck. It’s also available for weddings, anniversaries, and other celebrations, even team-building activities, and conferences.

  • A French Provincial Farmhouse

A French provincial farmhouse

You may notice that some of the estates in Hunter Valley resemble French provincial farmhouses. This is because they go hand in hand with wine tasting and the vineyard landscapes that are dominant here. These are elegant buildings with brick-covered façade, small terraces with iron fencing, and nicely manicured gardens. 

Windows are usually covered with outdoor wooden shutters, giving it rustic elegance that is always expected from French provincial architecture. The farmhouses are relatively large, often able to accommodate 10–15 guests. Some have swimming pools, while others compensate for the lack of one with an outdoor area where you can have breakfast, small parties, or just relax in the sun.   

  • Luxurious Villa with a Pool

Luxurious villa with a pool

Luxury is present everywhere you look in Hunter Valley considering wine is perceived as a sophisticated drink. However, if you want a Hollywood-styled luxury and budget is not a problem, book accommodation in one of the villas in the resort area, like Hunter Treehouse. A 6-bedroom, 4-bathroom estate is for those who want to impress their guests or just indulge themselves in extravagance. 

Since such houses are located in resorts, you will have full access to facilities there, like a golf course and a gym. For this reason, luxurious villas are ideal for business trips to take potential partners or clients or to organize team-building events for upper management. Their often modern exterior and interior design gives them a polished appearance where you can propose to your partner or celebrate a birthday.    

The Bottom Line

You won’t have to search for long to find the best accommodation options in Hunter Valley. More likely, you will need time to decide which one to pick. So, before you set your eyes on one estate, consider how many people are coming with you and for what purpose. Sometimes a comfy little cottage is just right to have a marvelous time, but other times you may need a homestead that can fit a few dozen people.  

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