A Closer Look At The Porsche App Developed by Aussies

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DreamWalk Apps

Designed by Aussie developer DreamWalk Apps, the Porsche Sell Direct app allows Porsche owners to list their used vehicles for purchase. Porsche vehicles listed on the app can then accrue purchase offers from official Porsche Centres and dealerships across Australia.

Launched in 2021 and initially developed as a means of combating auto trade standstills during Australia’s COVID-19 lockdowns, the Porsche Sell Direct app has since become Porsche’s official pre-owned car sales platform, with Porsche owners, Porsche’s company execs, and Australian dealership owners praising the app for its streamlined interface, intuitive features, and attention to detail with regards to presenting car listings and facilitating contactless transactions between buyers and sellers.

But what technology and features enabled the Porsche Sell Direct app to position itself as the optimal solution for facilitating car sales during COVID-19 lockdowns? And how has the app held up in the year following its launch? We’ll be answering just these questions today as well as examining the role that contactless car sales platforms will play in the future of Australia’s second-hand auto market.

Secure transactions between authenticated buyers and sellers

Although Aussies are more likely to consider purchasing a car online than other auto enthusiasts across the globe, there are still undoubtedly a fair amount of risks associated with buying or selling a car online. Traditional methods for selling cars on digital marketplace platforms like Gumtree, involved sellers having to manually input a long list of details such as roadworthy certification dates, a basic overview of vehicle servicing history, odometer readings, gas mileage, and other key figures in order for their listing to be seriously considered by prospective buyers.

Additional complications surrounding communication and transportation from buyer to seller are also likely to occur once a car has been listed for sale online. And alongside this, there are also security concerns surrounding test driving a second-hand vehicle prior to purchasing. The lack of established processes or procedures surrounding listing a second-hand vehicle for sale online, naturally deters many from buying or selling cars using these digital marketplace platforms.

Contrastingly, the Porsche Sell Direct app provides buyers and sellers with specialised auto listing guides, templates, and other user features, all of which allow app users to access all the information that they need in order to enjoy a smooth and most importantly, secure transaction. By guiding buyers through taking high-quality photos of their Porsche vehicle, buyers and sellers can both be rest assured that listings appearing on the Porsche Sell Direct app all adhere to certain guidelines and standards regarding buyer transparency.

This need for transparency goes both ways as well, as the local app developers behind the Porsche Sell Direct app also took efforts to develop highly tailored authentication processes to ensure that all sellers as listed in the app were representatives from official Porsche Centres across Australia. With these user and listing authentication processes in place, the Porsche Sell Direct app can ensure that all sales offers and transactions made through the app are indeed genuine.

Providing a model for contactless car sales

Despite the fact that this homegrown app was initially conceived during 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns and developed at an accelerated pace in order to support the buying and selling of second-hand Porsche models over 2021’s own lockdown economy, the Porsche Sell Direct app continues to be heavily utilised by Porsche owners, enthusiasts, and dealerships alike. In fact, the app has become the definitive sales platform for passionate Porsche owners across Australia, even now that lockdowns have well and truly ended and contactless sales methods aren’t necessarily as needed as they once were.

Even though contactless alternatives to traditional sales processes no longer play as vital a role in supporting the Australian economy as they did during pandemic years, market research continues to reflect a steady rate of Aussie consumers using contactless payment methods. Subsequently, Aussie retailers have updated their product offerings to reflect consumer preferences for technologies like digital wallets and contactless payment stations in brick and mortar stores, just to name a few.

The added convenience of contactless payment methods has possessed a high appeal for the consumers of today, which is one of the primary reasons why the Porsche Sell Direct app continues to enjoy a growing user base in the months following Australia’s last COVID-19 lockdown. Although the pandemic may have been the catalyst behind the app’s conception and development, the COVID-19 economy and its impacts on consumer behaviour are demonstrably here to stay, with no signs of slowing down over the foreseeable future. 

What does the future hold for car sales online?

It’s clear that the success of the Porsche Sell Direct app and steady consumer preferences for contactless sales methods raises some interesting questions surrounding the future of Australia’s used car market. As a nation of passionate drivers ourselves, second-hand auto sales are consistently a booming industry in Australia. Sales trends across second-hand cars are also continuing to stay strong during the economic downturn experienced over the course of 2022, as car manufacturers struggle to meet buyer demands due to continuing delays with materials importation.

As a result, it’s highly likely that alternative tech solutions for facilitating second-hand car sales will continue to be utilised in Australia’s automotive industry and perhaps even abroad. Platforms for managing contactless sales safely and securely are also likely to play a monumental role in the industry’s own digital evolution, as consumers have grown increasingly accustomed to the added convenience of contactless sales processes.

The key is ensuring that future contactless car sales platforms and processes provide a similarly well-rounded buying experience to the Porsche Sell Direct app. This means providing easy-to-read and easy-to-fill sections on car listings for adding vehicle history and other vital information that will allow sellers to conduct due diligence prior to finalising their purchase. Security should also continue being a foremost concern for businesses and developers looking to make their own mark on Australia’s car sales platforms and apps, if there are indeed more to come. 

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