6 Ideas to Save More Space in Your Kids’ Room

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Having a lot of square footage in your child’s bedroom is unnecessary for it to feel significant. You need some ideas for storage, decor, and organization for a kid’s room that’s on the smaller side. There are many different methods by which you can make the most of the space in children’s bedrooms, including using OPPOLIA Cabinetry and other inventive ideas. Look at these creative ways to make the most out of the limited space in your kid’s room.

Invest in Vertical Storage

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A child’s bedroom is no exception to the rule that vertical storage is a sensible option for any compact area. Add floating shelves to keep books and small toys for additional organizing without wasting valuable floor space. Alternatively, store accessories, toys, bags, and other stuff in an over-the-door organizer.

Vertical bedding can also be used. You can clear the floor and use vertical space more by installing lofted or bunk beds, especially in shared children’s bedrooms. Lofting beds make it simple to include storage cubbies, drawers, and other concealed storage areas.

Underbed Storage

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The space under the bed is one of the most underutilized storage locations in bedrooms. However, it is the ideal location for concealing goods and enhancing the organization of a child’s bedroom. You can keep children’s clothing, toys, books, and other items out of the way by storing them in drawers, totes, or bins. This can also help clear up space in dressers and closets in a child’s room.

Hang Clothes and Add Storage Bins

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Hanging up your child’s clothes rather than storing them in a dresser is a great way to clear up some room in their bedroom. By storing coats, shirts, pants, and other articles of clothes in a bedroom closet or on a rack affixed to the wall, you can free up more space in a child’s room for their bed and play area.

Whether it be shoes, headbands and bows, socks, hats and gloves, or any combination of these, there are a lot of little children’s accessories that, if they are not arranged, may take up a lot of space in a closet or drawer. Ensure everything is excellent and organized by putting these things away in storage bins or plastic containers with labels.

Keep Toys in Order

Toys and other kid-related objects can quickly cause a child’s bedroom to become a disorganized and claustrophobic space. It is essential that everything have its specific location so that your child is aware of where their belongings should be stored and can take responsibility for tidying up after themselves.

It’s possible that the stuffed animals will go on the bed, while the other toys will go in the chest or the baskets. You can put a toy that your child has but that you don’t want them to be able to quickly get to on a high shelf if you don’t want them to play with it.

Set Up Hooks

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You can use hooks to organize and decorate simultaneously. They also make it simpler for your kids to find whatever is hung. Hooks can be a helpful storage solution due to their small size. Due to their small size, they can be placed on a wall that would not usually be able to hold a piece of furniture.

Hooks work well in awkward places, such as a bedroom corner or a bare section of a closet wall. Try hanging fabric storage bags or sacks from each hook to store gloves or smaller toys.

You might want to look for hooks that complement a theme for your kids’ rooms. Today’s hooks come in various patterns, such as stars, trains, and safari animals. Assign each child an animal or a particular color of a star. As an alternative, naming the hooks is a great way to create a specific space for each child.

Open Shelving

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An open shelf is a terrific method to keep your children’s possessions nearby and accessible if they are just starting with the organization. Open-shelf closets can be used to store stuff like shoes, textbooks, bags, clothes, and other things. Stress the value of returning goods to their original locations rather than simply throwing them away. Your children will find it much simpler to keep their space tidy.


Although it may appear complicated and overwhelming, try not to let arranging the playroom turn into a stressful task. Your efforts will undoubtedly be rewarded. Kids will have more incredible play opportunities to advance their learning when they have a structured environment to play in.


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